Cheryl Becwar


Cheryl Becwar

Europe » Spain » Galicia September 18th 2019

The owner of the hotel Morgade allowed our group to see the locked stone chapel on the property that is normally locked. The previous owner was a priest who was given a share of land and had the chapel. From there. We headed off for the day and stopped at a little donativo ( place that has fruit and homemade treats out for a donation) We were to then walk in silence for a half hour as a group before separating. I somehow ended way in-front of the group but the walk was well marked and easy. Before I knew it was 5 miles and the vegetarian restaurant. I sat for quite a while and slowly other from the group made there way in to the courtyard seating area. The veggie burger was yummy. A ... read more

Europe » Spain » Galicia September 15th 2019

Sunday happen to coincide with one of the stages of the Tour de Spain in Madrid and much was being closed down in coy center. Luckily we were about to get the bus in for a quick departure. It was scout a 100 km drive to Avila which is a world heritage site. We first see the city from a place called the 4 pillars. This also is a spectacular view of the outer walls of the city. At one time Jews, Christians and Muslims all lived in the city. Our first stop is the convent where Saint Theresa spent 27 years of her life. You could see where she lived, took confession, and had multiple visions of Jesus. She was born in Avila in 1515 and died here also. The Spiritual energy was amazing ... read more

North America September 10th 2019

So this is my test post to see how this blog works. Stay tuned as I will start blogging once I get to Spain depending on internet access. Gary is home in case you need something and he can get in touch with me. I will post, but hoping to otherwise stay off social media and am only taking my phone. I am going on Pilgrimage to walk a small part of the "El Camino de Campostella" an ancient pilgrimage walk that at one time St. Francis' among many thousands of people have ventured.... read more

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