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Europe » Russia » Northwest » Saint Petersburg October 1st 2008

That’s 2008, September. Much time has passed since then and much has changed. I’ve spent almost the entire 2008 in St. Petersburg renting an apartment with V.B., a friend of mine, and occasionally (rather often) visited my home town. Now I am permanently residing in my home town and occasionally embark on journeys and, occasionally, visit St. Petersburg. Somewhere I have mentioned that it was in 2008 (beginning from Moscow, and St. Petersburg neighbouring towns) that I took a crazy liking to traveling. It would never occur to me to write the blog in those times, but now I have the desire to put down all my memories. In September 2008 I had emotional upsurge because I was communicating with a very pleasant girl who claimed to like me very much and we even tried to ... read more
Monument to Emperor Pavel
Dummy of the Palace
Palace Interior

Europe » Russia » Northwest » Saint Petersburg September 17th 2008

I went to Pavlovsk in September 2008 several days after visiting Pushkin. I was very astonished by the Pushkin park and the palace so I decided to visit the other parks as well. Generally, people on excursions visit both towns during one day, because they are very close to each other - but I didn’t know about it that time. Is there any difference between the parks of Pushkin and Pavlovsk? Yes, there is, but it is quite subtle. The Pavlovsk Palace is perhaps less luxurious and smaller than the Yekaterininsky Palace, and the Pavlovsk Park has more hills than the Pushkin Park and on the whole looks more forest-like, if I may say so. Also, in the Pavlovsk Park I did feel as if I were the great poet Pushkin himself, which, surprisingly, was not ... read more
A Small Bridge
The Great Stone Stairs

Europe » Russia » Northwest » Saint Petersburg September 14th 2008

This story is going to be extremely short since I visited Lomonosov in September 2008 and it was under renovation at that time and so I managed to visit only one museum (Palace of Peter III) and saw a very beautiful Pavilion of the Katalnaya Gorka (I will not try to render this mysterious name in English). One can go to Lomonosov by train and it takes about an hour or so. I guess by now most of the renovation works have been completed. I’m too lazy to find any information about it now in the internet. The park is also huge, like all the previous parks I’ve written about. There’s the Great Menshikov Palace, a wooden Palace of Peter III (it houses many items from the emperor’s time). I had a quick look at the ... read more
The Gallants' Building
Pavilion of the Chinese Kitchen
The Chinese Palace

Europe » Russia » Northwest » Saint Petersburg September 14th 2008

This time I will write about several towns in the St. Petersburg area, namely Pushkin, Pavlovsk, Lomonosov (Oranienbaum), Gatchina, Kronshtadt and Peterhof (Vyborg is also to be included here; perhaps I will go there this autumn; there are no photos available from my previous trip there). It will be quite a task to remember something, because my first trip there was in 2008. I decided not to make it into one single story (because I haven’t yet learned to use the function of making trips on this site), but the various stories should be considered together, they constitute a single entity unified by time, place and the character (small towns having large parks built by and for great Russian emperors). There will be actually little description of the towns themselves, since the major tourist attractions are ... read more
The Lower Bath
A Statue

Europe » Russia » Northwest » Saint Petersburg February 24th 2007

In this entry I will present my personal selection of my favourite St. Petersburg sights, because I've seen much here and want to share, including photos (they are so many). It's quite possible the materials might be of interest for someone. I put the date 24 February 2007 because on this day I came to Petersburg for the first time with my two friends, and am staying here, with periodic returns to my hometown, all these years. Certain places, such as Gatchina, Pushkin, Pavlovsk and some other nearby localities have been described in separate entries. There will be almost no photos from 2007, because I only had my 0.3 Mpix mobile phone camera. The first ever Petersburg sight I saw was Vosstaniya Square with its monument. It was a hard and cold day, me waiting at ... read more

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