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20th December 2018

Nice pics
Looks like you're having fun already.
26th May 2017

Is this the end?
Does the blog end here? What about New Orleans? What about Miami? What about manatees and Washington DC and New York? What about... Alaska?? ;)
21st December 2018

Having not looked at this since our last big trip, I hadn't noticed how unfinished I had left everything. I now plan to do it when I get. Better late than never.
8th January 2014
Rainforest Kayaking

Amazing beauty
That is a beautiful scene
8th January 2014

Cute photo
Looks like you are having fun.
5th January 2014
Quick take a photo so it looks like I'm getting kissed by a seal

otterly ridiculous
yes clearly an otter but i believe he said seal at the time?
3rd January 2014
Quick take a photo so it looks like I'm getting kissed by a seal

But that is the visage of an otter!
29th December 2013

What happened between the 22 and 29 were you in jail or what,or seceret Bertram business Love
29th December 2013

Accident Prone
I do not know how you can keep getting injured,must come from your mothers side.Looks like you are getting to see a lot of other life styles,dont let Wayne keep taking you to those cheap food joints just in case.Lots of love hope trip keeps revealing surprizes and no more accidents
18th December 2013

good trip
From Blog: On our way :)
17th December 2013
giraffe hug

Nice photo
From Blog: NZ
17th December 2013

It worked. Looking forward to reading about your adventure.
From Blog: On our way :)
27th June 2013

Putt Putt
I always enjoy going to putt putt with my family. Sounds like a fun place to visit. When I have time, I'll plan a trip with my family. We all love to play golf. Thing is, we don't have much time to do that nowadays, so we play indoors with ball targets from
23rd January 2011

you let your kids swim in that! LOL!
From Blog: Pampas
20th January 2011

you should be a travel writer!
Great pics and very impressive, I bet Wayne was stoked cause that is one of the places he really wanted to go to I think ?????
From Blog: Machu Pichu
6th January 2011

have fun Lindsey
$12 each for zipline. Banos is great fun. You will love Ecuador
From Blog: Biking in Banos
6th January 2011

I'm going to Ecuador and I want to do THAT!
Hi there, How much do they charge for the zip line?? My partner and I are heading to Ecuador in February, and Banos is on the top of our list, thanks to a friend who visited there while studying abroad. I love your blog!
From Blog: Biking in Banos
1st January 2011

A Nice Day
Christmas Day was fun. Especially children and young people. They are very fond of presents and shopping and tours.
1st January 2011

Thank you for sharing
Very nice photos.
24th December 2010

It looks like you are having an amazing time! Thank you for sharing with us. Wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas! Best wishes that you continue enjoying your amazing journey together. :-)
23rd December 2010

What an amazing time you guys are having.Beautiful photos.Thanks for sharing your journey,so wish I could do what you're doing.Merry christmas to you all.
23rd December 2010

Hope you get this lots of love and cuddles for xmass don't forget to put up your stockings LoveXXXXX pop mum
From Blog: Galapagos 4
22nd December 2010

Merry Xmas Bertrams
We have been enjoying your travel blogs and adventures so far with more to come (what's a blue-footed booby, reminds me of a trip I once went on :]). Just wanted to wish you all a very merry xmas and new year. Looking forward to catching up upon your safe return. xoxo
21st December 2010

Looks and sounds like you guys are having the most amazing time whih is awesome to hear! What can I say except im sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo jealous and miss you!
From Blog: hakuna matata
15th December 2010

its us
wow wow wow you love getting on rides and getting wet dont you sonya, we are very impressed, hubby looks great in pattern and pattern ( that was michelles comment of course) rocket says hi ,and its hard to think of things to say on the spur of the moment, last day with the kids here today xmas on its way, I am missing you here sonya (lea)Poor Erin not well - Uvitis- Infection of some discription in the eyes could take up to 3 weeks to settle , quite serious actually.looking forward to drinks and stories when you all come home ......stay safe and smiling, you all look very happy.What irreplaceable memories and photos ....we are all soooooo jealous .... love from all of us at school.
From Blog: So much agua!

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