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7th December 2009

dean you did a fabulous job you would get a job as a photographer anywhere thanks for sharing with your friends
25th November 2009

you suck
I am so jealous , but soooo proud of you both ,looks like your having an awsome adventure keep it up!!!! Luv Us .
13th September 2009

Get an extension in your Passport
If you want to stay longer. It is easy. You just got to go to a DAS office in any major city. i suposse you will have to pay a fee and that's it. I will be doing that next week. Love it here and want to spend more time. good travels!
31st August 2009

Hi Jessica, Colombia is a great place, we stayed in Casa Blanca right on the beach in Taganga. No aircon only fan. It was 50,000 pesos for the two of us (about $25). I think we arrived just after the holiday, the place seemed quite busy. We were using the South America on a shoestring guide March 2007 issue. Most of the accomodation was about double what was in the book. Buses and food etc were not much different from the book.
From Blog: Taganga
31st August 2009

Looking to be there
Hi I am currently researching Colombia as a destination and wondering how much you paid for your hotel wt ac in Tananga? Especially during the national holiday... I'll continue to read your blog and others...thanks for sharing!
From Blog: Taganga
29th August 2009

Honeymoon Adventure
Hi ! Looks like you're having a great time and the photos are fantastic. Hope you're both well Cheers Ed
29th July 2009

Hey Guys, So glad your enjoying your extended honeymoon. I must say I am some what jealous, but will let it go lol. Cant wait to see you guys at Christmas, Luke tells me that you might take a short trip during your stay. Let me know your thoughts as I'm sure James, Anna, Me, Matt and Mum (not sure about Penny and Michelle) would love to tag along. Talk to you soon x x x x x
From Blog: Rio de Janeiro
23rd July 2009

good stuff
hey deanoand deb, sounds like your having an amazing time!and getting into the culture, trying the exotic foods but id pay to watch you attempting the samba old mate! good times, travel safe and i look forward to your next blog, arohanui friends, tane
From Blog: Rio de Janeiro
22nd July 2009

PS It was Flamengo I went and saw, not Botafogo!
From Blog: Rio de Janeiro

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