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Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok September 16th 2010

When you enter Thailand overland you only get a 15 entry visa so for the first time we had to be really picky with where we visited and for how long, breaking with our habit of getting stuck nice places for longer than we expect. Koh phayam is the kind of place you either stumble on while being adventerous, or in our case, get told by a friend that you simply must visit. September is height of the monsoon season so prices are lower everywhere and most popular spots are nearly empty. At phayam, the kilometers of crisp beach were dead empty; we saw only 3 other people on the beach in the 4 days we spent here. We arrived via ferry to the island and were quite hungry so stopped at the first place that ... read more

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Krabi August 31st 2010

The weekends at PP are always busy. Many people who read the same article Jenna and I saw in the newspaper have come to visit or plan to in the future. Even in the time we visited there were phone calls every day with inquiries about the homestay... the word is out! The visitors were all just so pleased to be in some real wilderness and eating so well. There is also a group of folks who come up from Kuala Lumpur most weekends to get away from the city. It is such a diverse group, most of whom are working in KL on visas and many of them warned jenna and i about "getting stuck" in Malaysia and how many of them never really planned to stay so long. Week 2 was much hotter, dryer, ... read more

Asia » Malaysia » Perak August 27th 2010

It may seem funny when half way around the world to go back to the work we left in Canada but the 2 weeks we spent up in the highland jungle were stellar. Permaculture perak farm is a small operation run by a czech couple in the secluded jungle near the small town of lenggong. The farm has been there for 2 years and is still developing its infrastructure as well as trying many new farming techniques. Jenna and i first heard about the farm when we were waiting in KL international airport for the morning bus just after arriving from india. There was a discarded newspaper in the seat next to us and the first article we read was about this farm and on the spot decided it was a good idea to go there. ... read more
sugar cane1
sugar cane 2

Asia » Malaysia » Pahang » Pulau Tioman August 7th 2010

Finally we are on a tropical Island... my first time but not Jenna's. Pulau Tioman is mountains with lots of jungle and is fringed on all sides with small beaches. We are at the one with the best cheap accomadation, called Air Bantang. There aren't really resorts here just lots of clusters of 10 guest houses that line the beach so everyone gets a good view. There are 6 restaurants here but they close many times daily and sometimes just close all day. Its quite relaxed to live here i suppose and as well Ramadan is beginning soon so the locals just take days off work to be more religious or something. The mosque (masjid here ) really cranks it for prayer time too with these huge loudspeakers on the minarets so we get to hear ... read more
giant clam attack!

Asia » Malaysia » Melaka » Melaka City August 7th 2010

Everyone has had a slice of dear Melaka; the dutch, portuguese, british, chinese, invading armies of islam. It is quite the colourful place, literally, the british painted the whole town red at one point to assert the place as the dutch had left every building bleach white. The food here, whenever restaurants happen to be open is varied and great. The hours suck and we often have to wander for nearly an hour to find a non-western/corporate (ie mcdonalds) place to eat. There were never any exports from Melaka so the invented themselves as a megaport and all trade routes passed through here to seek protection from the monsoon winds. Nowadays it is kinda boring and there is not much more to do other than eat and look at nice buildings. Many restaurants 0have this deal ... read more

Asia » Malaysia » Wilayah Persekutuan » Kuala Lumpur » China Town July 27th 2010

What a change in scenery! Malaysia is nothing at all like india in any way. For starters the trip from our hostel in kolkata to the airport and flight went seemlessly. Our flight was on time and the cabin was not full of screaming children. The flight was 4 hours and a bit bumpy the whole way but the turbulence was nothing compared to our original flight from NYC. We arrived at KL international around 11pm and were through customs in less than 30 minutes. they asked us zero questions and didn't even get us to declare any goods. It was so painless it could have been a ruse but it was not. We met a catalonian on our flight who is taking a similar route through peninsular malaysia, thailand, cambodia, vietnam and lao and chatted ... read more
up we go
Photo 5

Asia » India » West Bengal » Kolkata July 22nd 2010

Well i do not know if cows feel sacred but it is something i have been wondering this whole trip. Most of them are fed garbage by their owners but they get to sit down in the middle of highways and stop thousands of vehicles as they please so i am at a loss. We are in famous Calcutta/Kolkata and it is my favourite Indian city so far. Just walking around is a feast for the eyes in the older parts of the city. Chalk-a-block with amazing colonial buildings, albeit crumbling and rotting from the inside out, Kolkata oozes charm and well just lot of ooze is around. There are more people living in the street than i can remember from other cities but there is something different here. There is just so much livelinesss and ... read more
Giant Cemetery Snail
jungle graves
jungle graves

Asia » India » National Capital Territory » New Delhi July 15th 2010

We do apologize for the long break but a good computer is hard to find in these parts. For starters we are back in New Delhi and we leave for malaysia in 8 days. The last 2 weeks have been pretty uneventful but a nice change in pace. In central Himachal Pradesh there are several rivers valleys that criss cross the lower himalayas. As we had 3 weeks until our train booking we decided to venture off the main routes to visit some mountain towns. The Parvati River valley courses strong as thousands of little streams and rivers fed by the mountains supply it with fresh freezing melt water. In the town of Manikaran the river divides the community in two. One side is a massive sikh gurdwara (temple) that sits atop one of the many ... read more
Humayan tomb

Asia » India » Himachal Pradesh » Manali June 28th 2010

We are still sitting at 1500m above sea level here in Manali but compared to the areas we just left the air is thick and moist and the sun a little less close. Completing the himalayan circuit through Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh is a test of your tailbone. The only roads that switchback through the terrain are barely roads and would never be legal or open in any western country. In the course of our circuit we traversed the 2nd and 3rd highest motorable roads in the world. The highest one is out of the way and expensive to visit and only 300 meters higher than number 2. At the peak of Chang La, 3rd highest, the military that guard and maintain the area give you a free cup of chai and try to get you ... read more

Asia » India » Jammu & Kashmir » Ladakh » Leh June 17th 2010

The internet gets a little sketchy above 3000m elevation. Not only the internet but so does electricity, food, air, and roads. We are in the city of Leh which is the kind of place that has signs on every building; "world's highest gas pump", "worlds highest bank ATM" etc. The mode of life is so different up here. The growing season is less than 4 months and this area is considered a desert as there is less than 15cm of precipitation a year. So its a desert but we are surrounded on all sides by snow capped mountains that peak out over 4000m. Everything needs to be shipped that cannot be produced but the road access is extremely limited. Right now there is one road open to Leh and it is a 20 hour drive to ... read more

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