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Asia » Taiwan » Taitung February 25th 2018

On the move again after a few days on the South coast. Not the glorious sunshine we were hoping for but better than at home I hear ! We are now making our way up the eastern side of the island mostly by train. Our first stop was Zhiben, famous for its hot springs. When we arrived at the hotel which we had booked through we found out that we had booked one of the privately owned rooms within the hotel so we then had to phone the owners up to find out which room we were in. Luckily the receptionist spoke to them for us as the lady on the other end only spoke Chinese! We went up to our room and about 5 mins later there was a knock at the door and ... read more
Another temple
Dancers at restaurant

Asia » Taiwan » Kenting February 22nd 2018

We've now got to the Southernmost point of Taiwan. Kenting National park and the idea is to not do too much for the next three days and hopefully have a bit of beach time. So some random photos that I didn't get round to uploading as they were taking too long!... read more

Asia » Taiwan » Kaohsiung February 20th 2018

Kaohsiung is Taiwan's largest port and second largest city. It feels very different and more sophisticated than any of the other cities we have visited. Modern urban landscape ,wide streets, parks and more grid like streets. I had thought in my wisdom..that it would be a good idea to book us into a bigish shiny type hotel that would have a dining room. All the information said that everywhere would be closed over CNY. So we are booked in for 3 days......Ok a few shops are closed and some businesses but we will not starve !! Every inch of dozens of streets have a stall selling something edible and hundreds of thousands of people walking along them.... read more

Asia » Taiwan » Tainan February 17th 2018

Our bnb in Meinong was run by a couple of Artists and she did lots of crafts. She presented us with some lovely key rings that she had made and insisted on taking our photo!...I'm sure she doesn't take everyone's photo.. She had obviously told other guests that we were DRIVING and from a lovely lady talked to us and wanted us to visit her when we go back up to Taipei at the end of our trip she has already been sending me lots of links to youtube ,she really wants us to enjoy her country. Anyway today the car goes back, so on to Tainan, the oldest city in the country. Only about an hours drive so we go to drop off the luggage first before returning the car. A great welcome from ... read more
Not an ipad in sight!
Practising ty chi with a sword
Pretty beer cans

Asia » Taiwan » Kaohsiung February 17th 2018

Gosh I'm getting behind with my homework! I think it was Tues.. We had a slightly cleared drive down all the bends that we couldn't really see on the way up and as usual it was much quicker coming down. I couldn't manage to count the bends and the number of buses on the way up but was probably around the same..(54!) Next stop was about 1 1/2 hrs further south and slightly inland to Mainong and its getting warmer!! Mainong is known for having around 95% of the Hakka population. They speak their own language and value hard work and education and still maintain traditional customs and living style. It is quite rural and our bnb was surrounded by rice paddies and fields of amazing flowers, cosmos, marigolds, grown for fertilizer on barron grown. Great ... read more
Pots on slate wall
Sun set around Lake Meinong
Taken on Valentine's Day!

Asia » Taiwan » Nantou County February 13th 2018

Had another good breakfast at the bnb, can't say as much about the quality of the sleep goodness that bed was hard ! Loaded up the car and before we left Lukang, went to have a look to see if there was anything going on in the old street....well it was buzzing. The town had come alive!! Again lots of stalls selling various foods, not sure if I've mentioned stinky tofu....well it is rank....but they seem very keen on it. David got excited by the hand made knife stand and bought something sharp to go in the luggage and I bought a few bits that might appear in a dem ! Next stop Alishan National Scenic Area. At it's highest 2600 mts. The express road to the area was easy and fairly quiet but as ... read more
Hand made lamp shop
Bends and you can see the mist!

Asia » Taiwan » Taichung February 12th 2018

Fri We left Taipei by train. I bought the tickets online at home,printed my receipt, went to the ticket office at the station and they gave me the tickets! Everything works....this is a novelty to us ! We picked up a car in Tai Chung and intend to explore the western part of the country and drive down to the south coast. The guy in the office very kindly punched in all the addresses that we had into the sat nav as you could only do that in Chinese!! Luckily she speaks American!! First stop Lukang,for 2nights. Found it easily enough. We are in an Air bnb here and were too early for check in and so we drove around the town to try to get our bearings. After checking in we went out to explore ... read more
You've got to have big fish !
Old train
Jelly and ice cream....

Asia » Taiwan » Taipei February 10th 2018

Wed 7/2 Due to persistent precipitation we decided that today would be museum visiting, so thought we'd tackle the journey to the National Presidential palace museum. It looked quite a way on the map but half an hour after leaving the hotel we were there! The metro is Japanese efficient and super clean and easy and a 10mins bus ride, also easy to understand. We have a card similar to our Oyster card, so that simplifies things . The national palace museum is home to the largest collection of Chinese Artefacts. Unfortunately every tour group in the country had the same idea and sometimes we were completely swamped by Chinese/Korean/Japanese groups pushing their way through to keep up with their guides waving their flags and insisting on taking photographs of every item!! Usually by pushing through ... read more
Ivory carving
Longsham temple

Asia » Taiwan » Taipei February 5th 2018

Well you can't say that the first two days here in Taipei have not been interesting. Our flights from Manchester to Taipei via Amsterdam went to schedule apart from a small technical hitch !! But that was sorted within about 10mins...We only had an hour between flights but we were on the same carrier KLM and didn't have to go to a different terminal and so made it to the gate just as they were embarking. So far so good. The inflight food was good and they came around quite a few times with drinks which might have helped with having a few hours sleep.... So we have arrived in Taipei hurrah ! Has our luggage?....well ,not all of it!! had to happen to us at some time. We've been very lucky that in all our ... read more
Stuffing dumplings
National theatre and Nat.Concert hall
No its not a toy soldier!

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