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8th September 2021

This is such a cute picture.
5th September 2021
Someone had a good day on the water

Well....not the fish! HAHAHAHA
From Blog: Seward
4th September 2021
Sea Otters!

I see otters!
3rd September 2021

What a great day! Even tho it was a bit gloomy and rainy you sure did get a lot in. Have a great boat ride!
From Blog: Gold Star Day
10th February 2020
Little Alligator

So small I almost didn't see it. Maybe you'll see a bigger one later.
10th February 2020

Dinner Etc
That's a lot of fish!! Looks like a good first day. Have fun!!
22nd March 2018

P.S.: Tile composition photo
When I first saw your thumbnail, I thought this was a tapestry. How did they do it?
22nd March 2018
A fancy tile inside the chapel

I cannot wait to see a lot of this in Lisbon. Reminds me of Chinese and Turkish sources, and Dutch tiles, not to mention English and early American table service.
22nd March 2018

Eating and drinking
7:30 is early for dinner. In Spain and its colonies (e.g., Buenes Aires with its wonderful beef), often people don't even begin dinner until 10:00 pm! Also, when I was in a more remote town, I tried to address the coffee problem by buying one of those electric kettles, but prices started above $30. So now it's on my list of take-alongs when I go off the beaten track.
22nd March 2018
Inside the Convent of Sao Francisco

I wonder where all those valuable and heavy materials came from and who suffered to get them there. When I was in Lima, the wood was brought from central America, the gold of course was local, but the ceramics, etc. came from Spain, to decorate not only the churches, but the aristocrats' homes. Even their stables looked like palaces, too. Yes, it's awesome; it was meant to be.
22nd March 2018
Panoramic Angra

I wish I knew how to take panoramas like this
I wonder if my camera does.... It's the only way to give a sense of the beauty of the landscape, or seascape as the case may be.
22nd March 2018
Fort remnants

Looks like some of the mainland forts in "Sharpe"
A BBC TV series I am watching. It also is getting me in the mood for my trip to Portugal in June. It's lightweight, but I'm picking up some vibes on Napoleon and history we get little exposure to here. That is why I am enjoying following your blog. (You've done a great job in spite of the app's shortcomings.) Also, your experiences bring back some of my own, like the difficulty of hiking on volcanic islands for us lowlanders!
21st March 2018

Good luck in Boston!
Everything's shut down here--but that's Washington. Jordan is thrilled--it's her first snow day this year, and on her birthday! Your Azores adventure sounds fascinating, and I've loved the blog.
From Blog: Last day
20th March 2018

The views from the top look a little like Ireland. If the weather was better today maybe tomorrow it will be nice enough to go whale watching.
20th March 2018

Today it looked like you were in an entirely different place. A small island but varied scenery.
19th March 2018

Also. . . Cows
I also like to see cows driven down the road. That's something we saw on the Camino.
19th March 2018

I've never been to Ireland, but again, I agree with Dave--especially where those cliffs overlook the sea.
18th March 2018

Other than the tile roofs it looks kind of like Ireland in some places.
18th March 2018

If it rains again you can drive the circle in the opposite direction to get different views.
18th March 2018

Scenery and dinner
I agree with Dave on how things look. Re dinner hour: You are unlikely to find anything open earlier than 7:30. I've never been to Portugal, but restaurants in Italy often open at 7:30 and are more or less empty for the first hour or so. Spain is notorious for its 10:00 PM and later dinner hours, though this did not much impact us when we were there, as we were on the Camino de Santiago. The pilgrim restaurants catered to a much earlier crowd. Farther north in Europe it might be a tad earlier, but still later than in most of the US.
18th March 2018

The town looks very European which I guess it is. The panoramic view could almost be along the Mediterranean. At least by drinking the lemonade you won't get scurvy.
16th March 2018

Those are unusual looking deer. You will have to research them. I wonder if they are a species distinct to the Azores.
16th March 2018

A great first day! The real comment this time
I accidentally submitted my comment without making it. The harder-than-they-said hike is something we are very familiar with. Happened to us in Riomaggiore, Italy. But you did it, both of you! It looks very pretty and relaxing--when you are not into serious exercise. What is the time difference from home?
17th March 2018

Its only a 4 hour difference. They have not had Daylight Savings here yet. That happens after we leave. I was afraid I would fall out of bed this morning but I didn't

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