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Azille Roos

Travel Blog of Azille Roos during her employment as a hair stylist on various cruise ships starting on the 30th of January 2011.
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Remaining until returning to South Africa for 2 months!

I had to go the mall to go buy all my supplies, toiletries etc. before the crossing because Europe is really expensive. I had some nice Mexican food for lunch...I love Mexican food???? The Taxi driver took us to the wrong port at first, we almost missed our ship, just got back in time! Puerto Rico is beautiful, I will load some pictures asap. ... read more

We had karaoke again last night at back deck, we had so much fun!!! I went to the spa for a treatment in the morning. Priscila, Nathi, Oscar, Enrique (Mexico) and I went to Paradise point again, had some nice lunch up there, Paradise point has the most stunning view! It was a little sad though, because it was the last time we were at that port before we cross over to the Med. After Paradise point we all went to Senor Frogs. Senor Frogs (Restaurant) is basically in every port, so we always go to them, just to experience all of them. We swam in the pool, had a cocktail, and then we had to go back to work again. ... read more

North America » Mexico » Quintana Roo March 16th 2011

Priscila and I finally had the evening off. Rikus (SA), Sebastian (Colombia), Priscila and I went out to Senor Frogs again and had some good lunch. We had to be back on board by 5pm. We went to go watch the Ice Show in Studio B the Ice rink, it was so amazing...some of the best skaters in the world! I made a booking for us at one of the restaurants on board called Portifinos at 9:30. It was soooooooooooo good, we each had an appetizer, main meal and dessert, and strangely enough… our waitress was South African. We all went to Back Deck afterwards, there was a crew party for our 200th cruise! ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Haiti » Labadee March 11th 2011

Kayleigh (English) and I had a nice chilled beach day in Labadee, and had some good lunch. We just lay in the sun the whole day relaxed and I had my first Labadoozie (cocktail)…. Yum yum! ... read more

Priscila (Spanish) and I went out to St. Maarten, we wanted to go to the beach but it was drizzling. We quickly went to the store, and then to a bar called La Taverne, we had a St. Maarten cocktail. We then met Oscar (India) for lunch… so good to eat something other than the ship's food!!! Went to the beach after that, and then had to head back to the ship. ... read more

North America » Mexico » Quintana Roo March 2nd 2011

Time-Off again... We (4 South Africans) took a taxi to the beach and just relaxed on the sun beds, the water is so clear; you can see the fish swim around you while you’re in the water. We then went to Senor Frogs Restaurant again for lunch and connected to the internet, I was busy trying to load pictures and get onto skype, and then my laptop’s battery died...How ironic?!?! Had to be back at work by 2pm. The rest of the evening was quiet at work... ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Belize March 1st 2011

I had the morning off in Belize, but we do not dock at a port, there are Tenders that pick up all the guests and crew, and it takes about half an hour to get to the port. Because of this reason I chose not to get off as I realy wanted to rest. I woke up around 10am, went up to Deck 13 and went sun-bathing on a deck-chair and had some ME time, I then went for lunch, and after that I went back to my cabin and watched a movie. It was nice to just rest for a change. Belize is beautiful though, I’ll get off there next time and take some pictures. ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Puerto Rico » San Juan February 24th 2011

Population Puerto Rico : 4mill San Juan 1.5mill Puerto Rico has some of the best coffee in the world! Tourism is one of the main income sources. I went to the mall to go buy a few things and then one of my friends and I went for lunch at Senor Frogs. The Mall looks brand new, and quite impressive. We did not have enough time to do some sight-seeing, and I didn't get to take any pictures either. Back to work at 2pm and didn't stop working until 10pm since it was formal night again, and everyone wants their hair done before their dinner seating... ... read more

19 Feb : Miami I went out to downtown Miami, I spoke to my brother Juan, but he was working, so we couldn't meet, will hopefully meet next week Sunday. There are crew shuttle busses that take you to and from the Port. I bought a phone and a simcard to use onboard. I also got some prices for a laptop so that i can finally load some pictures on my blog and Facebook for you all to see. We were very busy at work! The next two sea-days were crazy, non-stop guests from 8am to 10pm. The water was quite rough, and for the first time I felt a little sea sick. I am struggling a little with back pain from the hours that we work, but I had acupuncture after our second sea-day, and ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Jamaica » Ocho Rios February 15th 2011

Jamaica is beautiful, Ocho Rios is tropical and I’ve never seen such clear waters! You can see to the bottom of the ocean! Ocho Rio's population: 14,000, Jamaica: 2.7mill. Jamaicans are generally Farmers or Teachers. They have two school sessions, one in the morning and one in the afternoon, because there are just too many kids. Tamara(Serbia) and I went to a beach called Mahogany Bay, (I will add some pictures soon) did some kayaking and just spent the rest of the time swimming. We were also in Nassau, Bahamas, but I was working, so I couldn't get off, but it is just as beautiful there, can't wait to have my day off in Nassau ... read more

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