Europe » Czech Republic August 29th 2012

Traveling through 15 countries in three months was never really the plan but as oft laid plans often happen, they went astray. I hope you enjoy sharing this adventure with me through words and pictures. This journey is actually threefold beginning in Vienna with car camping south into Croatia, Montenegro, Albania and Bosnia for two weeks. Words simply cannot describe the incredible beauty we found at the Plitvicka Jerera National Park in Croatia. It's fame arises from the multitude of lakes and waterfalls, falling from tier to tier with water so clear it looks like the Carribean. We thought it would be difficult to find other treasures in a country that suffered so much only a few years ago. We were wrong. The coast shares the same waters of Greece and offers many islands to explore ... read more
Music is everywhere
free flow

Asia » Thailand » North-East Thailand » Khon Kaen December 16th 2010

This will be my final blog from Thailand. After much consideration, I've decided to end my Peace Corps service a few months early. The timing seems right; the Living History of Ponetong has been published and now distributed (yes, yes, your copies are in the mail), the Ban Nongyarangka community library is a reality with open doors and eager participants and I am now a married woman and must go home to a very patient husband. It is always bittersweet to say goodbye. This place became my home and the people surrounding me, my family. Like a family they watched over me to make sure I was safe, brought me food and stood on the sidelines quietly waiting if I needed help. I will sorely miss them. I will also miss the sound of people constantly ... read more
Many in attendance
Mr Domrong and I match
Kids reading at the library

Asia » Thailand » North-East Thailand » Khon Kaen December 4th 2010

If ever I dreamed of being a princess, that dream came true on November 20, 2011. It was a fairytale event when I married Robert David Williamson. The day began at 0400 when we were roused from bed for our early morning hair and makeup appointment. Looking, but not feeling wide eyed and beautiful at 0600 we were whisked off to my ban (house) where we were greeted by village guests, then ushered upstairs where nine monks awaited, reciting pali chants to bless the union. We offered food and money to the monks before going downstairs for the white thread ceremony, called phiti bai sri su kwan. Each guest tied a string around our wrist as they gave us good wishes. The coiled string was placed on our heads and water poured on our hands using ... read more
Early morning arrival
Waiting for merit
Candle lightening

Asia » Thailand » North-East Thailand November 2nd 2010

The months, weeks, days past are just a blur as I now look forward to my impending marriage. November 20th is just a short couple of weeks away and the tension and busy activities I would normally be involved in, have been entirely taken over by my village. Every detail is being attended to; the elephants scheduled, the marching band at ready, the clothing we wear and the food we eat. We are like actors in a play; the script written, the choreography complete. We just need to wake at 4am and the orchestra will begin to play. These are the words of Dr John Williams, Peace Corps Thailand's Country Director.... "I have no doubt that your wedding will go down as one of the highlights, not just of your service, but of Peace Corps Thailand’s ... read more
Just a glimpse of the 'wall'
The enormity is overwhelming
It exists on every ridge

Asia » Thailand » North-East Thailand » Khon Kaen August 28th 2010

It's been raining most of the day and one would think it has cooled enough to be comfortable in front of the computer. It most certainly is, as long as the fan at my side rotates at 45,000 rpms and quickly oscillates back to me. 98% humidity, prickly heat and gecko poop, are a few of the things I will not miss about Thailand. However, it's been fun sharing these things with family that's come by to visit. My brothers Bruce and David were here in July and with a rental car at our disposal, we covered a considerable distant in a few days. Of course it was not without it's challenges and costs. Not everyone has the privilege of getting a ticket as they are exiting a highway toll booth for not wearing a seat ... read more
Jomtien Beach
On Top of the World
Famous for it's tulip type flower

Asia » Thailand » North-East Thailand » Khon Kaen July 5th 2010

Quick update on the past couple of months...I guess it has been that long. Eight months to go and I'm counting because I've got things to do and places to go in that short time. Two years ago I never would have made that statement...eight months, a short time! Here's the deal...I've completed 'The Book' and am now editing it, I've been redoing the school library and will soon begin building the Community Library. Not from the ground up, the building is there but it will have to be painted and redesigned. Everything in Thailand needs to be painted! Then we need to get books, more books and even more books. Do you know how expensive books are? Of course you do , you're all Americans. Money is always the biggest challenge and what we are ... read more
Colorful masks
Too hot!
Spirits and Ghosts

Asia » Thailand » North-East Thailand » Khon Kaen May 21st 2010

I’m sure most blogs coming out of Thailand are filled with talk of civil war and glimpses of Bangkok burning. I want to reassure you that the rest of the country is not under siege. Granted, there have been some isolated incidents, in a few outlying provinces, of demonstrations and fire setting. If my village is any example, without TV most people would not be aware of the turmoil. That is not to say that they are unaware of the troubles festering in the country. On the contrary, there are many poor and disadvantaged people here who have been snubbed for generations by their government. Isan, the region in which I live, is by far the poorest area in Thailand. Many of the UDD (Red Shirts) have come from here. I believe, and this is only ... read more
Furniture carver in Thailand
A world apart
Hey I'm the tourist here!!!!

Asia » Thailand » North-East Thailand » Khon Kaen April 25th 2010

Its summer time in Thailand and it’s hot and humid (hovering around the 100 degree mark). School is out till the middle of May and we PCV’s are going on holiday! Yeah, I know what a lot of you are thinking….Lynda needs another vacation? Ahhhh, give me a break, it’s mentally fatiguing being a volunteer! My co-worker and closest Thai friend, Nitaya, came along to have the experience of traveling with Americans. So Pat, Janet, David (Janet’s visiting brother) Nitaya and I headed to Koh Chaang, an island on the eastern side of the Gulf of Thailand. Nitaya and I then headed to the mainland and stayed several days at a resort nestled in the mangroves. Five days were also spent in Bangkok taking care of business. Yes, we actually mixed business with pleasure. During the ... read more
Whats Thailand without an
Koh Chaang

Asia » Thailand » North-East Thailand » Khon Kaen March 20th 2010

How can this be…where have the days flown, the hours ticked away and the minutes disappeared to? Its official, I’m in my second year of Peace Corps service and on the down side to home. Two weeks ago I hosted four incoming trainees and really felt like an old timer giving them a pep talk about the blips and bumps of the first year. Things are pretty laid back for me now and I can reflect on some of my accomplishments and disappointments. My biggest accomplishment came as a surprise and I still have trouble taking credit for any of it. This past Friday was an award day at the Muang (the main city in the province). Eight of my students were awarded gold medals for excellence in English. This was the FIRST year that any ... read more
Thailand Completed
Beginning the Solar System
And in the Beginning....

Asia » Thailand » North-East Thailand » Khon Kaen January 20th 2010

My first blog of the New Year 2010. It was sweet going home and spending two and half weeks with family and friends. Now it's time to get serious about my Peace Corps work and really making a difference...I'm on the other side of the slope, only a year to go. It seems several people are thinking the same thing and are making plans to come visit me. I'm definitely looking forward to being the tour guide...come on over! I returned to my site to find that my elderly neighbor was on her death bed. I know most people don't like to talk about death but here it is viewed in a different light. Family and friends gathered around when she no longer took food or drink and kept a constant vigil. Within days she quietly ... read more
Making merit
Assorted pots and pans
Collecting flowers

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