David Jenkins


David Jenkins

North America » United States » Maine » Bar Harbor September 27th 2017

We woke this morning and looked out our balcony windows, fog. A heavy marine layer as the captain calls it. We were scheduled to tour Acadia National Park, visit some lighthouses, and have a lobster lunch. We had breakfast and went to the theater to await our tour group's call. Soon the captain spoke over the public address system, and informed us that the marine layer may lift in the next hour as it warms up. So we waited. After an hour he came back on the PA and said that the marine layer was not lifting , but would give it another hour. At noon, he called it. No tendering to shore today, we might get there if the fog lifted, but if the fog came back it was too dangerous to send the tenders ... read more
View from our balcony toward the bow - the bridge extends over both sides of the ship
Stings play in the Piazza - very Titanic like

North America » United States » Massachusetts » Boston September 26th 2017

We arrived in Boston Harbor and were able to tie up at a cruise terminal, yea no tendering! We had signed up for the Freedom Trail walking tour of Boston. Our walking tour started with a (long) bus ride to begin our tour at Boston Commons where we started the Freedom Trail tour. I remember doing the tour from our trip to the coast in 1968. It would be interesting to find my dad's slides he took from that trip and compare how Boston has changed in 49 years! We (now) covered lots of historic sights included a graveyard where Samuel Adams, John Hancock and Paul Revere are buried. We continued the trail to Paul Revere’s house and his statue just outside the Old North Church. We got to go inside the church and hear the ... read more
Samual Adams' grave
Sam Adams' grave
Gravestone with Skull and Crossbones

North America » United States » Rhode Island » Newport September 25th 2017

I awoke at 6:30 to the stillness of the boat. We were no longer moving; the vibrations of the ship had stopped. I went to the balcony curtains, opened them, and went out on to the balcony. We were anchored off Newport, Rhode Island, the port side (our side) of the ship was facing toward a bridge with a small lighthouse on the rocks below the bridge. The sun was just coming up and the morning fog was starting to burn off. It was cool to see the sailboats anchored in the harbor near the stern of the ship. Soon there was a knock at the door and I let in room service that we had ordered the night before. We ate breakfast on the balcony, and watched as the tender boats (the Crown Princess lifeboats) ... read more
Lifeboat, the tender is how we get to shore
Breakfast on the balcony in the morning
Coffee in hand

North America » United States » New York September 24th 2017

Sunday 24 SEP 2017 I awoke at 9am to the alarm, and sun shining through our 39th floor windows. Rise and shine sleepyheads, time to pack up, check out and move on. We checked out late, stored our bags with the bell captain and Ubered our way to B and H Photo – my shrine of everything photographic. I planned on going earlier in the week but they were closed in observance of Rosh Hashanah –the Jewish New Year, the biblical name for this holiday is Yom Teruah, literally "day of shouting / blasting". I have been ordering cameras, lenses and equipment for 30 years from B and H. Their building took up almost a city block. I was so excited to get there I forgot to take any pictures except of the drone cage located ... read more
Our room on the Crown Princess
Sail Away
Sail Away

North America » United States » New York September 24th 2017

Mornings always start with caffeine at the Starbucks across from the hotel. It is a great place to sit and people watch. We stepped out today with our coffees and plop, a pigeon on the Starbucks sign tried to bomb me, but I was too quick or just a little lucky today. The bird-bomb landed harmlessly to my left. Today our goal was to figure how to get to where we wanted to go via the subway. After failing to understand the subway map we asked Google to navigate to Chelsea Market and chose the subway logo, instead of the car, and behold Google told where to walk to, which subway stop and which train (the E train), and what time the next several trains arrived. We purchased and loaded a Metro-card, swiped it at the ... read more
Riding the subway - clean and air conditioned
Chelsea Marketplace
The Lobster Place

North America » United States » New York September 23rd 2017

OK today is Saturday September 23, I think I am off on the dates because I am currently in Boston Harbor (SEP 26) blogging about what we did a few days ago - so let me time warp / change perspective and start. This (23rd) morning we Ubered to the MET, the Metropolitan Museum of Art. You have to have a plan when visiting the MET. It is too big to see in a day or week or month unless you decide ahead of time what you want to see. Glenda wanted to see the Monet's, Van Gough's, Picasso's and I wanted to see the huge Washing Crossing the Delaware painting and the hall of Armor (think knights not tanks!) We had about 3 hours so we started with a quick museum highlights tour then picked ... read more
Some guy with a straw hat
Oil of Picasso's 17yr old first wife with their child
Washington crossing the Delaware River

North America » United States » New York September 22nd 2017

Woke up this morning on a quest for a great bagel, but ended up settling on a Starbucks across the street from the hotel, yes there are Starbucks on almost every corner here too. Fully cafinated we headed back to 30 Rock for a day version of the roof top observatory, since we had a 24 hour pass. Before heading up we grabbed stand-by tickets to Late Night with Seth Myers again! We had standby tickets #23 and #24 and were feeling lucky. Up to the observation deck for more picture of the city, and of tourists being tourists, like the gal who sat on the edge of the overlook for a selfie, and made the security guard yell at her. If she had fallen backwards she would only have dropped down to the next observation ... read more
Empire State Building with One World Tradecenter in background
Glass partitions with shoot through slots
Crazy Lady and the selfie

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