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Europe » France September 26th 2014

Geo: 43.7034, 7.2662 Well, if you remember what happened last blog, then you know that we went to the Renault dealer in Arles in the morning to see if they had 2 tires for our car. Well they did not. He would have to order them and would have them the next morning. So we were stuck. I called the Eurodrive phone number and told them what was happening. They talked to the service manager for a while and then he handed me back the phone. She said that Eurodrives insurance would pick up the tab for the 2 new tires and all of the labor. That was 435 euros or $565. Nice!!!!! I told her that we were stuck at the dealer and had reservations in Nice for the next 4 days. The reservation was ... read more
These are 2 of the smaller boats
This one has a spa on deck
Ferrari California

Europe » France September 23rd 2014

Geo: 43.6767, 4.6278 We got up and headed over to Les Baux again. This time we did not let the GPS take us, we picked our own route. We arrived there in about a half an hour. It was a sunny, but very windy day. Les Baux Is a small village with a huge old castle at the top of a large hill. The wind had to be blowing at least 50 MPH. We walked thru the village and toured the old castle. There isn't a lot of it left, but it looked really cool. The views from the top were very good. After touring Les Baux we decided to drive to Avignon to finish our tour. We went to see the Popes Palace, which had a long line in front of it the day before. ... read more
A street in Les Baux
Ancient catapaults
This was a wind mill

Europe » France September 21st 2014

Geo: 43.6767, 4.6278 We got up and drove to Orange. We parked and walked over to the Roman Theatre. It is unique because it is the only theatre in Europe with its acoustic wall still standing. We then headed across the street to the Museum of Art and History. We made a quick stop at the Arche De Triumph and then drove to the Pont Du Gard. The Pont Du Gard is a large part of the Roman aquaduct that goes over a river. It is the second tallest Roman structure still standing. It was 470 meters long. We left there and stopped in Arles for dinner. We got home very late that night, about 10:30 PM. We got up this morning and put Les Baux into the GPS. According to the Rick Steve's book, it ... read more
Statue on the wall
The theatre seats
The Pont Du Gard

Europe » France September 19th 2014

Geo: 43.6767, 4.6278 We got up , had breakfast and headed out to old town Collioure. We walked around the base of the old fort, which had a path around it, right next to the ocean. The waves came up on the walkway and we had to run at several points to stay dry. Needless to say we failed and got our feet wet. We walked around town and visited the old church, Notre Dame Des Anges. It had a large altar almost all gold. If you put a euro in a box, the lights would come on and shine on all of the gold. We walked along the beach to the seawall. There were a few topless women on the beach. This is the second time I have seen topless women on the beach. No ... read more
The pulpit
Me in Collioure
The old tower in Collioure

Europe » France September 17th 2014

Geo: 42.5246, 3.08235 We left our hotel and headed to Albi. It was about a 2 hour drive. Again the GPS picked an odd way to get there. We finally remembered that when you want the GPS to choose the route you want, you have to put in some towns the are on the route and not just the ending town. You would think that we would remember this, but no. We entered Albi and headed over to the old church. Another huge church built in the 13th century. This church still has the original choir in it. Most all churches had their choirs removed during the French Revolution. The choir screen separated the common folks from the holy people at the church. This one must have taken years to build. Check out the pictures of ... read more
The choir entrance
Close up of the choir

Europe » France September 15th 2014

Geo: 44.4456, 1.44147 I'll send some more pictures of the Chateau we stayed at, it is pretty cool. We got up in the morning and headed out and drove a scenic loop around the Dordogne river valley. We stopped at Montfort, a small village with a Chateau that is rumored to be owned by a brother of the Emir of Kuwait. Then re drove to La Roque Gageau. It is a small village situated on the Dordogne River and the cliffs above. We took a 1 hour boat ride down the river. It was a beautiful day. The weather was sunny and about 80 degrees. We then headed over to Beynac to see the Chateau there. It is one of the most imposing castles in all of France. It is 500 feet above the Dordogne River. ... read more
Deer in a field by our Chateau
The dining room
Us in front of Chateau Fleunie

Europe » France » Aquitaine » Condat-sur-Vezere September 12th 2014

Geo: 45.1172, 1.22819 We tried to stay an extra night in Amboise, but the hotel was full. We were supposed to drive to Limoge, but decided it was too far to go and get to see the sights we wanted to see. We made reservations for Montlucon instead. We headed over to the Chateau in the village of Amboise. It is called Chateau Royal d Amboise. It is right in the middle of the village, up on a hill, overlooking the river. In the chapel is the final resting place of Leonardo Di Vinci. He actually lived out his last years at this Chateau. After visiting this Chateau, we headed over to Chateau Chaumont-Sur Loire. We are having trouble telling them apart. This Chateau was up on a cliff, overlooking the river. These Chateaus are so ... read more
Amboise Chateau
Inside the chapel
Looking toward the river

Europe » France » Centre » Amboise September 10th 2014

Geo: 47.4104, 0.981122 We left St. Malo and stopped at Fougeres to see the St. Leonard church and the public gardens. We walked the ramparts and took photos of one of the largest medieval castles in France. We drove to Chinon in the Loire valley to visit some chateaus. All we have been seeing so far in the countryside is corn, no grapes. They grow a lot of corn here. We asked a local where all of the corn went and he said it was feed for the animals. We drove over to Langeais Chateau. It is a fortress like chateau with 16th century furnished rooms. After that we drove to our B&B for the night. A very nice B&B in a French house. The owner spoke pretty good English, so we had some good conservations. ... read more
I love Gargoyles!!
In the public garden
The castle

Europe » France » Brittany September 8th 2014

Geo: 48.65, -2.01667 We left our hotel and drove to Mont St. Michel. Its an island, that has a small village with an Abbey on the top, inhabited by monks. They have been there since 873 AD. The place is really cool. The village was packed with tourists and souvenir shops. We opted for a 4 ticket package to 4 sites on the island. Luckily not many people were doing this and we didn't have a lot of people around. We worked our way to the top of the island, where the church and abbey were. Great views from there. The tide here is tremendous. It rises and falls 50 feet. We got there at low tide and couldn't see the ocean. When the tide is up, the water slaps against the walls around the village. ... read more
In the church
looking out over the village
looking back towards land

Europe » France September 6th 2014

Geo: 49.311, -0.35553 We arose Friday morning a little late as Stacy forgot to set the alarm clock. We left and headed over to Arromanches, which was near the Gold beach landing. We stopped at the orientation platform to look around and get our bearings. We could see parts of the breakwater the allies put in to form an artificial port. They used old ships that were brought over from England and sunk in fairly shallow water. They also towed over huge concrete forms that they filled with water to help create a place to tie up the ships. They then installed floating piers that held up bridges, connected them together and ran them all the way to shore. They went out 800 yards into the ocean. The smaller ships could tie up to the end ... read more
Bunker at Arromanches
one of the floating concrete piers
building in Arromanches

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