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I live in Connecticut, USA.

Africa » Namibia » Windhoek March 19th 2008

Last entry for the trip. Good news about Craigs wallet, he got the contents back, not the cash. Someone found it in a dumpster and returned it to the school he is at. Because this is a public blog, others can search it and find info on Namibia, so I am creating this entry for others that want info on Namibia. Based on this, the only bad experience I had was at the gas station in Okahandja. Traveling south on the B1 highway, it is the first Okahandja exit, take a left, first gas station on the left as you enter town. About 45 minutes drive North of Windhoek. For other travelers, keep your guard up at the gas stations, none of them are self serve, attendants fuel your car and can be very good at ... read more

Africa » Namibia » Windhoek March 16th 2008

Arrived back in Windhoek today. After we left the Frans Indongo lodge in the middle of nowwhere, we drove 44k on a dirt road into the middle of nowhere again to the Cheetah Conservatory Foundation. This is an actual farm that takes in and studies cheetah's. There are 47 on site, we saw several of them up close. It is also an education center, so we learned a lot about the animal. There was only us and one other couple visiting because Sunday is their slow day. Long drive back to the capital today. I stopped at a gas station to fill up about 45 minutes from home. Craig's wallet was expertly lifed off of his seat while the wallet was between his legs. I kid on a bike was the distraction as he talked to ... read more

Africa » Namibia » Okahandja March 15th 2008

Craig and I ate breakfest at the mall before driving 3.5 hours north to the Frans Indongo lodge (in the middle of no where). Drove 17k down a dirt road to the lodge/game farm off of the main highway. LOTS of property where we are. The lodge has 170 square kilos of propert with many different species of animals. Did a 1.5 hour hike from 2pm to 3:30pm to a small mountain, had a nice view of the area from up top. Took a dip in the pool and relaxed for a while. Went on a game drive from 5 to 7pm. Rode in the noisiest possible truck, still saw many animals. The only thing that would have made it noisyer is if the drive honked the horn as he drive. The highlight was seeing 2 ... read more

Asia » Pakistan March 14th 2008

I moved out of my last guest house this morning because their dogs on the property bark a lot at night, several people at breakfest complained about this. The hosts were good about it, they even found me a new place about a mile away, much better, a remote tv, a/c, quiet. Went to the mall again to purchase a phone card, left for another game drive at a local place, about 20 miles north of the city. Got there an hour early and walked around, very nice place, a privately owned property that is huge. Many acres of land with over 5000 animals including lepords and cheetas (did not see any). The property is split in two by a river, it was flooded because of the rains yesterday, so, the gaime drive ended up being ... read more

Africa » Namibia » Okahandja March 13th 2008

Found this internet cafe on my way back. Lot to say about the last 3 days. Well worth it. Have been doing a lot more driving than I anticipated, excuse the spelling, trying to type fast. Entered Etosha from the south, just above Outjo, stayed at the western most camp, Okaukuejo, very nice place! Climbed a lookout tower and saw a giraffe moving left to right towards the park road. Hopped in car and intercepted it, was about 150 feet from it, saw zebra, wildebest, orxk, springbok. All park roads are dirt and drivable at 40 mpg, but you want to go slower to see animals. Signed up for the 8pm to 11:30pm guided safari. Driver uses a spot light to point out animals, did not see as much as when I drove, but it was ... read more

Africa » Namibia » Etosha National Park March 10th 2008

It is Monday noon here in Outjo, just south of Etosha Park. Nice internet cafe. Saturday night after my last entry, I could not find my way back to the guest house, had to stop and ask for directections, that was tough to do! Sleep is sporadic, 3 hours, awake for 3, sleep for 4, had a nap on sunday afternoon. Spent Sunday walking around Windhoek, nice malls here. Bought supplies at a large grocery store. Met craig for dinner at "Nice", a gourmet restaurant that the school planned to eat at. I was a guest along with the 20 students, very nice dinner. spent the evening in the guest house lounge talking to a professor from London and a young couple from Ireland that have been traveling for 11 months!! They have been to south ... read more

Africa » Namibia » Windhoek March 8th 2008

I found an internet cafe in a mall nearby. The flight from CT to Amsterdam was 6 hrs in very cramped seats, no knee room what so ever. Same with KLM flight from Amsterdam to Johannasburg, that was 10 hours! Spent a lot of time getting up and moving around, luckly it was a 747 so there was room for this. Found a 26" by 5 foot hall way in the back that people used to stretch and chat. Met people from England. An ailse seat is good on these flights, can get up when ever you want. Got to Josburg arount 10pm. I slept 3 times for 30 mins each time on the 10 hour flight. Thats it from Thurs 6am to Fri midnight Joesburg, have adjusted well to the trip, time wise. Hotel in ... read more

Africa » Namibia » Windhoek » Aris February 29th 2008

My plans have been finalized. I am staying at the Rivendell guest house in Windhoek on March 8,9,13,14,16. I ran across this be accident by doing various web searches related to Namibia. I cancelled my stay at another hotel in the city for this one. I had originally planned to stay at 3 places in the city. I thought this would simplify the process by staying all 5 nights in the city at one place. My only concern is that this place may not have air conditioning. Check it out at: rivendellnamibia.com The Rivendell house appears to be a backpackers place, but the photos on the site make it look very comfortable and they welcome families. There is a common kitchen if I want to cook, a pool, my room has a bathroom, all for $42 ... read more

Africa » Namibia » Windhoek February 27th 2008

I am in the planning stages of my trip to Namibia with my son Craig. I will arrive on March 8th and leave on March 17th. I have a compact car rented for the whole trip. I have the hotels in the city for Sat, Sun and Thursday nights. I am hoping to arrange a stay at the Okaukuego camp inside of Etosha national park on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights. The reservation office does not typically respond to my emails. I have called several times. One person told me it was to early to reserve a room (it was on 2/14/08). Another finally sent me via email a confirmation for 3 nights. I paid and am still not sure if it is actually reservered. They have not responded to my email to request that I ... read more

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