Getting to know you...

cillas got the bug

Getting to know you...

First things first, I caught the travel bug when I was 10 years old. It may have been even younger though as my first travelling adventure was our migration from Denmark to Australia. With this bug the older I get the more its side effects take place and I choose to embrace this bug and its symptoms rather than ignore and reject.
Which is why I now want to choose to share my experiences on my worldly travels.

I caught the bacteria for good when Mum picked us up from Australia and moved us as a family to the UK where we attended school for 9 months. Whilst there we were taken around Europe - France, The Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark... A trip of a lifetime and since then I have travelled to other extraordinary places, visiting relatives in Zanzibar, Safari in Tanzania, Dubai, Volunteering in Nepal and Vietnam, family holiday to the west coast of USA and first independant holiday in Thailand.

My partner Jamie who will be sharing this blog with me, has just spend 6 amazing months on his first world backpacking trip. Starting in Africa, volunteering in Tanzania for 4 weeks then heading on contiki through Europe. Countries included UK, France, Monacco, Italy and more. Jamie travelled with friends through Spain, Croatia and around the Greek Islands, before settling himself into Palma de Mallorca in Spain. There he worked on the superyachts of the Mediterranean.

We are meeting up somewhere in the middle, about to depart on 'una aventura a través de América del Sur' (A South American adventure and central american as well) together.
We hope to share with you our experiences of Argentina, Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Bolivia, Brazil and Uruguay as well as trying to straighten out our interpretations of the myths and facts about these unique countries.

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » Buenos Aires October 21st 2009

Hola! I arrived in Buenos Aires on Saturday 17th October and what a whirlwind it has been so far... The family I am living with live just outside la Capital Federal of Buenos Aires. Its a large suburb but I have not had time to explore it yet. I was picked up by Mariano at the airport on Saturday and taken back to their casa. Like true latino style they made me feel so welcome. Nina is Marianos mother and she is the most hospitible woman I´ve ever met. My spanish is very small and so we cannot communicate properly yet... Due to jet lag I crashed around 3pm, and awoke at 9pm only to find out that dinner was almost ready. I ... Yes, in Argentina, like most latin or spanish countries, dinner is served ... read more

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