Amy Randall


Amy Randall

I studied abroad in France for the 2009-2010 academic year, and will be going to Mexico for the fall semester of 2013! I have been practicing my Spanish this summer, and hopefully I will come home with some credits and an amAAAzing experience! Thank you to my parents, who allowed me this opportunity, and to my friends for their continuing support!

North America » Mexico » Puebla » Puebla City October 8th 2013

Yes, this happened in September, and I am behind. I apologize We left at about a quarter to seven in the morning. In the morning. I was not a happy camper. But I slept most of the way there, so it was alright I guess. It took about 2 ½ hours to get there, and most of the journey was through the mountains, on a two-lane highway, with quite a bit of traffic. Puebla and the small community next to it named Cholula, are well known for having many churches. There is a myth that the area has 365 different churches, one for every day of the year. In reality there are about 90 all totaled. Still quite a few for an area this size. I am sure that there are more bars though. Just like ... read more
At the Church!
Power pose!

North America » Mexico » Guerrero » Chilpancingo September 18th 2013

Well, this weekend was certainly eventful. Where to start? I was invited by a friend, Paula, to her house for the weekend for her birthday party. Her family lives in Chilpancingo, which is the capital of the state of Guerrero. We went by bus from Cuernavaca to Chilpancingo, a trip of about 3 hours. We left Friday night. When we got there, it was around eight, and Anthony (an American, from New York) and I mentioned that we would like to eat :). Paula and her family brought us to a church event. Quick explanation, September 15 is the Independence Day of Mexico. The entire weekend, there were parties and general rowdyness. So, we were at this church sponsored Independence Day event, and there was dancing and music and free food. This is, I was told, ... read more
Anthony and Paula
Party setup!

North America » Mexico » Estado de Mexico » Teotihuacán August 25th 2013

Wow what a day! Well, even though it was pretty cool the whole day and it was mostly cloudy, I got sunburned...figures. Anyway, we had an amazing tour guide named Bernard, who was 82, but he looked and acted like a guy in his fifties! Or better, I mean, he was climbing the stairs of the pyramids better than any of us! Although, he did pass on the Pyramid of the Sun, I think because the steps are fairly steep in spots. The pyramids of Teotihuacan are not quite what people imagine them to be...they are better :) The ancient peoples (Mexica) of Mexico, who called themselves Mexica, not Aztec (this word is wrongly used, as it was given to the people by a german. WRONG. These people had an extremely elaborate system of time and ... read more
Where Pulque comes from...
Temple of the Sun and Moon

North America » Mexico August 24th 2013

Wahoo!!! Well it was a crazy day! But I made it! According to my quick notes list that I took on my Kindle on the way down: On the flight from Minneapolis to Atlanta - there was a super annoying black woman complaining about how apparently everyone in the world is out to get her, apparently I freaked out for nothing over the overweight bags fee, as my bag was 51 lbs and I guess when you're going to Mexico they don't charge for that extra pound. My mom's bathroom scale was off by about 4 lbs, otherwise I would have been accurate I suppose. On the flight from Atlanta to Mexico - I sat next to a very pleasant north African couple and we had a very pleasant conversation in French before everyone on the ... read more
My room!

North America » United States » Wisconsin » River Falls August 13th 2013

Well I leave for my study abroad in just over a week! I spent all day yesterday taking pictures of my university's campus. There is a lot of construction going on, but that happens every year, so I shouldn't be surprised. I tried to get the best of the main areas of campus. I have no idea what my university will be like in Mexico, so I am mostly trying to show people how open and green it is! I know I will be in a city of 400,000 people, which will be the biggest city I have lived in so far! I am not sure what the campus is really like, although I could google search it, I want it to be a surprise! I am so excited to go on this new adventure! I ... read more
University Center (UC)
Heritage Hall

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