Ulf Källén


Ulf Källén

I am 16 years old. I am studying photography and art in Sweden (Arvika, close to the norwegian border). I likes airplanes and loves to fly. If you got any question you're free to ask 😊 I got Facebook, Flightdiary and Flickr. On my Flickr I upload most of the photos aswell as other photos 😊
http://www.flickr.com/photos/63926593@N03/ 😊

Europe » Sweden » Värmland » Arvika February 19th 2012

Hi and sorry for not been active latley.. Since my last post I have been to Austria and got there by Austrian Arrows, (Fokker 100 and Dash 8Q400). Which was really great! Would love to go by Dash again, such a beautiful airplane :) And I have been planespotting at Stockholm Arlanda when the big boy Antonov An225 Mriya got there to pick up freight to Korea :) However, at the moment I got another 5 flights booked, one in just 14 days when I'm comming home from my sister by a Skyways Fokker 50 from Stockholm to Karlstad. And then I got flights booked to Prague in May, flying Lufthansa from Oslo via Munich to Prague. A319/ERJ195/ERJ195/A319. First time for me on both A319, ERJ195 and A320 so that's even moore than Awesome! at last ... read more

Europe » Norway » Eastern Norway » Moss July 19th 2011

Back from Germany, it has been a wonderful trip! Lake of Konstanz was really beautiful, clear blue/green water and the landscape in Germany with cornfields and forest's was incredible :) But now I'm home In Sweden Jössefors. The flight was awesome! We landed ONE HOUR before we were suppose to, but then we had to wait for the luggage for over one hour so it didn't matter landing earlier haha :) Again we flew with a Ryanair Boeing 737-800, it was a short flight of 1 hour 30 minutes, well, I have had a great time with my oncle :) Now I can't wait until the next trip. Me and my mum have booked flight and hotel in Austria with some of her friends, and I can't believe it! I will be flying with a Fokker ... read more

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Memmingen July 18th 2011

Woho :) Today have been a exiting day! We have visited the Zeppelin museum, it was huge! unfortunately almost all of the information was in German, so I didn't really understand, but my oncle did so he told me some things about it :) It was really cool to see all the photos and how the inside of a gigantic airshop looked like in 1930. Then we picked up our bags and took the train back to Memmingen and walked around in the city there, it was really beautiful, I liked it :) We took the bus to our hotel. Then we took a walk to the airport, and I think I got at least one ok photo of a Airberlin : ) (The Airberlin plane I saw was the same one as I saw on ... read more
The Zeppelin museum
The Airport Hotel
The Airport hotel Bergers Park

Europe » Switzerland » North-East » Romanshorn July 17th 2011

Ah, well.. Today --> Rain, rain rain. But however, we decided to take the ferry over to Switzerland - Romanshorn, but bad weather, a sunday, closed stores, cannot be anything else than what it was haha :) No well, But I think it would be very different if it was a beautiful friday evening, but well, now it wasn't. We didn't see a single person on the streets, and the only shop which were open was a supermarket, so I bought some Swiss choklate! And then we took the ferry back again. Back in the hotel we decided to take a walk in the rain, so we went to a tiny forest/park. But what made me really happy this day was the fact that Friedrichshafen Airport is just a few kilometers away and the airplanes fly ... read more
Switzerland ??

Europe » Germany » Baden-Württemberg » Friedrichshafen July 16th 2011

Hello :) Today me and my oncle have flown fron Oslo Rygge with Ryanair to Memmingen Allgaü airport. We went with a Boeing 737-800 and it was really funny ^^ When we got o memmingen we took a train to Friedrichshafen, but we stepped on the wrong train, but everything worked out fine, we went via Ulm instead of some other place haha :) In Friedrichshafen we left our bags on the hotel and the we took a bus to Meersburg and from there the ferry to the island of Mainau. It was a stunning place, so many flowers, so big and really hard to soak it all up haha :) But we should have stayed there for a whole week to be able to see it all! Back in Friedrichshafen we ate and then went ... read more
Trainstation -> Ulm
Eine Zeppeliner
Our hotel

Europe » Sweden » Värmland » Arvika July 10th 2011

Yeaho : ) Now it's booked and we are ready to go! Next saturday, the 16'th of juli me and my oncle are going to Rygge (RYG) really early in the morning to board a B737-800 Ryanair, heading towards Memmingen (FMM) in southern Germany! We will go to Lake of Constance and sleep in Friedrichsafen for two nights, and then we will head back to Memmingen and have one last night there before our flight will takeoff heading towards the reality. We will stay for 3 nights so we will be having to make the most of the time, We have talked about going to Mainau - The castle, and I would love to go to Switzerland and buy chocolate >:D But there's always a But, the vulcano of Hekla on Iceland is showing a lots ... read more

Europe » Sweden » Värmland » Arvika May 7th 2011

Wow! What a day! A part of travel is to explore your surroundings, ecotravel. Your do it best by foot or bicykle, to go by car is to go too far ;) So, now I am going to take you on a small trip around my home. I live in a tiny village called Jössefors, just about 9 km away from Arvika in western Värmland, Sweden. During the week I was in Sicily with my sister everything has turned from grey and boring to green and fresh! When we got home we said "What?!! Is it summer already?". We had missed a whole season during one week. The birds are singing and yesterday I felt the smell of "fresh cut grass" for the first time this year. But however, now to the ecotravel! First I took ... read more
It's spring!

Europe » Italy » Sicily » Palermo April 28th 2011

Today we are going home with Ryanair 8.°° Pm, so we got half a day to spend! In the morning we packed our bag and went by bus to Modello Beach, around 50 minutes away som city centre and it was truly amazing! Almost like the pictures you see from Thailand, white sand and turquoise water! When we lay there and relaxed I see this strange boat comming towars us so I grabbed my camera and took some pictures. After some hours we decided to go back to th centre and take the bus to the airport. When we got to the trinstation thepolice had put up barricades and there was demonstrations everywhere. Fortunately we got on a bus to the airport but letme tell you, without some extra-time there and we had missed our flight! ... read more
The wierd boat
Alitalia taking off
Windjet taking off

Europe » Italy » Sicily » Palermo April 27th 2011

The weather today has not been the very best, some rain and quite cloudy. We had planned to go to a beach nearby, but the weather made us stay here. But we have visited a botanic garden, a big one! And then we felt hungry, so we sat down to a local restaurant. The menu was not in english and the waiter could not speak english. What do you do? We pointed at something on the menu and got something really disgusting. I feelt so sorry for my sister which got the worst, it was theese big caterpillar-like thick spaghetti, soaked in crushed tomatoes. It looked disgusting and my eyes was right. Now, the fact is like this, both me and my sister eat with our eyes, and this was something none of us would cook ... read more
I bird
The big church

Europe » Italy » Sicily » Palermo April 26th 2011

The worst night so far! It rained and it blew so that the car was vibrating! It was not much sleep. But today we returned the car in Milazzo and took the train back to Palermo. We are staying at Ai Quattro Canti hostel again for two days, and the hostel arranged activities during the evening. We joined them to a fish-restaurant. When the food got into the room I was stunned! There was theese gigantic plates with only fish, squid and shripms! Haha :) Me and my sister chose meat instead, and we got a similar plate but with a lot of sausages and dumplings instead. But, only meat, no salad, no potatoes, no rice. Well, that's how it is ;) Tonight it is going to be really comfortable sleeping in a real bed, and ... read more

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