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6th July 2013

hi anna
grandma is watching your adventures
6th June 2013

All pix are very good
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3rd August 2011

I don't have any info for you about that. Good luck!
From Blog: Vera Cruz
23rd June 2011

travel to cuba/ return
i am interested in water travel (ferry) to cuba and air travel....... thank you for any info. bob
From Blog: Vera Cruz
13th January 2010

Hi Derek! I would be happy to talk to you about my woofing experience in Argentina - it was nothing short of incredible! I've met people who had great experiences at some farms, not so great experiences at others - it seems to be a country you have to be especially careful in picking a farm in. I'll get that blog post finished one of these days soon. As far as other work is concerned, Chile is a good place to work and a work visa is free and easy to get with an American passport, so keep that in mind (I had some experience with this too). In the mean time, send me a private message with your email so I can give you some more info, and check out these TravelBlog forum posts: Best wishes! -Anna
12th January 2010

Quick Question
Hey Randomly came across your blog as I was looking into volunteering in Argentina. Just wondering how your WWOOFing experience was. Ive lived in Spain the past four years and am thinking about heading to South America and Argentina in particular. If you have any advice for an american looking for work or volunteering down there, please let me know. Great Blog Derek
26th December 2009

Hostel recommendation?
I was wondering what hostel you stayed in, and if you would recommend it to stay a couple days upon our arrival to Argentina before heading south. Muchas gracias!
21st December 2009

Hey! I have been there!! Last year I went to Argentina for the first time and rented an apartment in buenos aires near the downtown and visited La Boca and Caminito! I had so much fun! I hope I can go back. Tiffany
5th December 2009

La historia interesant !!!
Beautiful photos ! I also was there in montevideo y punta del este during some of that stormfront that passed thru ! i never thought the rio plate could get so ferociously dangerous during the storm ! At one point i was certain we all were going swimming that nite when buquebus lifted and rolled down an incredible swell ! So happy to spend time with my new Uruguayan family ! Beautiful people !!! Beautiful country ! Thank you !! Esteban
17th August 2009

hey! take care
hey! I think we have a head and we can think so... if this happens now, I mean, the porcine flu, I think nobody should go away of home! it's dangerous!, and specially nobady should travel to other contries! ... it's LOL! all the people is nervous about the porcine flu And I say to everyone: please take care! and if you have flu is necessary wear the masks! ;) bye!!
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15th June 2009

Beautiful and safe city!
I loved this city and is surrounded by beautiful charming towns, and picturesque settings perfect for day trips. I've stayed at the Tequila Sunset Hostel in downtown Morelia and I enjoyed SO should definetly visit Morelia.
From Blog: Morelia

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