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Ashleigh and Albert

A couple from Canberra, Australia, wishing to travel and see as much of the world as we can with no time limit in our sights. We will travel and explore at a snail's pace, doing a country, or an area of the world a year, and choosing where we go at random. We will be recording our journey and our travels along the way. 2015/2016 - Austria, 2016/2017 - Melbourne, Australia, 2018 - Tasmania, Australia

Oceania » Australia » Tasmania » Cradle Mountain April 14th 2018

It has been a dreary old day up here in Cradle Mountain, with the weather keeping us from doing a lot of things. We had a 7am start as breakfast isn’t ready until 8 here, so there was no point in being ready early with nothing to do an nowhere to go. It had rained for the majority of the night, and being beneath a tin roof made for a restless and unpleasant night’s sleep. Breakfast was quite nice with an assortment of cooked food and continental, and as it’s a small place, we saw almost everyone we saw at dinner the night before. Here, faces begin to become familiar. After breakfast, we headed out to our first stop, which was going to be Tasmazia – at the time of being built in the 1980s, it ... read more
Jokes galore
One of many jokes in the maze
which direction do we go

Oceania » Australia » Tasmania » Hobart April 13th 2018

I sit here in the complete warmth in our tiny cabin, locked away in the complete wilderness of Tasmania. It’s wet, cold and dark outside, but for a couple that don’t really like being away from civilisation, we find the Lemonthyme Wilderness Retreat to be very nice. Waking up this morning to a bright and sunny Hobart was a bit disappointing. Our only full day yesterday had been wet and miserable, so of course the day we were due to leave there was hardly a cloud in the sky. It was a slow start, as we weren’t entirely sure what we were going to do today. We knew the drive to Cradle Mountain was the longest of the trip, yet at the same time, there was still some more of Hobart to see. Debating over breakfast ... read more
View from MONA
Tattoo Tim
Egyptian inscriptions

Oceania » Australia » Tasmania » Richmond April 12th 2018

We came to Hobart at the perfect time... not! Our only full day here and it poured with rain for all of it, and the weather struggled to get over 15 degrees Celsius at its warmest. The warmth the rest of the country seems to be getting makes me jealous. What made it even harder was the comfortable bed we woke up in this morning, and that I was suffering from neck and back pain. Breakfast was in the restaurant this morning, and although pricey, offered a wide selection of cooked food, cold meats and cheeses, as well as your typical cereals, fruit, yoghurt and toast. Considering we're on holiday, we paid for the breakfast, though when we book hotels ourselves, we usually select the breakfast option when booking our room! By 9, we were ready ... read more
'Flogging Yard'
Convicts were put here to be 'flogged'
Bridge in the background

Oceania » Australia » Tasmania » Hobart April 11th 2018

According to the weather report this morning, parts of Australia were expecting uncharacteristic heatwaves for April. Well, I can assure you that is definitely not being felt down here in Hobart, where the people are layered up to keep out the bitter chill in the air. Today is definitely the coolest day we've had, and the first day I've needed my coat outside. So far, our experience of Hobart is that it's a lovely city, bustling with locals and tourists, though not to the degree of Sydney or Melbourne. It's fairly easy to navigate, even for total newbies. And there is a beautiful harbour just over the road where boats come and go (or sit). It's really a wonderful place to be. We started our morning around 7 this morning, being in no rush to get ... read more
Original garden
Inside the stone church

Oceania » Australia » Tasmania » Port Arthur April 10th 2018

We were up early again today as we had a three hour drive to Port Arthur and wanted to arrive early. Like yesterday, we went down for breakfast before checking out and getting on our way down south. It was proving to be a lovely drive with an interesting coast line and stunning beaches to admire on the way. There are some beautiful coastal towns to drive through and see. We stopped in a small town called Swansea for petrol and to post a letter at the post office, before we were on our way again. It was just past a town called Orford when things started to get a little rocky – literally. This whole trip we have been following our GPS, which has gotten us around quite nicely. And, as I write this from ... read more
Port Arthur Historic Site
Mill/convict jail
Ashleigh by the Commandant's house

This morning was difficult to get out of bed. Not because we were tired, but because the bed was extremely comfortable and we were very warm. We were woken around 5:45 by a loud crash outside, and after a moment, realised it was one of the deck chairs crashing over as it was very windy outside – not a comforting thought when your whole accommodation is in the middle of a national park with an abundance of very tall trees. By then, we were wide awake, but stayed in bed until our alarm went off an hour later. After showering, we went down to breakfast, which was covered in the cost of our accommodation, so we didn’t need to pay any extra. It was your typical selection of hot and cold food most hotels provide for ... read more
The back of the boat
Lunch stop
Fur seals

Today we learnt what it was like having a rushed booking. This evening, long after it had occurred, we realised we’d missed one of the tours our agent had organised for us! And, because we were a day behind, almost didn’t realise we had one tomorrow, as we thought it was the following day. At least we know now! Anyway, apart from that realisation this evening, our day was quite nice. We woke up to our alarm at 7:15 after a very good night’s sleep in our Launceston hotel. The bed was comfy and we were both very tired still from the boat trip over. After showering and packing, we went downstairs for breakfast in the dining room. It was your standard hot food and cereals and fruits, though we were confused on what we could ... read more
Puzzle for everyone at Freycinet Lodge
View of Richardsons Beach below
Ashleigh and a wallaby

Oceania » Australia » Tasmania » Launceston April 7th 2018

Our day started with an early 5:15 wake-up call by the captain of the ship. We were due to arrive in Devonport at 5:30 and passengers were to disembark by 5:50. It wasn’t the best night’s sleep we’ve ever had, though it wasn’t awful. We went to bed just as we exited Port Melbourne and almost immediately after that, the trip became a little rockier. I’m lucky and don’t get sea sick, but Albert felt a little queasy and was determined to fall asleep quickly in order to avoid being sick. It was a little more difficult for me to fall asleep, but eventually we did, and after that it wasn’t an awful night. By about 5:20, we were up and busy packing. Our cabin’s shower left little to be desired with only a few moments ... read more
On the river cruise
Devonport, 5:30am
On the river cruise 2

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne » Port Melbourne April 6th 2018

This time a week ago, we were under the impression that we would be on board a Royal Caribbean cruise ship, on our way to New Zealand. Then, the upsetting news came on Tuesday that our cruise had been cancelled. We were quite upset and unsure what to do. This was our honeymoon, we’d booked it months in advance and were already packed. We were just counting down the days. So, after a few tears and some helpful alternatives from our travel agent, we decided on a spontaneous plan B – Tasmania. In 12 hours, our wonderful travel agent used our refunded money from Royal Caribbean to plan an 8 day honeymoon travelling around Tasmania. This is a place neither of us have been, and to those of us all living on the mainland of Australia, ... read more
Spirit of Tasmania
On Deck 7

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Burwood January 5th 2017

Today was something Ashleigh had been wanting to do for her last few visits to Melbourne, but never got the chance in the past - visit the Neighbours street and set. Well, today was the day. When we booked, the tour specifically said that it was a tour to the street only, with a bonus of getting photos with a past or present cast member. They only do set tours on the weekend, and we couldn't go, but we were aware of that when we booked. There is a specific building on Flinders St, dedicated to the Neighbours tour (as well as a few others the company does, but the sign advertises neighbours). We'd seen it a previous day by accident, so we knew where to go. It was still a near 30 minute walk from ... read more
Handywoman set
Erinsborough sign
Ashleigh by the Erinsborough sign

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