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Anna Kostecke

Experiencing new places has and will continue shaped who I am. I love to discover how other people live and incorporate what I can into the amalgamation of cultures I live in. I've moved around quite a bit throughout my life and will probably continue to do so for a while. I'm especially trying to find out about local history and culture through food and drink. Enjoy and learn from my stories, and send me some feedback!

(You probably can't make out the words in my profile photo, but I'm standing with one foot on each side of the US-Mexico border here... apparently I have a lot of these photos between countries, so I'm trying to make a new tradition of it.)

Europe » Italy » Emilia-Romagna » Colorno April 19th 2010

At 7am my roommates and I headed to catch the #90 bus to school at with our luggage in tow - Michele does not travel light, towing a suitcase as big as the one I brought to Europe. The three of us were the first to arrive to the minibus that would take us out of Milan to Colorno on this nice morning. Despite hardly sleeping the night before, I was excited and energetic to be heading to the Alma cooking school for a week learning about business, food, and drink from a chef's perspective, and getting to learn some nice recipes and techniques and work in a big kitchen. There were going to be 13 of us, my whole class, and I envisioned an intense week together - maybe it will be a little like ... read more
Wine in the garden
The farm B&B

Europe » Spain » Catalonia » Girona March 11th 2010

I made it to Girona late at night and found my way from the airport bus shuttle to my hostel by the river. I had a feeling the night was a bit eerie, a very unusual cold night with of fine snow drift and low cloud cover - yes, snow! In the morning I got a map from the desk and decided to wander the city for the day. I'll take the train to Barcelona to meet Silvia when she's finished at work. I headed out across the river to walk along the old city wall. It's icy so I was a little slow on the stairs. I walked around the university buildings and saw the cathedral, then headed up to a hill with a break in the wall and found myself in a maze of ... read more
Girona (32)
Girona (48)
Girona (29)

Europe » Italy » Lombardy » Bergamo March 10th 2010

I'm on my way to Spain for a long weekend and flying out of Bergamo, about an hour's drive from Milan. Sergio offered to take me to the airport and spend a few hours showing me around this medieval town, so I very happily got a chance to come and see it, fresh snow and all! We walked around the old part of town on the top of the hill, seeing the historic churches and cute storefronts. Then we headed down an old walkway to the new part of town (below) for a quick dinner then took the funicular back up to the car. The city is quaint and has kept a lot of it's charm, even though it has also developed a lot recently due to the nearby factories and industry spreading out from Milan. ... read more
Bergamo (7)
Bergamo (14)
Pastures and vinyards near the cliffs

Europe » Germany » Hesse » Darmstadt February 14th 2010

I'm coming to Germany to see my friend Levent who lives in L.A. but was born in Germany and is visiting his brother and getting his visa renewed (and so is stranded here longer than planned). Last time I saw him in January he was helping me get my visa for Italy! Speaking no German whatsoever it is a comfort to be here with a native speaker, so we will explore together and try to explore and taste some good beer. Levent met me at the Frankfurt airport at night and we hopped on a bus to Darmstadt. It's mid-February, and it is definitely cold. After dropping off my little bag at his brother's apartment we headed out to find something to eat - most everything here closes early just like much of Europe, but Turkish ... read more
Tasting Beer in Frankfurt

Europe » Switzerland » South-East » Lugano February 6th 2010

Sergio planned a day in the northern Italian lake towns and at a chocolate factory in Switzerland with me, Kuba, and (another) Anna visiting from Poland. I was a bit concerned about the weather as we left - it was dark and foggy and it felt like it was going to rain all day - but as soon as we got outside of Milan, skies were blue and beautiful! First stop, Porto Ceresio to walk around by the lake and enjoy the fresh air and beautiful views! I can already see why Milanese leave the city each weekend - the clean air put me in a great mood right away. We continued on to nearby Lugano, finding that some roads were closed along the way. A tip to be able to drive straight on through the ... read more
Eremo di S. Caterina
Lago di Lugano
At the Chocolate Factory

Europe » Italy » Lombardy » Milan February 5th 2010

Ok - I'm way behind in publishing my blogs... I have a more from Chile on the way, but let me catch you up a bit on my latest adventures... I'm in Milan for the year! What am I doing here? I am starting business school and exploring the food and beverage industries here and in Italy and whichever other parts of Europe I can make it to this year between my busy class schedule. January 24 I made it back to the States to visit my family and friends for a few weeks in December and January in Wisconsin, Los Angeles, and Chicago, got my visa (after some headaches - those seem to be par for the course when it comes to all things regarding Italy and paper), and arrived to Milan in the dreary ... read more
The Navigli
My apartment in Milan
My room in Milan

Central America Caribbean » Panama December 17th 2009

I'm on my way back the the States after wandering the far south of South America for a while. I'm ready for something different, wandering without a place to call home is a little taxing even though it's been an incredible experience to see so many things and meet so many people, but I'm going to miss this time here and of course miss my Pablo, who may stay in Chile for a while since he doesn't have plans lined up anywhere else. It's an uncertain time in life I guess, not knowing what direction to take, and wishing there was some way to decide a path. A month ago I did make a decision that helps me plan my time for a while - I am moving to Milan for an mba, one that focuses ... read more
Clouds and ocean in Panama
Clouds and ocean in Panama

South America » Chile » Santiago Region » Santiago December 16th 2009

Santiago Dec. 14 - 16 Dec. 14 We arrived to Santiago very early in the morning and headed to the nice hostel we had made home the last times we were here, but they were booked up. We left our bags and found a nearby hotel with similar prices, but much worse facilities. We were just happy to have a place to sleep as the sun rose. After a good nap we went downtown with plans to find out options for Pablo in case he decides to stay and work at a brewery here (he's got an interview tomorrow), so we spent quite a bit of time in the immigration department building. A note, Chile is quite organized and clean with these processes from what I can tell. We had greasy Chinese vegetarian food for lunch. ... read more
Barrio Concha y Torro

South America » Chile » Araucanía » Temuco December 13th 2009

We stopped in Temuco for the day on our way up to Santiago, found our bus tickets for a night bus out of town, then headed off to see the city. It was election day! and the city was running on a funny schedule. The supermarket didn't open until 3pm. We wandered the town watching all the people out with their kids and puppies. It's been a while since I've seen mote con huesillos - it doesn't seem to be so popular in the south, so I got a cup. Back at the bus station we got sandwiches and met Hermes from Paraguay and planned to keep in touch. (Pablo has been in touch since). Now on the Santiago for my last few days here.... read more

South America » Chile » Araucanía » Villarrica December 12th 2009

Down the road from Pucón is Villa Rica, a quieter city with fewer foreigners and more local tourists. We thought it was worth our while to check it out. We arrived at lunch time and sat down for a plate of meat and rice, then walked along the lake. We stopped and sat a while, taking time to listen to a podcast from our favorite npr programs (always nice to hear and bring good memories from home), then walked some more. We checked bus ticket prices to see if buses to Santiago were cheaper leaving from here than Pucón - when you factor in getting here, they're basically the same. We also took a look though some artisan shops and a shop selling Swiss style cottage goods and cheeses (the German and Swiss influence in Chile ... read more
Cheese Shop
Villa Rica

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