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22nd April 2013

A great title
Reminds me of the travel quote by J.R.R. Tolkien who once said, "Not all who wander are lost." Wandering aimlessly in Paris is an art form.
22nd April 2013

But what a way to go!
I've just discovered your blogs today and I am enjoying them. I love blogs with food photos. I'm looking forward to reading more.
21st March 2013

catholicism and hinduism
Really Informative article thanks for sharing.
13th August 2012

Thank You for the blog and photos...almost feels like being there all over again *sigh*
14th April 2012

need tips
where did u stay? did anyone organise the local travel / tours for you? plz share ... thanks :)
25th April 2012

Hi there ... in Florence I stayed at the Hotel Berna. Small hotel just across the street from the train station. I did not take any tours. I prefer the liberty of picking what I want to do. With this hotel, all of the major sights were pretty much within walking distance or just a short cab ride. I walked everywhere in Florence. One of my favorite stops on this trip and would definitely recommend it!!
4th September 2011

Great destination
I visited Cordoba earlier this year - loved the Mezquita and the Roman bridge. Also really enjoyed discovering part of the new town as well - enjoyed a great falafel sandwich.
23rd July 2011

Thanks Anne
It's a little bizarre writing it so long after it actually happened ... glad to see that you are enjoying the blog. Just three or four more entries and then I am done for a little while.
From Blog: Sevilla
22nd July 2011

It's so nice to have you back detailing your marvelous trip. Thanks.
From Blog: Sevilla
20th June 2011
2 Wish tree

Great shots of Grenada
Hey traveller, awesome photos!!! Hope things are going well....don't ya miss work??!!....yeah right Stay safe, Marty
17th June 2011

Granada is beautiful. Love the Wish Tree at the hotel:) And wondering about photo she real or is it a statue?
14th June 2011

Caroline...this is one of favorite postings to date. The photos are beyond amazing and the food shots made my tummy grumble. Nutella to Go...who would have thought!
7th June 2011

I have made gnocchi a few bought of course. I still have a recipe from Nigella:) She serves them with pork, in a kinda mustard sauce...delish:)
6th June 2011

Sagrada Familia's Magic Square
3rd June 2011

Travelling solo
Hi there Caroline, Wow so inspired by your blog . I am visiting a friend in europe and meeting some friends already travelling .I mapped out a route I would love to do and seems more than a little scary .But encouraged by how empowering it must be and gratifying.My dream escapade is from Lucerne to Milan , Milan to Verona , Verona to Venice , Venice to Trieste , Trieste to Ljubana? Slovenia, Slovenia to Budapest .Where I meet up with friends . I am doingthis on a tight budget .Your hotel in Milan sounded so great ,can you tell me whatit was called and what the rate was ? I think your photos are really great too you have a great eye! Glad your dreams are coming true . All the best, Amy .
From Blog: Fascinating!
1st June 2011
43 Some celebrating in the streets

Most definitely soccer.
31st May 2011

I am having flashbacks looking at your photos! As always, they are terrific. If you wander over to Campo de' Fiori again today, Hostaria Farnese is on one of the pedestrian side streets just off the piazza. Think of me while you enjoy a glass of vino rosso and a lovely meal!
27th May 2011

Enjoyed the blog
I came across your blog while searching the internet for blogs of Italy. I am leaving for Florence next week, and I will be there an entire month. I'm even more excited after reading your entries. I just wanted to thank you for the enjoyable afternoon I've spent reading your entire blog. It was quite pleasant and very informative.
25th May 2011
56 Nutella & Go

Nutella making me drool
I must find these here in Canada.
18th May 2011
62 Potential souvenir for my brother???

The middle one, I assume?
18th May 2011

Caroline, the pharmacy is just like I remember! Great photos and fantastic blog; you have talent. Another three days... plenty of time to purchase something made out of leather :)
17th May 2011

Burano is beautiful!!! I love all the colours!!! As for think he must have been quite the character in his younger days *wink wink* :)
17th May 2011

A church built on top of another one...quite the concept. Now I am photo # 86 a trompe l'oeil? If so, it is really good. If not...well...I hope the guy sells his house:)
16th May 2011

Fair Verona...with Angels fixing their wings in the street...too cute:) Hope you got to touch the hunchback for good luck:)
16th May 2011

Well, even without George Clooney, Como is lovely:)

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