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Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Coolangatta February 28th 2010

Squires had the TV on when I woke up this morning, and a Tsunami warning was all over the news. Apparently there had been a massive 8.8 magnitude Earthquake off the coast of Chile, which crashed some buildings, cut power supplies and had killed a few people. When I first heard the news they were closing all the beaches on the East Coast of Australia, and telling everyone to stay inside and be ready to evacuate. I panicked and sent some text messages out to friends in case this really was the end of it for me! But soon they’d had feedback that Hawaii had only experienced high sea levels and amplified waves. By mid morning the panic had died down and we were able to go outside. It had finally stopped raining so Ellie and ... read more
Vodka buckets

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Nimbin February 27th 2010

Tidied up the flat after a messy one at Pommie Palace last night. Shorty was severely hungover but was going with Dan to Future Music festival today. He’d thrown up all over the bathroom when we got in last night and poor Squires was left with the task of cleaning up the remains. Squires took us out in the 4x4 for the day to Nimbin, a small village in New South Wales famous for it’s toleration of illegal drugs. In 1973 a festival took place for Hippys, Students, and Party People in Nimbin, and they never left; instead forming Hippy Communes. Lots of artists, musicians, writers etc go there for inspiration and to use the recreational drugs on offer, especially Cannabis, which is openly bought, sold and used in the streets of Nimbin. Every year Nimbin ... read more
Nimbin bus
Bong shop

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Coolangatta February 26th 2010

Squires’ boss had kindly agreed to let us borrow his 4x4 jeep for a few days while he was away on holiday for the weekend. Steph drove us to Surfers Paradise (about 45minutes away from Coolangatta) but the motorway signs were useless so it probably took us a lot longer. It felt like we were in the car for yonks and by the time we finally arrived we were all a bit drained. When we had left Pommie Palace it had been cloudy and raining, so we’d not bothered to pack our bikini’s, but just our luck, it was bright sunshine in Surfers. Surfers Paradise reminds me of somewhere like Miami, with pricey skyscraper hotels, plush shops and plenty of Silicone and Steroids. Grabbed a toasted sandwich for lunch at Charlies bar then hit the shops. ... read more
Posh shops
Surfers Paradise

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Coolangatta February 25th 2010

Pommie palace is a fab apartment with a huuuge pool and BBQ area in the garden, but it’s kind of in the middle of nowhere. Squires and Shorty were at work all day and the weather wasn’t good at all so we decided we’d have a chilled day catching up the internet and reading our books. Ellie and I ventured out to find a shop where we could buy ingredients for tonights’ Mexican Night. We took “a right” out of the building, and only when we passed a familiar looking gardener did we realize we’d walked in a circle around the vast building. It was about a 30minute walk to the nearest shop and had started to rain again so after buying the food, we got a taxi home with all our carrier bags. Made sandwiches ... read more
Just topping up from the night before
It's not all for you mate
Well done Stephy!

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Coolangatta February 24th 2010

Checked out by 10am. The girls were really hungover so slept on the sofa’s in the Arts Factory common room while I pottered around reading and on the internet. It was a miserable day in Byron Bay - absolutely hammering it down with rain so I didn’t fancy walking in to town. A girl came round to clean the common room. She had a Hoover strapped to her back like a rucksack - what a great idea! I need one of these. I was just getting in to Chapter Two of a new book when Steph sat up and said “Oh My God. There’s our Camera Man”. I looked over just in time to see the back of Abnormal Norman disappear behind the Café counter. He was wearing the same bright blue t-shirt as the other ... read more
In the lift to Pommie Palace
Daft hat

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Byron Bay February 23rd 2010

Woke up with that horrible feeling the morning after the night before: “How did I get home”. The three of us went for breakfast and I had a Bacon Butty. The food at Arts Factory Café has been great but this morning my bacon had been cremated so I just couldn’t stomach the other half. Hungover, we all retired back to our bunkbeds for a few hours. At lunchtime we decided to have some food in Buddha Bar, which is onsite at Art Factory. From the outside, it looks like a warehouse covered in graffiti, which I think is meant to look cool, but I’m not so sure. In all honesty I think it looks a bit rough, like you might expect a gang of football hooligans to parade around in, smashing things up and hurling ... read more
Tree hugging to keep cool
Cockatoo Paul
With his spear

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Byron Bay February 22nd 2010

Ellie and I took advantage of our non-hungover morning and got up at 4.30am to do the Sunrise Tour offered at Arts Factory. We’d expected a Tour Guide to take us up to the lighthouse but instead they simply dropped us off and pointed in the direction we needed to go. It was pitch black and we didn’t have a torch, but some boys behind us lit the way. Unfortunately it was a cloudy morning, so we didn’t actually see the sun rise itself, but we did watch the sky transform in to pretty pinks and oranges as the sun came up. The lighthouse was worth a look too as I’d never seen one in the flesh. Spent the rest of the morning doing errands then met the girls on the beach. It was a super ... read more
Up close
Talent show time

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Byron Bay February 21st 2010

Our coached dropped us off at Byron Bay bus stop at 8am. We rang Arts Factory, a hostel we’d heard loads about, and they said they have availability despite the internet saying they were booked up. Sebastian (aka Seabass), a worker at Arts, picked us up in the hostels minibus and gave us a tour round Byron Bay, pointing out the bars, clubs, beach etc on the way back to Arts. It’s the biggest hostel in Australia, and was built in the 70s over 5 acres of land. It’s maintained the hippy atmosphere and is still decorated in graffiti and bright paint. It has a cinema, spa, brewery and recording studio onsite, as well as a pool and hot tub, and there is a variety of accommodation available including dorms, teepee’s, bungalows and a campsite. After ... read more
Arts Factory
Buddha Bar at Arts

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney » Randwick February 20th 2010

Woke up sideways on our bed, with Dempsey between Steph and I. We attacked him with shaving foam, a paint roller and a sweeping brush for being such a sneak! The girls got straight back on the wine to cure their hangovers, but I couldn’t stomach it. Steph’s toe was now severely bruised and bumpy. We feared it might be broken. In Thailand, Ellie and I decided to be collectively known as Zeli, and have been accumulating other Zeli members along our travels. We decided to name it the Zeli World Domination Organisation, and created a set of terms and conditions for each joining member. Sam signed this ludicrous contract, which included rules that declared he must cuddle us when we demand; and adore us throughout this lifetime commitment. Sam and Dempsey took us for lunch ... read more
Preparing for attack
On our mission
Sweeping brush

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney » Newtown February 19th 2010

Complained to the girls I want to be a stone lighter when we were getting ready this morning, then was pleasantly surprised when we got beeps off three car drivers as we walked the long road to the bus stop. Proves that guys appreciate wobbly bits even when you do look crap. Got the bus to Coogee Bay and walked up the main street in search of a good cafe for some breakfast. Spotted two ladies tucking in to a mound of potatoes, poached egg and salad and instantly wanted exactly what they were having. It was called their "famous Potato Rosti Stack" and all three of us ordered one. Who said you can't loose a stone eating carbs anyway ;-) Our mouth watered as we watched them eating in silence, nodding their approval of the ... read more
Balcony fun
Few drinks before getting ready
Awww: Sam, our number one fan

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