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North America » Mexico » Jalisco February 12th 2014

Geo: 19.3098, -104.821Sometimes it's just enough to be out with the camera just shooting whatever comes. Bob and I took a walk on the beach at sunset, enjoying the soft breezes and brilliant colors.... read more
Lone fisherman tosses a net

North America » Mexico » Jalisco February 11th 2014

Geo: 19.3098, -104.821I'm going to try to catch up--we've been otherwise occupied with palm trees, crocodiles and ocean waves. You understand. We stayed in a real pit one night with no shade, dirty bathrooms and the grouchiest man alive so we got out of there real quick. But we did meet some nice people. The lady next to Bob and Donna had driven her motorhome down on her own--her and her 4 cats. For 7 or 8 years she's been coming down for the season, not leaving until it gets too hot in March. She was right on the beach with a great breeze and beautiful view and as long as she could avoid grouchpus I guess she thought it was a decent trade off. No amount of view would convince us though, so we were ... read more
Lunch under an umbrella
Dead Sea turtle washes up on shore
This guy was at least 3' long

North America » Mexico February 9th 2014

Geo: 90, -169.789The Sunday market we found in Cruz de Huanacaxtle could just as easily fit in Scottsdale, AZ or any other upscale marketplace. The artistry of the individual vendors was elegant and the classy marina provided the perfect setting. We enjoyed the market immensely--it was beautiful and I was glad these talented artists have a venue for their creations, it just was not a place where we were going to buy anything. It was a morning for browsing and appreciating the creative genius of others. The location of this sleepy fishing village between Puerto Vallarta and Punta de Mita (rich condo-clave) has doomed it -- there's nothing along that whole bay untouched by greedy development and Cruz is no exception. It's humble Mexican village turning I'm afraid, into another millionaire playground.But right now outside the ... read more
Boats line up
Flower seller
Market stalls along the marina

North America » Mexico February 8th 2014

Geo: 20.9537, -105.354Lo de Marcos is a laid back happy little town where hundreds of gringos from Canada and the US have come to roost. But shhhhh. They don't want anyone to know. We like it here a lot--much better than white bread Puerto Vallarta. It's warmer than San Carlos and Mazatlán and smaller than both. All along this coast from San Blas to PV are small villages where you'll most always find gringos--we love this sand and surf, don't we?Here the white folks from the north have formed a group called the Amigos of Lo de Marcos and they organize fundraisers for the school and the community. One such event was this silent auction and night of music we went to tonight. It's a gringo party though--a few Mexicans came but not many. This is ... read more
The Amigos of Lo de Marcos start recycling
Saul makes absolutely the best tacos
Saul's wife mixes up fresh tortillas

North America » Mexico February 1st 2014

Geo: 20.9537, -105.354Charming, quaint pueblos north of Puerto Vallarta perch between thick jungle and ocean waves with sandy beaches stretching for miles. Hidden coves, dramatic headlands, rolling hills heavy with vegetation--this is a beautiful area of the Mexican coast. There's still lots of gringos, but it's maintained some individuality too. ... read more
Lunch overlooking the Malecón
Fish on a stick
Dulceria--a candy store

North America » Mexico January 28th 2014

Geo: 20.6509, -105.215So many times we see only what we see. Our narrow vision then becomes the total of what's around us. We all do it. We may try not to, but it's like swimming upstream. This trip we've spent entirely too much time around gringos to have any kind of idea of the "real" anything.But this may show more of Puerto Vallarta then you've seen before, and totally more than anyone staying in the hotels along the Malecon will see. Course, any picture of PV absolutely positively has to include the Malecon--it's just so much of what PV is that I've thrown a bunch more of those in too. We kept being pulled back there.The house we rented a room in was in a real working class neighborhood. Taxi drivers thought they'd heard us wrong ... read more
Fixer upper down the street
After the rain
Our bus - our street

North America » Mexico » Nayarit January 20th 2014

Geo: 20.755, -105.334It's called the Blessing of the Fleet and it culminates a week long celebration in Bucerias, a formerly small fishing village north of PV.We take the bus to Mega, a huge warehouse style store in Bucerias where we meet tall Bob and Donna, who have driven in from their RV park further north to spend the day enjoying the festivities with us.The schedule said 11:00. At 11 the pangas would start their ramming of the beach. Why? It's somehow gotten lost in the translation, but they're here for a blessing from the priest and they come decorated and dancing.At 12:30 we think we see tiny specs way out on the horizon. By 1:00 we're pretty sure it's the pangas, showing up for their 11:00 storming of the beach. 11 Mexican time. The tricky part ... read more
Ready to ram
Quick! Get everybody out
Running out

North America » Mexico January 19th 2014

Geo: 20.6509, -105.215Puerto Vallarta's Malecon is all of that, but even still, I keep finding myself there because it's so darn pretty. The shops, the sidewalk kitchens, the tour guides--it's a hawker's paradise. I love the sweet ocean breezes, the outrageous colors, the costumed dancers--it's a different experience every time we're there.... read more
Surfers wait for the perfect wave
He's going to get buried !
Mexican families flock to the Malecon on Sundays

North America » Mexico January 18th 2014

Geo: 20.6509, -105.215Mexico has 32 states, 19 of which have travel advisories from our state department. Of the 4 states we've traveled through from Nogales to Puerto Vallarta, all have serious advisories--every one. Ones where they say defer non-essential travel and secondary roads can be especially dangerous. What?We've driven through without mishap. Mostly. They're talking about rural roads though in remote areas, where we were along the coast. I think.Actually, I don't know what I think. The stories are enough to keep you up at night but really? With 150,000 people a day crossing the border, they don't amount to much. The scary stories, I mean. What's real and pretty scary on it's own is just the navigating. It's a country with horrible road maps for their horrible roads; they're inaccurate and incomplete, and that's when ... read more
Breakfast spot
The beach at Old Vallarta
Frigate birds

North America » Mexico January 17th 2014

Geo: 20.8691, -105.432What can we do tomorrow? we asked ourselves. Sick of wandering old town, we took the advice of a shopper we met and grabbed a bus to the little surfer town of Sayulita.Funny thing is, last night Bob and Donna emailed us to plan a plan for going to the butterfly sanctuary next month. Since were heading to Sayulita anyway and since that's only 8 km from where they have their camper parked, it was a no brainer.It was even funnier that with all the unknowns of travel in this country we stepped off the bus just as they were driving by. The traffic was so terrible it had taken them an hour to go 8 km and us an hour to go 28.It's festival day in Sayulita--hence the traffic jams on the roads, ... read more
Welcoming Sayulita
Surfboards on the beach
Heading for the beach

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