Courtney Bulll


Courtney Bulll

I am embarking on a journey of a lifetime to Kenya and have decided to stop in Milan and Dubai along the way. I thought it would be silly not to document my travels and keep my friends and family updated on the adventures I experience along my welcome to my travel blog!

Africa » Kenya » Central Province » Mt. Kenya July 30th 2011

Today was a very relaxing. It was a beautiful sunny day and I had a chance to walk into town with andrew ad get some supplies and produce for lunch and dinner. the open Market in Karatina is massive!! The produce they offer is countless and so fresh and looks so delicious!! The walk back and fort from town is amazing, very fresh and so relaxing. Lunch today consisted of sukuma wiki ( braised spinach) and rice with beans. The rest of the afternoon was peaceful and I got a chance to read through my lonely planet book and decide where I would like to visit while I am here. Because I have Saturdays and Sundays off from volunteering I think that next weekend I will arrange with Jacky to go to a national park for ... read more

Africa » Kenya » Central Province » Mt. Kenya July 29th 2011

Good news!! We didn't have to take public transport today because a member of the kvcdp staff was able to drive Jacky and I to Karatina. Thank goodness as well because, based on the vehicles that I saw on the roads today, I definitely would have been put in a jam packed matatu!!! As i mentioned earlier these matatus are insane. The traffic is really bad in nairobi and i dont think that the matatu drivers make it much better. The seem to be no real rules of the road in nairobi. Tired of wait? No problem, simply take your car across the barrier or just off road it for a bit to pass the traffic. Is the car in front of you too slow? Tha's fine, just drive up on the sidewalk for a bit. ... read more

Africa » Kenya » Nairobi Province July 28th 2011

I landed into Kenya yesterday afternoon and was thrown into a culture that no Lonely Planet book will ever be able to put into words. Culture shock is an understatement. The journey from the airport in Nairobi to the Nairobi international youth hostel took about 20 minutes and I am fairly certain my mouth was hung wide open in a look of "oh my God!!" the entire time. My chauffeur asked if I had been in Africa before and I replied "no", and he then replied "yep, you aren't in America anymore!" (at least one thing hasn't changed....everyone still thinks I am American). While I am here I am volunteering with an organisation called the Kenyan Voluntary Community Development Project, which is an NGO in kenya that is registered under the name Voluntary Community Development Project ... read more

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Dubai July 27th 2011

I am sat at the Dubai airport and preparing to board my flight to Nairobi. Gabriele actually has to head back to the UK now, so I dont think he will be making anymore sweet surprise visits upon arrival in Nairobi. Thanks for coming to Dubai, Gabriele, I had an AMAZING day with you! I just looked at the weather forecast for Nairobi for the next week. Thunder and lightening. Hmmm..... from sunny skies, high temperatures and 5 star hotels to thunder, lightening and a 3rd world country. I may have wanted to pick a better transitional city than Dubai to ease me into life in Kenya..... Stay posted! ... read more

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Dubai July 26th 2011

I awoke at 9am to a knock on my door and I thought to myself "housekeeping this early in the morning....really!?!" Unimpressed, i rolled out of bed and opened the door, thinking to myself that the only thing that could possibly make this situation okay is if a member of staff was on the other side of the door holding a Baileys and coffee. Well, this was so SO much better than that.....GABRIELE!!!! And here I though I was going to have to venture into the depths of Dubai by myself. Hero! After a large pot of "american" coffee, Gabri and I left the hotel and took a taxi to the souks (markets). Whoh, Woodstock flea market doesn't seem quite as impressive now (haha, jk obviously). But honestly, I definitely recommend spending a morning having a ... read more

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Dubai July 25th 2011

As my emirates flight was flying over Dubai my nerves were quicky replaced by excitement. The first thing I noticed as I looked out of the airplane window was the #1 the beaches and #2 the amazing architecture. The buildings here are all amazing and completely over the top!! The Dubai airport is quite something.... Rolex brand wall clocks, palm trees inside, waterfall walls, everything has that extra "wow" factor! A notice to all Canadians out there wishing to travel to Dubai ( yes even for only two days like myself), you will be greeted at the airport by someone informing you that you have to get a 96 hour visa. Brilliant. No one told me this. $, paperwork, an eye scan, and 45 minutes later I was headed to baggage claim to grab my luggage ... read more

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Dubai July 24th 2011

There has been a slight change in plans and I will now be venturing off to dubai on my own because Gabriele is unable to make it due to unforeseen circumstances (**cough** bel and the dragon....). So I am sat at the malpensa airport at gate b13 on my one waiting for my 22:20 flight which is due to arrive in Dubai at 6:20 local time. This means nap time on the plane....good thing I brought my eye covers (ally, you would be proud)! I am now a bit nervous that I am headed into unknown territories by myself, since I had originally planned to do explore with a friend, I will have to quickly re-arrange my schedule to better suit an independent traveler. I will keep you posted.... Ciao Milano!!... read more

Europe » Italy » Lombardy » Milan July 24th 2011

After anxiously crossing the days off my calendar I finally arrived in Milan, Italy! I think that after living in rainy England for so long I had forgotten what sunshine was, but I was quickly reminded after being greeted by amazing weather at the Malpensa airport. In fact, the weather has been lovely the entire trip! I spent the first few days in Italy just outside of Milan at my friend Gabriele's house in a place called Lonate Pozzolo. First off, Gabriele (Gabri) is a friend of mine that I work with at the Bel and the Dragon in Reading, so the first day in Italy we spent relaxing and enjoying the fact that we weren't cooking/serving food. We went to an amazing gelato shop and had the most delicious ice cream I have ever tasted. ... read more
Piazza Duomo

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