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25th July 2016
Machu Picchu looks over Rio Urubamba

Permission to use image
Hi, my name is Levy, a musician that's currently working on improving his scoring skills. I plan on uploading my music to Youtube accompanied by images that inspired me in some way to compose a new musical piece. I saw this image and I really thought it would fit one of my compositions. I wanted to ask you if it would be ok with you to upload my song to Youtube and other social media (Facebook) with your image as part of the visual of the video. Of course I will give you credit for the image as well as posting a link to your blog page for those interested. Thanks in advance. -Ricardo Levy
25th July 2016
Machu Picchu looks over Rio Urubamba

Re permission to use image
Hi Ricardo, We're really glad the photo inspired you, and we'rebhappy for you to use it, and credit it, as you described. When you publish the music, we'd love you to send a link so we can listen to your music. Thank you for asking us, it means a lot. Claire and Dave
17th April 2015

would like to know if it snows in strahan in july
Hi I would like to know if it snow in Strahan tas in July
18th April 2015

Not sure. It's on the coast, so perhaps not. It certainly does on mountains inland. I"m sure you can fine d out with an internet search. Enjoy your visit, it's a beautiful place.
19th May 2010
Isla Inkahuasi at sunset

estan super las fotos
que3 super estan las fotos son muy bonitas
1st November 2009

That's not mount Tronador
I'm a chilean form the Lake district, and your foto of the so-called mount Tronador correspond to a ver near volcano named Calbuco.
12th March 2009

Videos gone?
Disappointed that I couldn't watch the videos here - have they disappeared or is it my browser?
12th November 2007

One of my All Time Favorites
"lago Torre with Cerro Torre behind it, and Fitzroy on the right" is one of my favorites! What I wouldnt give to sit at that viewpoint all day, winter or summer. I saw it on the "travel photos" link, and deservedly so!
24th October 2007

school project
Thanks for sharing your pictures..I have been able to use them for a school research project!!! The Steven School, Peacham Vt.
25th August 2007

The end
Well, my Darlings, its been like reading a wonderful travel book this past year. I have enjoyed every minute of your travels, and wished a thousand times that I had been able to do the same. I'm sorry not to be able to greet you upon your return to Australia, but know that Claire's family will be there and you will rejoice in your reunion with them. Start saving your pennies and perhaps you will be able to come and see me in England once more. Bye Bye, bless you both, hope you settle down to a humdrum life without too much regret, Mum XX
25th August 2007

It is over for me too
How sad. I have read your last entry with such a lump in my throat. thank you both for such an eventful and exciting year form my lounge room in Brisbane and may your bank balances swell radically to bring abut your next trip, post haste. It has been a pleasure and a treat to be part of such an epic journey. Love to you both and glad you have both returned safely.
10th July 2007

This is amazing - it reads like and adventure novel. I can't believe you've done it, it looks so dangerous. The glacier is melting and the ice bridges are still strong enough to hold your weight, how did you know they would be strong enough? I'm going to have to go for a lie down and recover after the worry you're causing me here :) Well done and congrats on the achievement.
10th July 2007

Into Thin Air
Wow..looks spectacular! Not sure if us californians could handle that kind of cold, though. have you read the book "Into Thin Air"? It is about the disasterous trek to Everest, but is sooo good - I think you would both love it.
4th July 2007

Magical birthday!
I've been reading all of your blogs, and this one is definitely the highlight (so far!) for me. What an amazing place. And whoever has been taking the photos has a wonderful eye. Thanks for taking me here - possibly the highest on my list of places to visit. Truly magical. What a great place to have a birthday! Take care, and don't rush home! Adam
2nd July 2007

What can I say
You really have topped off your trip, literally. What an amazing read. I can't wait to hug you both. The photos reveal an amazing scenery that only the bravest of climbers ever get to witness and achieve. You two have entered another league altogether and to think it all started at good ol' down town K2 in the Valley of Brisbane town. I am having a glass of red right now in your honour. Well done!!!!!! Jules
1st July 2007

Wow, what a farewell to S.A. !!
Wow, Dave and Claire, what a farewel trip you made up that mountain! Talk about finishing something with a special finale, you certainly did that, although I must admit i felt for you Claire,with your Gastro !! Never mind you did it, 5thats the main thing Well done both.
1st July 2007

Dramatic photos from two outstandingly fit and motivated trekkers. wow wow wow.
1st July 2007

Machu Picchu
So you made it after all, we have been watching keenly to see how you approached Machu Picchu, not sure if we'll follow in your footsteps though. If we do ever fulfill our dream of getting there I think it will have to be via the tourist route. Brilliant pictures and recall as always. Love Sheila xx
1st July 2007

What next?
Fantastic, next you'll be attempting Everest. Thanks for sharing the wonderful views via your photos and video. Oh well, I guess it's down to Earth with a bump now!! Sheila xx
30th June 2007

Two Treks
Well, we don't quite know where to begin. This fabulous trip is a world away from our wet Welsh valley and we are only just beginning to realise what we have missed. The photographs and narrative give us a vivid picture and sensation of being there. Visual reality!. Thank you. Now, keep pedalling. (and, a belated Happy Birthday)
22nd June 2007

Just on my way to work so only have time to jot a couple of lines. Bolivia? Surely that place only exists as a Martin Stevenson and the Daintees album name? What it's real? What wha'd'ya know! :)) I hear the beaches there are not up to very much. Aren't parts of it so elevated the very air itself begins to become scarce? Breathe!
29th May 2007

Another fantastic chapter. Just love that lil' doggie.
18th May 2007

Hi Dave and Claire Now that IS one bizarre part of the world in every sense - even the dog was not 'just another dog'. If officially drought struck Briz stays this dry you may return to another salt desert. Take care over there for your last few weeks (how does that prospect feel i wonder) - it's even gone fast at this end. ciao Colleen
16th May 2007

thirsty rding ?
Another area you have explored, looks awfully dry and thirsty travelling to me. You certainly have seen some different scenorios whilst cycling in this remarkable country, Australia will seem quite tame after all you have seen and done on your year out in S.A. All my love to you both mum XX
16th May 2007

We live in Luxury!
Reading about how the local people live and work on the salt plains really makes me appreciate what we have here in England. Never again will I complain about being hard done to, especially as I jump on a jet plane to escape the British winter for a couple of weeks, or sit under the apple tree at the bottom of my garden when the going gets hot! not to mention sipping a cold beer!

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