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4th August 2012

Thanks for the update we really have a great time reading them, Las Cruses looks like a great little town, be safe on your drive, enjoy every minute and we'll look forward to your next post. Much love, Mom
3rd August 2012

I'm happy now!
I'm so happy we can follow your adventures, I guess I forgot you had a blog or forgot how to get to it, I remember now I forgot, ha ha, I'm looking forward to checking in each day, give our big boy a happy birthday kiss from us. Much love, Mom
From Blog: Jumping Cholla
27th July 2012

palm Springs
say hi to our friend Jim at the Avanti Hotel there! And to Marilyn Monroe! And have a wonderful time.
From Blog: Ready, Set...
20th May 2012

The architecture and design of our Capitol is inspiring, and your blog takes me there to share in national pride! We are so lucky to be Americans. Thank you for sharing the sights and feelings!
10th August 2011

Dena Queen-ah of Moab
Healing heartfuls of soothing thoughts are emanating toward you and your family. We are proud of you.
29th July 2011

Great stories
I feel relaxed reading your blog--I don't know what is wrong with you guys! Sounds like a great trip--keep the blog entries coming!
29th September 2010

Your new boots are so awesome!
Nuf said!
29th September 2010

I'm just dipping into your blog now and looking forward to some vicarious travels. I visited the LBJ library in Austin with my daughter last spring. Impressive. Especially the animatronic LBJ!
3rd September 2010

Thanks for Coming With!
Dear Mary: Thanks so much for your kind remarks. I am happy that folks enjoyed traveling along with us on this remarkable trip. As you can only imagine, getting back to reality has been a bit challenging. We both feel so grateful for all the experiences - it was a once in a lifetime trip. I know we haven't met, but my dad is so very fond of you and your group of golfers - I feel like I have known you forever. I do hope our paths will cross sometime for real. Fondly, Dena
From Blog: The Big Easy
2nd September 2010

hi, dena, we have never met, but i play golf in the same group as your dad does. he told me about your trip, and he also sent me the blog. all i can say is, "wow!!" and that is wow to the whole trip and each blog entry. you have a real gift for writing, the pictures were fantastic, and i almost enjoyed it as much as you did going there! the only difference is that i am sitting in an air-conditioned house, looking at all the sites you did in over a hundred degree heat! seriously, i really enjoyed reading the entire thing! thank you for sharing!
From Blog: The Big Easy
23rd August 2010

Welcome Home!
Wow, what a great trip. You are such a good writer, reading your blog made me feel like I was there.
21st August 2010

I can't believe that your so close to the end of your trip, thanks for sharing with us, its fun to go along with you two. I'm glad you went to Goblin Valley its a great place like so many down in Southern Utah, they are all unique in their own little way, so enjoy every little site you see, because before you know it your back to the real world, if you can remember your trip and take it into your everyday lives all the better, JUST ENJOY. Be careful on the rest of your journey home, and remember we love you both. Much Love, Mom
20th August 2010

Goblin Valley
I have so enjoyed reading your blog. I especially like the last few- you really make me want to take a trip to these parks with the family! See you soon. S.
11th August 2010

Bloody Marys
I'm ordering Zing Zang mix. Sounds like a perfect treat after teaching a class!!!
11th August 2010

Not Ventura For Sure
Dale and I traveled across the US from California to Pensacola Florida to drop him off for a school posting at the navy base there. We followed your steps through New Orleans and up to Memphis. Funny that we had the same type of experience. We had booked a hotel near Graceland, not realizing that the neighborhood has completely changed. Not a good we ended up at the Heartbreak Hotel across from Graceland. Ahh the memories. :)
11th August 2010

I passed through KC in May on my way to Branson. Beautiful city, too bad I didn't get to sample any BBQ there!
10th August 2010

jealous, jealous, jealous! I'd rather follow Guy Fieri than Presidents.....
10th August 2010

Bacon on the side
The part I left out was that Jim ordered bacon on the side - we have had a culinary odyssey to say the very least! Love you that you are following along - hope you are enjoying it. Love and miss you guys - please say hello to everyone for me! Dena
10th August 2010

Bacon Waffles
Tonight I shall dream of bacon waffles and corned beef hash while soft jazz serenades me. Thanks for the wonderfully descriptive narratives, Dena.
5th August 2010

Happy B-Day Jim
hey Sis - Just dropping you a quick line - I did'nt forget about Jim's b-day, just knew that you both were on the run in NO. Please give him a hug for me and wish all the best as he eneters his over-the-hill stage:) I'm glad your're doing well and sorry that you incountered the deep southern politics of race and the divide between the West/East side of those small town - It still very much exsists and was a real shocker for me when I was living in Charleston. I hope your doing well and give me a call when you get a chance - Love your bro
3rd August 2010

couldn't agree with you more
It was quite possibly the most disturbing thing we have seen on this trip. Thanks for reading my travel blog.
From Blog: The Big Easy
3rd August 2010

tiger torture is what it is
THAT CAT NEEDS FREEDOM...not concrete and fumes! it should be given the opportunity of any wild animal to be re-instated into a NORMAL ENVIRONMENT! sad and sickly is a human who KEEPS SUCH animals in CAGES...if there is a huge flood, who will save HIM?
From Blog: The Big Easy
3rd August 2010

Sunblock Anyone?
You're going to have to even out that sunburn by taking your hat off - Its only 120 there:( - Oster shooters look yummy:)
1st August 2010

Lol....I am from El Paso originally and it SUCKS!!!! But the rest of Texas is cool, have fun! Esp San Antonio....awesome city!
30th July 2010

thanks for letting us share in your fun, love you bunches

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