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22nd June 2012

Ohhh -- so jealous!
I've beensuffereing thourgh hellish times on the job, and just now heard (at 4:00 in the morning) that the two women trying to fire me quit the board. I don't know how this was accomplished. I thought they had a lot of support. I was truly being harassed out of a job, and stuck with it only to be finally deciding it was too stressful and I had to quit. Now this reprieve! Still, I 'd certainly rather be you!
22nd June 2012

Hooray for the journey.
We can hardly wait to see if you two are still together in July??? Waiting for all you here in Oregon - what a trip- we do have a nice camping place here - by the pool! Love phyllis
20th June 2012

Hi guys
Hi Carol glad you are having fun. I have been by your house but not in it yet, all looks well. I hope you get to do all you have planned, tell Dan I say hi. you guys are missed. Ttyl
19th June 2012

Sounds like an awesome trip, and to think you two are still talking!!!!!!! Anxious to see all the updates,enjoy.

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