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South America » Colombia » Cundinamarca January 5th 2015

Geo: 4.60987, -74.082High in the mountains bordering Bogotá reigns this gorgeous sanctuary surrounded by extravagant green hills. The first Sunday of the month so many came here to pray that they closed the road--we were turned away. So we had to drive down one of the side streets through a really sketchy neighborhood--Mario says "put your purses on the floor" and hope we don't get stopped. He didn't say that last part but I was sure thinking it. Bob and I took a taxi up there a couple days later and although crowded, it was doable.... read more
Through the tunnel
The sanctuary decked out for Christmas
Enjoying the view

North America » United States » Montana » Kalispell September 23rd 2014

Geo: 48.2016, -114.315In order for TravelPod to add up all the miles of this trip we have to actually start our trip at the beginning.... read more
Have to get him out of the lounge chair first

North America » United States » Arizona » Ajo April 5th 2014

Geo: 32.3757, -112.872I thought I was through blogging, but we've stayed in such interesting places the last few weeks I'm compelled to add them too. Last night we camped amongst the rattlesnakes and flowering bristle brush in our first boondocking of the trip. For $4 we had no water, no showers, no hookups and no bathrooms but we did have flat ground, extended elbow room and lots of starry sky. The Painted Rock Petroglyph Site is about 18 miles out of Gila Bend which is really not a place anyone actually chooses to go to. Hardly anybody wakes up in the morning and says, wow, I can't wait to spend the day in Gila Bend. It's a watering hole in the vast open desert between Casa Grande and Yuma. But from here you can go to ... read more
Man figure
Over 800 graphics are etched into these rocks
Most artwork is concentrated in one area

North America » Mexico » Sinaloa March 4th 2014

Geo: 23.2019, -106.421Okay, so I'm two weeks behind, but really, can you pass up Carnaval without so much as a by-your-leave? It's a 5 day party extravaganza of color, costumes, beer, dancing, parades, royalty, parties, and music, music, music. And then more beer. The parade began with a full half hour of beer trucks. This crowd loves their beer.We took the cute little panga--motorboat--across from Stone Island to Mazatlán the day after the parade to see if we could catch a little party spirit cause Bob had been down with a cold for several days. We'd now missed 4 out of the 5 days of Carnaval but as we sat at lunch in a restaurant along the Malecon the waiter told us if we'd come for breakfast the next morning we could get a free ticket ... read more
Beach guy
My total favorite
Gigantic fun

North America » Mexico » Sinaloa March 2nd 2014

Geo: 23.1868, -106.403Tucked away on this tiny spit of land 10 minutes from Mazatlán is an elaborate garden just behind our campsite that appears to be a bit of a mystery. Is it part of a planned development for the island? Are they going to buy up our RV park so they have access to the beach? Will we be able to return here next year?It's a quality piece of landscaping so totally out of place in this rustic, indigenous community that somebody has to be up to something. Nobody puts that kind of money into a project for nothing.So one rumor we heard was that a development company out of Durango had bought up a stretch nearly 8 miles long for an eco friendly resort and the garden is part of that. Anyone who's been ... read more
Pond with lily pads and large event tent
Tree with 3' bean pods

North America » Mexico February 26th 2014

Geo: 22.5395, -105.737Perched on the side of one of the largest estuaries in Mexico, quiet little Teacapan almost found stardom when a former Mexican president announced a humungous developement 2x larger than Cancun was to be built near the small hamlet. But plans fell through when the new president took office and for now the quiet village, waterways and 30 miles of beach remain a haven for birds of a hundred varieties and a few eco-tourists down from Mazatlán for the day.There's not much in Teacapan and that's just fine for the sprinkling of escape artists from the north who've made a home here. But we found a great little tienda for fresh produce and another one for tortillas and milk, and then the Bed, Bath and Teacapan for some more of my favorite pottery cups ... read more
Bed, Bath and Teacapan
Pay your light bill here
Stopping for lunch

North America » Mexico February 25th 2014

Geo: 22.5395, -105.737If you ever want to get away from everything and I really mean unplug, try this gorgeous spot near the village of Teacapan. Miles of abandoned beachline, no cell service, essentially no internet cause it's so useless, no tv, no radio, no restaurants, no stores and hardly any people.On the plus side you have plenty of breeze to cool things off, a pristine pool so crystal clear it's shocking, brilliant yellow oriels to greet your mornings and porpoises surfing in your front yard.This is what $15 buys you.No really. 205 pesos a night is about $15 for full hookups, use of the pool, hot showers---porpoises thrown in for free.... read more
Our own private pool
Morning fog
Blue Heron looking for breakfast

North America » Mexico February 23rd 2014

Geo: 21.5438, -105.286We stayed here last month on our way south to Puerto Vallarta and liked it so much we're staying here again on our way back up north.So I'm out walking the beach the next morning saying hola to all the people I meet and this guy says, are you interested in flying? Next thing you know we're flying tandem in this 60hp 2 stroke ultra light they call a trike cause it carries two people. It's called a demo flight and it demo'd the ocean waaaay below us, I'll tell you.I went up with him first, then Bob, then tall Bob went up in a larger craft--a 80hp 4 stroke, so he got to go faster, higher and further. But we all had a blast and now I can't tell which pictures were tall ... read more
We're strapped in and rearing to go
We're off
Lots of wide open beach

North America » Mexico » Jalisco February 22nd 2014

Geo: 20.4156, -103.664We're back to Villa Corona tonight to pack up and leave for the coast in the morning. We're sad to leave Casa Esperanza. We had such a great time with her we could easily have stayed a month.Maybe next year. This evening Bob and Donna and I walked over to the lake to watch the Roseate Spoonbills gather in the marches. Their bright pink plumage makes you think flamingo.I'm adding some pictures of our drive from Guadalajara to the coast because they just seem to go here, even though they're actually from the next day.... read more
Construction equipment gets really close
Sugar cane piled about as high as possible
Avocado trees--we think

North America » Mexico » Jalisco » Melaque February 16th 2014

Geo: 19.2247, -104.703Lounging at the pool Saturday we heard about a Mexican fiesta the next night there at the restaurant. With dancers and "especial Dinner" of Mexican tacos, we were in! We LOVE folk dancing whether it's Mexican or Peruvian or Thai. We love the music, the colors, the dancers--it's always great entertainment.You know how some people will always hit the museums wherever they travel--well with us it's the folk dancing. And this was a fund raiser too, so it was a chance to do a good thing. Check out the flyer tho--as much as they try, English is dang difficult for them, but then I'd hate to have to write a flyer in Spanish, either.So the four of us get duded up and walk over to the restaurant at 6:30. Starts at 6:30, right? Flyer ... read more
Cute, much too cute
A good swirl and she's off

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