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27th February 2007

It's a shame
I was there in November 2004 - not actually staying at White Sands but I had a few cups of tea with Kurt in the morning. A fellow tea drinker! It's the usual corruption problem as elsewhere by the coast in South East Asia- the big hotels look set to move in. It's a shame - the place still looks exactly as I remember it - idyllic.
27th February 2007

so typical..a few days in a foreign country and an immediate expert on everything.
23rd February 2007

old neighbor
Hi, Pete - Your parents put me on to your blog site. Just read your latest entry. Very, veryinteresting. Makes me want to go there. Lucky you. Good luck to you. Lyn
17th January 2007

Great story, Pete! I love it, I would never have been able to think that fast!
16th January 2007

River View of the City
Ahh...the river view of the city photo does resemble Cairo. Thanks for good memories! Stay safe. Jenna
4th January 2007

Good to get back to your blog, Pete.
We missed you tonite in Seattle area, but it sure sounds like a great "learning experience." If your travel companions offer to host you in Malaysia, take them up on it. Warmer there, next to 0 degrees lattitude. If you are able to get to Cambodia, perhaps the Lord will allow you to meet Fran Lance and her group who are going to visit the orphanage she's established. Believe it's in Phnom Penh.
23rd December 2006

Wow! Beautiful.....I think you're so fortunate to go to sooo many places. Unlike myself....I feel like Jimmy Stewart must have...he never got to leave Bedford Falls! Well maybe not that bad (I grew up in Costa Rica, Cuba, and Nicaragua). I just want to thank you for giving me the chance to experience so much through your words and pictures.
15th December 2006

Chinese are so friendly. The driver wanted to put your bag under maybe because you are the last one to get off the bus. Chinese generally will not treat foreigners bad. Maybe there is miscommunication.
11th December 2006

Cool thoughts
Hey Pete, nice update; keep it coming!
11th December 2006

Cool thoughts
Hey Pete, nice update; keep it coming!
9th December 2006

Glad to here from you!
It is great to finally have reports from you! Mami and I independently pull up the towns where you travel from the internet! We follow you where ever you go! Miss you, take care of that cold! Nagymami
9th December 2006

missed you Wednesday
My bro Jason from HK emailed from Beijing that they had a global filter on the internet, so I'm not surprised that even the most innocuous contents may not be found on the web. May He bless your time there.
24th September 2006

Thanks for posting such a positive message on Lebanon. Few Westerners actually know how beautiful Lebanon. Glad you enjoyed your stay.
14th September 2006

So your arguement is that this is trying to discourage others from being martyrs?
13th September 2006

if u dont understand somethin dont make ur own explanation this is not a recruitment poster....but a poster with the picture of 2 new martyrs
7th August 2006

hezbollah fight israel because israel occupies small lands from lebanon, and has lebanese prisoners in israel
28th July 2006

Hezbollah shouldnt be so damn racist.. they have a right to fight to recontrol Israel but that really doesn't mean they have to knock out Israel as well.
12th June 2006

Hi Pete. I just had to let u know how interesting and entertaining your postings are. Not only do I enjoy all your smart quick-witted comments when you describe all the places you have visited, but u also crack me up with all your funny almost sarcastic observations, truly hard not to laugh. Quick, question. What is the cabin story all about? Write more! I like it! P.S. Sorry but as you mention with the Irish, I don't really associate the word with any of the funny analogies you provide *wink*
4th May 2006

American policy
Wow... Fancy having to defend the policies of Mad King George Bush///that would be hard..better not to say anything!! The only more indefensible would be the Zionist in Israel..that even worse.
23rd April 2006

That whole gun thing is *really* funny. You guys are pathetic.
11th February 2006

nasser gheto?
that's the first time I hear this. the zabalin exists and is a poor christian community, they present both an inspiring story and a depressive one, but I've never heard about this community having a different role in the past or about being moved there. recently the government has been trying to get foreign companies to take care of garbage and cut the zabalin out (the sane thing to do is give the zabaling technology and training)
29th November 2005

I lived here
I used to live here a few months ago, and visited the dorm(Yeah, it's pretty grotty. I got rather angry at the Lithuanian Christian College because they are not really at all christian like they say they are. Ugh. It was awful living in Lithuania- the worst 9 months of my life probably.
16th November 2005

$8 Accommodation
I'm heading to Krakow next year. Where did you stay for $8 a night. Is that $8 in Polish money??
From Blog: Poland's Pearl!
15th November 2005

The Trabant is German, not Russian, anyway. These tiny cars were manifactured in the People's Republic of Germany, a few decades ago - but they still rule.:)
10th October 2005

man, it sounds like you are taking it all in. I can't believe you got hit by an unmanned motor cycle. good itmes, I am sure. keep me posted bro!

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