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29th September 2014

Thank you for sharing your trip with us! I'm a little disappointed you didn't crash or stalk George Clooney's wedding :) I have decided that for Wayne and I Italy is on my bucket list. When we are able to go maybe you and Sherry can go with and be our travel guides! Safe travels back home. Miss you both and so glad you had a wonderful time. We loved the photos and updates!
29th September 2014

Italy Tour
I am enjoying your vacation and it seems like I am right there with you. Nice pictures and very good narrative description. Was with Marlene this weekend at Corrine & Bob's. Made another batch of antipasto. Weather was sunny and in the 80s. Beautiful. Capped the wonderful weekend by watching the Vikings beat Atlanta with Teddy Bridgewater performing absolutely brilliantly. Go Vikings!
28th September 2014

Love these blogs. You four are so busy. Love the pics and seeing what you are eating for dinner every night. When do you come home? Friday, Oct. 3, Bertha is coming here for dinner; would love to have you join us.
24th September 2014

Nice Trip
You guys must be getting tired of walking. Nice pictures and, still, no mention of any bad weather. You must be getting close to the end.
23rd September 2014

Please say hi to my sister Jane for me. It looks like you are all having a great time. I look forward to hearing about it.
21st September 2014

Still keeping tabs on you, following your posts. Vikings lost today again. Cassell got hurt in the 2nd period and Teddy Bridgewater played. He was pretty good. I can see him starting the next game. Bad penalty of roughing the passer turned the game around when we were doing OK.
20th September 2014

Your Friday in Rome
Fascinating stuff. Looks like you are enjoying it all. Seems like weather is cooperating.
18th September 2014

Good Information
Just returned from the Range after 3 days of visiting, eating and enjoying my stay with Judy and Gary. Went to the cemetery on Monday and removed flower boxes and covered the angel. Had dinner at Valentini's. Visited Joan and My friend, John Ferkul. Didn't take my laptop so just getting into your blog and enjoying your report. Looks like good weather and lots of fun. ENJOY!
14th March 2011

Thanks to you and Bob for hosting a truly "Once a lifetime" vacation. We are so glad we met all of you and were able to share the memories together. Doug & Sherry
14th March 2011

Sherry and Doug - fabulous. Excellent narrative and great photos. Thank you for sharing. I truly loved it.
13th March 2011

What a great blog!
Doug and Sherry- what a fabulous blog you made of the trip. Makes me want to just refer people to your blog for a recap of our trip! God blest us on this trip, for sure. What a joy in meeting you both. Thank you for blessing our lives, Deborah
13th March 2011

Thank you
Good morning Christi, Sherry and I are struggling to get back on a regular sleeping schedule as well. Our prayers will be for Richard and Greg on their mission to Haiti. Sherry and I were so blessed to be able to enjoy our "Trip of a lifetime" with you and Richard and all of the rest of our new friends from Ft. Worth. I find it hard not to be thinking about our adventures and the beauty of Israel. Look forward to seeing all of you again! Doug & Sherry
12th March 2011

love your travelblog narrative
Sherry&Doug, I think of our travel buddies when I awake at 2:30 A.M. on Friday morning then 5:00 A.M. today. Getting to know you two was a delight and added blessing to the Israel trip. We will continue to pray for you and your family when God brings you to mind. I got Richard and Greg to the airport this morning for their Spring Break in Haiti. There are 45,000 Cholera vaccines sitting in the airport waiting to be giving to the Haitian people. Unfortunately, the authorities won't release them without a bribe. Please pray these vaccines make it to the people who need them while this team is there to administer them. We loved traveling with y'all. Christi
8th March 2011

i work because i am buys to go church if you come my house welcome
8th March 2011

Wow....What book is the "great blue" Genie in? Great pictures and nartive. We have really enjoyed it.
5th March 2011

Did ya swim naked?
4th March 2011

Hi From Fargo
Hi Doug and Sherry Looks like your trip is going well. I have to ask what did Sherry buy? Stay safe. Wayne
20th February 2011

Thanks for putting this blog site up for everyone to read. We are very excited for you and Sherry. Have a safe trip and a wonderful time. We look forward to your updates.
19th February 2011

Love the blog idea. It's a great way for me to not wonder how you two are doing.
19th February 2011

You make my kids look like big dorks!... Still think you should stay in the states. Love you.
19th February 2011

Am showered and getting ready to run errands.
5th February 2011

Test on the public comment
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5th February 2011

I am testing out the site.
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