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South America » Colombia » Bogota January 8th 2015

I must confess Medellin was one place I didn't think I'd visit on my journey to Colombia. Why pay to travel to what, only a few years ago, was the most dangerous city in the world? To try and sleep to the sound of gun shots outside the hotel window. I did that 17yrs ago when I was working in Kingston, thanks very much. I remember on one occasion, in 1999, within a two week period, 18 people were shot and killed and 4 police officers were slain in the line of duty in the Kingston area alone. Car and van-jackings. Shoot driver, steal vehicle. Gangland killings between rival drug areas. It was a depressing daily ritual on the television news. No forensic tent and police tape here. The officer in charge being interviewed virtually stood ... read more

South America » Colombia » Bogota January 6th 2015

Bogota Bike Tours is run by Mike. a journalist from California. Having spent most of his life reporting from every country in a South America for newspapers , he lost out to the power of the internet. Needing something to do he combined his vast wealth of knowledge and two wheels to start his company. We set off around the city to explore areas where normally you'd fear to tread. Mike gave us background to to Colombian Conflict, and took the street where the peoples hero Gaitan was assassinated in 1948. His murder was the turning point for Colombia, riots on the streets, and political disenfranchisement of the far left and right, the ramifications of which are still being felt today. Other assassination places of politicians, comedians and those who did not conform or were thought ... read more
Church of San Fransisco
Street art
At John's Wood

South America » Colombia » Bogota January 6th 2015

I awake on a cold but sunny Bogota morning and reflect on the arrival the night before. In the film 'Romancing the stone' Kathleen Turner, who plays the part of author Joan Wilder, arrives in Bogota to an airport of chaos and madness. She has to take the bus to Cartagena and gets in the wrong bus. A woman who's never left New York she gets sick climbing the escalator at Bloomingdales. Quite why I thought my arrival would be the similar to the film is beyond me. A modern, clean and ordered airport, things have changed a lot in 30 yrs since Miss Turner was here. Having said that I've a feeling I'm going to be probed in places I didn't know you could probe when I leave. Entering into a country with a huge ... read more
Climbing hill to cable car
Cable car

Europe » Spain » Balearic Islands » Ibiza » Bahia de San Antonio January 5th 2015

"Colombia? Estas muy loco? " said my Colombian born, now Spanish resident, taxi driver on the way from Madrid airport to my hotel for the night. " Es muy Pelligroso". Arriving from Ibiza, where I now live and work as an English teacher, I asked him to take me to the Casa Bellvista hotel, as I had booked a hotel for one night before jetting off to Bogota in the morning. "It's very close to the airport" I told him showing him the address and name of hotel that I'd written down on a piece of paper. "Never heard of it" was his reply. "Ni Hotel ni direccion" I re-checked all my emails. "Si, Hotel Casa Bellavista, Carrea 20 #12B" I said. "Ah -I read on... Bogota" ,This was the hostel I've booked when I land ... read more

South America » Peru » Cusco » Cusco » Cusco May 20th 2012

So after 32,000 kms travelled by air sea and land, (4,500 km Punta Arenas-Cusco direct), 72,500 words typed out with one finger on my I-touch and uploaded into 49 stories I find myself sat at a Starbucks cafe in Lima airport with a tall mocha and cream typing out my 50th and final tale. Destination -London and then onto the west country and home for a decent bath and pint of real ale. I have just flown into Lima from Cusco and have 5hrs on the ground before next flight. It was a choice between a $50, 26hr uncomfotable bus ride or $120, 70min smooth flight. No contest really. I have spent the last few days resting after the Inca Trail hike and have used that time wandering around Cusco visiting buildings and museums to gain ... read more
Final meet up
Machu Picchu
Erractic Rock in Cusco

South America » Peru » Cusco » Machu Picchu May 16th 2012

I am writing these thoughts sat high above one the most incredible sights I have ever had the fortune to witness. I am at the Inti Punku 'Gate of the Sun' at 2500 mtrs high looking down below onto a sight that has bought a tear to my eye. The lost city of the Incas, Machu Picchu. 'the old mountain'. Today is up there with the best of my travels. My dive to the barrier reef, the mirror effect of Lake Wanaka the parachute jump at Mount Cook, South Island, New Zealand, standing naked under a huge waterfall in the mountains of Vietnam. What I am quietly looking at has quite literally blown me away. A village constructed on top of a mountain some 2400 mtrs above sea level, and a 400 mtrs from the valley ... read more
View from Inti Punki
me in the way
on the approach

South America » Peru » Cusco » Machu Picchu May 10th 2012

" If you are travelling Chile David then you must cross into Peru and visit Machu Picchu" said my aunt Judith during our annual family Christmas get together. "why?" "because I never had the opportunity to go there and now I am too old to do so" she replied. "you must go on my behalf and report back" So there it was. My aunts word is the law and that was why I found myself up at stupid o'clock to get the bus to the check point and the start of the 50km trek to Machu Picchu (MP) and the lost city of the Inca civilization. Even though MP is one of the seven wonders of the modern world I had never heard of the place until a few years ago. A lead social worker, Richard ... read more
inca ruins
me in the way
some of our porters

South America » Peru » Cusco » Cusco May 9th 2012

Have arrived at my final destination, Cusco. A smooth and trouble free 40 minute flight instead of 11 hours on bumpy bus to a town of 400,000 soles nestled high in the Andes. My purpose of visit is the 4 day Inca trial to the lost city of Machu Picchu. Well I say lost, it is clearly now found, but is was lost up until 1911 when it was found and it's location remains known until this day, until I presume, it will be lost again. Why it was lost in the first place I hope to discover whilst here and I just hope that it remains found until at least the end of my trek. Otherwise we will all be lost and may never to be found. So the usual bullshit from the taxi drivers ... read more
cusco town
cathedral plaza de armas

South America » Peru » Arequipa » Colca Canyon May 7th 2012

I am writing this entry sat almost alone in the worlds deepest canyon, the Colca. Valley, high in the Andres at 3500 meters. Snow capped mountains and volcanos in the distance. lush green valley wall and far below me a river of which I can just here its sound. Above me two Condors are circling, catching the thermals created by the sun and the valley. Thirty minutes ago there were over 200 tourists here.but they have now left and it's just me and the magnificent, butt ugly Condors. Oh and Peruvian women selling their wares, and they don't count.So what made me get out of my pit at the unholy hour of 2.45am following a great barbecue the night before? Condors and apparently ... read more
condor time 2
Condor with canyon.
the crew

South America » Chile » Arica & Parinacota » Arica May 5th 2012

Oh Chile, oh Chile you captured my heart. and as I move north, it is hard to depart. Your people, your mountains, your desert, your coast You are all rightly proud to stand up and boast. Oh Patagonia,what land, of stunning beauty of windswept landscape, and bended tree, Set sail for los pengiunos but they'd have to wait Adrift as we were in Magellan strait. Oh Torres de Paine my breath you took Determined to trek you by hook or by crook, ... read more
on reflection
my saviors
Loving your work

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