The "Bucket List" Blog


The "Bucket List" Blog

We are just beginning to fulfill our "Bucket List" for retirement. We are a retired Sheet Metal Worker and Administrative Assistant from the Chicago area.

Europe » Italy October 7th 2012

We left Venice to head for Ravenna and Assisi. When we woke in the morning I was very ill. Gastrointestinal something with all the lovely stuff that goes with it. Ange and I ate exactly the same thing the day before and he was fine, so decided it had to be some kind of virus. It was a long bus ride so I just had to tough it out between rest stops. The poor people at the stops had to listen to me wretch. People were very nice though. When they saw how green I was they let me go to the head of the line. When we reached Revenna I stayed on the bus. Ange had to stay with me because they wouldn't leave me on the bus alone. Everyone had a lovely lunch in ... read more
Mt. Vesuvius
Hello from Pompeii
Walls of Pompeii

Europe » Italy » Veneto » Venice October 2nd 2012

We left Lake Maggiore yesterday for Venice. Stopped in Verona on the way. In Verona saw Juliette's balcony and the well preserved Arena where they still have concerts and they also have an Opera season there. The statue of Julliette gets a lot of action as you can see. We arrived in Venice in late afternoon, checked into he hotel and then Ange and I strolled around St. Mark's square for a bit before we got ready to leave for the Gondola Serenade and Venetian Night Out. We went to another (fancier) hotel for dinner. It was the best dinner of the the trip so far. The Gondola ride was lovely. I've heard people say it was not worth it, but I think it is. When in Venice you just have to. Today, in the morning, ... read more
Ange and Juliette
St. Mark's Square Pidgeons
Juliette's Balcony

Europe » Italy September 30th 2012

Today was a day of mostly driving. We were headed to Lake Maggiore for two nights. We left Florence at 7:30 am and drove to Milan, then to Lugano, Switzrland, and then to Lake Maggiore. It was cool, cloudy and rainy all day. We drove through the Apennine hills past Bologna to Milan. We walked through the gothic Duomo and the glass-domed Galleraia and saw La Scala Opera House(from the outside only). The domed galleria is quite something. Lots of stores and cafes undera a glass domed ceiling. When walking through ther Galleria it was swarming with people because of the rain and there was some sort of demonstration going on as well. Because we were having such a hard time getting through the galleria we lost a woman from the group. When we are out ... read more

Europe » Italy September 28th 2012

September 27, 2012 When we left this morning we were supposed to go to Pisa and then on to Florence with a Tuscan Dinner in the evening The next day was to be The Academy of Fine Arts to see Michael Angelo's "David" and a walking tour of the city. On the way our tour guide, Simonetta, received a call telling her that the next day the museum workers were going on strike, so we had to fllip Pisa and the Academy of Fine Arts and the walking tour, which would leave us little free time. The walking tour consisted of Giott's Bell Tower, The Baptistry's "Gate of Paradis", the sculpture studded SignoriaSquareand and Ponet Veecchio. The on to The Academy of Fine Arts. The drive to Florence was beautiful. Our guide gave us a lesson ... read more
Tuscan Dinner
In the Square

Europe September 26th 2012

Today was a full day of sightseeing. We are totally exhausted. Lots and lots of walking. My feet, legs and back hurt. Some other peopl on the tour feel as I do that the pace is very fast and had we known we might have picked another tour. Maybe it is just Rome. There is so much to see. You really could spend ten days here and still not see everything. You forget how old the city is. Every building is old, streets are very narrow, their are ruins wherever you go. It is a beautiful city. The Umbrella Pine trees are beautiful and plentiful around the city. I wish we could have spent more time at each place taking our time to really see it fully. Started at the Vatican and Sistine Chaple. Cannot take ... read more
Dome of St.Peter's
Fresco, Vatican
Stairway at the Vatican

Europe » Italy » Lazio » Rome September 25th 2012

We arrived in Rome this morning and had to wait about an hour and a half for the bus to take us to the hotel. On the drive from the airport it is clear that Italy is not a place you want to drive. Traffic is bumber to bumber and at times it seems everyone is going the wrong way on a one way street. Motor scooters are darting in and out of traffic and riding down the center line between lanes of cars and huge busses. I am more afraid of getting hit by a scooter than a car. Streets are so narrow I don't know how they do it. And, they park anywhere their car will fit. Saw one on a median strip and another half on the sidewalk and half on the street. ... read more
Cafe, Rome
Cafe, Rome
Rome Street

Oceania » Guam February 27th 2011

This may be my last entry before we leave to head home. I have posted pictures from my Grandson, Angelo's (or as he calls himself "Angelo Jofus"), first haircut, his third birthday, Granddaughter Lincoln's sewing creation and, also, pictures of the friends I have made at the Baha'i' Center here on Guam. Angelo's haircut was quite the ordeal. He didn't quite know how to feel about it. He certainly looks like a different kid now. His birthday party was a nice day and lots of food and a Volcano cake with Dinosaurs. I'm trying to post a video. Hope it works this time. Lincoln and I made a dress together and it tuned out pretty good. She looks cute in it and ready for "Project Runway". While I have been here I have been attending the ... read more
Help me.....please

Oceania » Guam February 5th 2011

We watched the Blizzard unfold on-line and in the news while here on Guam. I hope our house is still standing when we get home. I secretly wished I was home to see it. Although I don't miss the clean-up afterwards or having power go out, I do love the "silent beauty and serenity" of big snowfall. Just for a little while it is like another more civil world--Soft, quiet, serene. There are no perceived differences among people. We are all in the same boat and don't think a thing of giving a helping hand. It does not matter what God you believe in, if any, or what your politics are, or if you are un-documented. We all exist in this beautiful, clean, peaceful world. Oh, that it could last for more than just a few ... read more
Our little Shady Spot
Favorite Beach Activity
Favorite Beach Activity View

Oceania » Guam January 14th 2011

We have been taking our time visiting the War in the Pacific Historical National Park and have stopped at a few other places along the way. The National Park was established to commemorate those participating in the campaigns of the Pacific Theater of WWII and to conserve and interpret natural, scenic, and historic objects on the island of Guam. The park consists of seven separate units, located in the villages of Asan, Piti, and Agat. Asan Beach Unit Asan Inland Unit Piti Guns Unit Mt. Chachao/Mt. Tenjo Unit Agat Unit Mt. Alifan Unit Fonte Plateau Unit The Piti Guns Unit, Mt. Chachao/Mt. Tenjo Unit, and the Mt. Alifan Unit are all remote, underdeveloped and/or are hilly with difficult hiking, so we chose not to visit those sites. The Asan Beach and Asan Inland Units were the ... read more
2 Asan Beach
3 Asan Beach Torpedo Plaque
4 Asan Beach Torpedo

Oceania » Guam December 25th 2010

We have been spending lots of time with the family (grandkids) and going to thier functions and taking them to the pool during their Christmas break from school. so we are just posting some random pictures and videos for now. I'm sure the only interested parties will be family. After the first of the year we will get back to seeing some sights. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all. ... read more
Lincoln in black glasses

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