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11th September 2012
Jim and Leah

very interesting
13th January 2011

What I like most.
Weeh..! My eyes are full now. I'm sure you had a lot of fun, just basing on the pics I've seen.
19th October 2010

Thank you!
I will have to read some about it now!
18th October 2010

Liked these pics!
Lin, this looked like a great trip. I'm amazed at the lack of traffic on the streets (the pedicab video). It looks so calm and peaceful.
1st October 2010
Unknown flower

the name of this flower is Bougainvillea :)
15th July 2010

Thanks for your advices
Hi,Linda,your experience is very improtent for me to Expo . I plant to there a month later . According to you , I should take some measures before go there , or I maybe make lots of mistakes . So Thank you .
23rd June 2010

A larger "Thinker is located in San Francisco at the Legion of Honor
9th June 2010

different exhibition
different exhibition areas on themes such as intelligence, innovation and future are located beneath a long expanse of roof space that ascends in spiral shape, i thing this type of design was meant to represents the city's dynamic development.
15th March 2010

Whoa it looks like a cool place to stay at.
1st November 2009

Wish you could have joined us!
It would have been fun to have had you there too!
30th October 2009

From Blog: Jin Ji Lake
30th October 2009

Just catching up with you entries...Oh how I wouldve enjoyed doing all of this!
9th October 2009

Thanks! We are!
Each time we have been to Jinji Lake (actually 4 times now, but the first was just for lunch) we learn about something new, it will take quite a few more trips to experience it all! Next time we go to Suzhou, we may stay in a hotel right on the lake. Tell Charlotte we said "Hi"
From Blog: Jin Ji Lake
9th October 2009

Those are called pedicabs, they are an alternative to a taxi if you're going a shorter distance. Leah is planning to do a blog entry soon about the different types of transportation.
9th October 2009

Glad you enjoyed it!
I think I forgot to mention that they do this show Friday and Saturday nights, I'm not sure how long in the season they go though.
From Blog: Jin Ji Lake
8th October 2009

Having fun
It sure looks like you and yours are having fun. I love the pics and the video (along with the narrative, of course). Have a great week.
From Blog: Jin Ji Lake
8th October 2009

Are the open-air red vehicles (with the drivers "on break") their taxis? I like the canal area - kind of like a boardwalk with all its unique shops, etc.
8th October 2009

Nice Show!
Wow - this looks incredible. I've never seen or heard anything like this before. A water-laser show. Thanks for sharing!
From Blog: Jin Ji Lake
7th October 2009

Mooncakes vs moonpies!
Yes, I'm sure that the moonpies are tastier! Shall I bring you a mooncake to decide for yourself?????? Glad you're enjoying the blogs again, but this is the only comment I see from you. Tell John we said "Hi"
7th October 2009

Another wow!
I sure hope my comments went through on your post about the opera, etc., and the garden. :-) Leah looks like the executive in this blog. haha Mooncake and Fruitcake....too funny. Have they ever heard of Moonpies? No duck eggs in the middle, but they may be tastier. ;-) Loving the blogs!!! xoxo Carol (and John)
4th October 2009

Good to hear from you!
Thanks Kari, yes, we were only back home for a little over 3 months.
4th October 2009

So glad to see you arrived safely, Linda! It is easier the 2nd time, when things are more familiar, isn't it? When we went back to Germany, it felt like we had never left (though it's been an even shorter time lapse for you, hasn't it?).
1st October 2009

The Wood
Most of the wood in the orient is teak - maybe you could ask?
23rd September 2009

Your friend is famous now!
I hope your friend likes the idea of being on my blog! Did I take a picture of you too?
10th September 2009

TGIF suzhou store
Hey,so cool!!!I saw my friend's photo in your blog!!!I worked at TGIF,and i saw you guys at that night.

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