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North America » United States » Arizona » Sedona October 24th 2009

Geo: 34.8408, -111.776Sedona takes itself very seriously. Try to see why. It's beautiful, rare and rich. But if you look, you can find a corner that looks nothing like the rest of Arizona and feels nothing like the rest of Sedona--a corner so WET, you'd never guess it was only inches from the desert.... read more
Chilling out by the creek
Picture perfect Oak creek canyon
Flying fish

North America » United States » Arizona October 23rd 2009

Geo: 36.806, -111.639"In the early 1870's the leaders of the Mormon church in Utah wanted to colonize Arizona, but the Grand Canyon was in the way. Here at the mouth of the Paria River was the only place they could build a road to the river, cross on a ferry and continue south," explains W. L. Rusho and P.T.Reilly, historians of Lees Crossing and the Colorado river.This area echos amongst the footsteps of early explorers, Indian traders, miners and most recently, tourists.Every boat that floats the Grand Canyon puts in here. Every one. This is the only place for hundreds of miles where the canyon walls receed and one can access the Colorado.We walked the River Trail this evening, reading this fastinating history and enjoying the evening light on the vermillion colored cliffs.We're staying right under ... read more
A window on history
Boiler, circa 1910, for gold mining in sand
The boiler in action

North America » United States » Utah » Provo October 22nd 2009

Geo: 40.2337, -111.668Why'd they have to put Phoenix so far away? Eleven and a half hours of driving and we're only to Provo. It was gorgeous though. We saw about a dozen deer coming down the Swan Valley, kind of in and out of the rain. As morning broke there were patches of fog clinging to the trees and hiding our views of the mountain tops--but beautiful still.In fact, Seeley Lake was socked in when we got there--I've never seen fog there before. We've always gone in the summer.Lake Alva was perfectly still in the morning light and made me want to stop for a couple hundred photos, but alas! it was less than 2 hours into our trip! It must be a crime in several countries to hurrry through such a valley as that.The grasses ... read more

North America » United States » Montana » Kalispell October 21st 2009

Geo: 48.1987, -114.386This is a really weird feeling, leaving home for a five month adventure. We do a lot of traveling, but never one of this length. It's required an humongous amount of planning and while we've tried to think of all contingencies, we know that's not even possible. And that's OK--part of the seat-of-your-pants traveling we're best at.We have one more party tonight, then we're off in the morning for Salt Lake City, our first 10 hour leg.But tonight we get to eat off Linda's 10# rainbow she snuck out and caught without us. DANG her hide. She really is our hero though--the Fish Dancer extraordinaire.Rick's cooking a gourmet feast, the divas are gathering--husbands beware!... read more

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