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Europe » France June 29th 2012

Geo: 43.1445, 0.116667 We woke to the sound of the bakery delivery van out front, with fresh bread and croissants for our breakfast. We were joined again by Mick and Jeff for a wonderful breakfast including serveral of Belinda's home made jams. After breakfast Mick and Jeff departed in the mist for Carcassonne, while we suited up for a day ride to Col du Tourmalet and some of the villages in the Pyrenees National Forrest,led by Phil. Our day was an amazing experience of wonder roads and sights, climbing up and down the Col du Tourmalet where one of the legs of this year's Tour de France will be held. It's an amazing road for a motorcycle, and even more so for the numerous cyclists we passed along the way. The view from the summit was ... read more
From the top
Along the way
France's tallest waterfalls

Europe » France June 28th 2012

Geo: 43.6044, 1.44295Paul, whose home we will be "sharing" in Toulouse met us at the airport just before noon to temperatures in the upper 90's. We did the full tour or his wonderful home, and unpacked luggage items we would not be taking with us on the road for the first part of our trip. Paul also gave us a short walking tour of the surrounding neighborhood so we could find some of the essentials like market, wine store, brasserie, etc. The process of installing tank bag, luggage, and Hit Air vest connectors was more complicated than planned. After about an hour, we finally got the R1100RS all loaded, put on all the gear and headed out for Vielle Adour, our first night's stay in France as Paul watched us navigate the road construction on his ... read more
Our room at the B&B in Vielle Adour
Our B&B
Typical village scene

Europe » Belgium » Brussels-Capital Region » Brussels June 28th 2012

Geo: 50.8371, 4.36761Arrived at Brussels airport after a restless night compounded by a large video screen two rows in front of us that played movies all night long, punctuated by someone hitting the call button every few minutes. Getting thru passport control required working our way thru a confusing queue that seemed to stretch the whole length of the concourse. The line moved fairly fast, and eventually they let us in the country. Brussels is a huge airport with few directories to find things like ATMs and restrooms, and no Wi-Fi. We were able to relax a little while before our flight to Toulouse.... read more

North America » United States » California » Sacramento June 27th 2012

Geo: 38.579, -121.491We had an easy drive to Sacramento Int'l Airport (probably because we left at 5 am) under clear, blue skies. After checking in our bags, we waited with our fingers crossed for the TSA screeners to let us know that our inflatable motorcycle “Hit Air” safety vests would be okay in checked luggage. Just when I thought we could relax I ended up getting the full Monty at the security check and had to undergo a pat down search. (Travel tip: take everything out of your pockets and don't wear a ball cap thru the scanner.) Finally, we were ready to roll. After a quick breakfast, we boarded our US Airways flight to Philadelphia. It was basically a no-frills “cattle car” flight, but we had decent leg room and an uneventful 5 hour flight. ... read more

Geo: 39.9522, -75.1624We arrived in Philly to balmy, sunnyweather, fairly relaxed and rested. Entering the older Concourse B,we found it fairly congested, and crammed with food venders. We hiked over to the International Terminal A (new and spacious) andfound the departure gate for the next leg of our trip. Then we had just enough time to hit the Vino Volo wine bar for a quick glass of Spanish Tempranillo (Janet had a New Zealand Savignon Blanc) and a chicken salad before our flight to Brussels. We boarded our 767 and settled in for the 7 hour flight across the Atlantic and some sleep.... read more

Geo: 39.2193, -121.059 Last year, a friend of ours went to Spain on a motorcycle tour of the Pyrenees. His stories and pictures were just awesome! This got us thinking about maybe returning to France for a similar trip sometime soon. As luck would have it, a co-worker of Janet's who happens to live in France was visiting the company headquarters here in Nevada City late last year. During the course of their discussions, he indicated that he wanted to bring his family over for a vacation in Northern California. The seeds of an idea blossomed between the two for doing a "house swap." After several months of discussion and trying to sync schedules, we were finally able to work out the details. We'll get to stay in their home in Toulouse while they take over ... read more

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