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Europe » Russia » Northwest » Moscow August 2nd 2014

This entry includes details of several interesting places I saw in Moscow. Perhaps, or most likely, it will be updated. August 2 I wanted to go to Rostov on Saturday and had railway tickets. It got up not early enough, came to the train station a couple of minutes before departure, and naturally missed the train. Unfortunately, I cancelled my electronic registration of the ticket and got the printed ticket from the machine, thus losing the precious minutes. If I just had the electronic registration I’d most likely catch up with it. Instead, I tried to run as fast as I could, while the train was not yet in motion, but missed it. I fell down and scratched my knee, and was very sad, but blamed only myself. Nothing doing, I decided to do some sights ... read more
Moscow City Business Centre

Europe » Russia » Northwest » Alexandrov July 27th 2014

I took the express train to Alexandrov from Yaroslavsky Station at 9-20. It went smoothly and quickly, bypassing all the stops except Pushkino and Sergiev Posad. The seats were comfortable and the hostesses young and beautiful. The tickets for this particular train could not be bought via the numerous ticket vending machines. I had a schematic map of Alexandrov in my phone and consulted it but the map turned out not quite exact. At first, I waited for the bus to Alexandrov Sloboda at the wrong stop, then decided to walk in the wrong way, feeling instinctively that I was going the wrong way, and almost at once I figured out the correct way and decided to go on foot and take the bus if I saw it. As such, Alexandrov Sloboda is the only reason ... read more

Europe » Russia » Centre July 26th 2014

If you haven’t been to Yelets, you haven’t seen one of Russia’s old treasures. There is a list of so-called historical towns and cities, comprising forty best (from historic viewpoint) Russian curiosities. Many of them are unknown even to the average Russian. My initial plan was to visit Kineshma and Ivanovo, but, due to an unexpected job, I decided to shorten the trip and go to Yelets instead. I spent three hours in Yelets, with about one and a half hours devoted to sightseeing. I took the train from Kursky Railway Station and arrived in Yelets at 8 in the morning. There were fellow passengers in the car, young men I guess from school, who disturbed my sleep a lot by their loud talking. I do hate such persons but I cannot point out to them ... read more

Europe » Russia » Centre July 20th 2014

Living in Moscow is not easy, but extremely interesting and adds a new touch to my life. Today, I went to Kolomna, a town 100 km from Moscow, by commuter train (about 2 and a half hours). I have read about Kolomna in advance – I better not do it because I was perplexed by the name “Golutvin” (the directions were something like – take the commuter train to Golutvin station), but the nearest station is called Kolomna. Both stations are within the same town, but Kolomna seems nearer to the sights: I saw several high bell towers and church domes from the elektrichka window, and wanted to get off. However, I got off at the terminus, called Golutvin. I had to take a tram from Golutvin station to the centre. I got out of the ... read more

Europe » Finland » Pirkanmaa » Tampere July 12th 2014

I got my passport with Finnish Schengen visa by courier from the Moscow Visa Centre. They were so generous as to give me a 90 days’ visa effective till January 2, 2015. It is both excellent and somewhat disappointing because one needs heaps of money to spend all 90 days in Europe. As for me, I will try to go on organized one- or two-day trips from St. Petersburg to Finland and Estonia or Latvia, time will tell. My all plans have been suddenly changed when I received a phone call from an acquaintance of mine, a translator, telling me about a three months’ business trip to Moscow to an aviation enterprise. I am supposed to be on the premises five days a week with Sunday and Saturday for rest, and I will certainly explore the ... read more

Europe » Russia » Centre June 26th 2014

I have planned to go Novi Sad, Serbia, for the Exit Festival this year, as usual. But it so happened that I got all stupid thinking about spending much money and finally cancelled the Serbian trip. Instead, however, I found the Helsinki Summersound Festival, and a two-day dance music festival in Moscow (this all in July 2014). One thought breeds another, and I chose (reluctantly) to apply for Schengen visa and come to Helsinki for three days. I supposed it would be excellent to have a multiple entry visa and thus visit several places in the neighbouring countries, and perhaps to have the visa ready for a winter Alpine Skiing somewhere in Austria. Two weeks before application, I registered on the visa centre website for the 26th of July, 9 AM. I wanted to visit any ... read more
House in Serpukhov

Europe » Russia » Northwest June 15th 2014

Luda suggested our going for a one-day weekend excursion because she had more time for leisure (she does French lessons on Sunday). Without thinking too long, I proposed a trip to Konevets Isle. The proposal having been accepted, I bought two ‘tickets’ from the already known Pervye Linii Company. As I have already mention, I gradually visit all more or less worth-while places in the vicinity of St. Petersburg (for me ‘vicinity’ applies if a place is located not father than about 10-12 hours of drive by train or bus; however, I may extend the notion to 20-hour train journeys as well – to Kola Peninsula, for instance). Konevets Isle is located in the west of Ladoga Lake, seven kilometers from Vladimirskaya Bay, 170 kilometers from Petersburg (by water). The bus took us from Petersburg to ... read more

Europe » Russia » Northwest » Kola Peninsula May 31st 2014

Foreword To fully understand this story, we have to come back to the second half of January, to the Kola Peninsula, with its immense amounts of snow and a skiing tour in Hibiny. The full story is available in my blog. After I have returned from Hibiny, I surfed the web for almost five whole days in search of guided tours and interesting places in Russia, reading simply anything worth that came before my eyes. During my stay in Hibiny, the guide offered us a range of regional study books, one of which told about Tersky Pomors. It is that book that decided my going to the villages of Kola Peninsula. I have read a couple of passages about the old fishermen villages, and then checked out the options of public transportation. It turned out that ... read more
Tonya Tetrina
White SEa
Kuzreka Memorial

Europe » Russia » Northwest » Petrozavodsk May 30th 2014

I had booked a tour of the Tersky Coast of the Kola Peninsula, where the starting point was the town of Kandalaksha. Since the Russian Railways have altered the previous schedule (the group was to meet early in the morning, the train would arrive only by noon), I was advised either to come to Kandalaksha one day in advance (and book a hotel) or to change trains somewhere, e.g. in Petrozavodsk. I checked up the schedules and booked two convenient trains with a 6-hour period between them. I have long ago planned to visit the city, but I was compelled to cancel those attempts. I arrived in Petrozavodsk at six-forty in the morning and, having left the luggage, went for a walk. I walked energetically though feeling almost none of the former enthusiasm like in Perm ... read more
Petrozavodsk Train Station
Book Shop

Europe » Russia » Centre May 6th 2014

Having boarded the train Ufa-Moscow at about 1 o’clock in the night, I, of course, went to bed and slept until 10 in the morning. During the day, I suffered because the sun shone almost directly in my face and the window had no curtain. My travel companion this time was the excellent book by Mark Twain ‘The Innocents Abroad’. Mark Twain is one of my favourite writers, and this is almost 400 pages of pure pleasure (except the passages on religion, because I do not understand much of it). It is a must-read for any traveler. I have read about 1/3 of the book while on trains. This time I was rather attentive to what was going on around me and noticed that at a number of smaller stations (mainly villages) a couple or more ... read more

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