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Asia » Hong Kong June 1st 2006

1st June: My alarm went off, but I stayed in bed a bit longer. I finally got up showered and finished my packing. Some of my clothes still weren't dry, so I put them back on the rail outside, in the hope that they would dry in time. I very much doubted it and I was proved right. I had a late brekky of scrambled eggs and toast. I tried to get the lasses at reception to burn my memory card onto a CD, however they couldn't do, so this really nice Japanese guy did it on his laptop for me. Bless him! Sarah came back to the hostel and we had a good natter, about what we'd been up to. Her a tonne of stuff, me not so much. At two 'clock I decided to ... read more
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Riding The Star Ferry
Riding The Star Ferry

Asia » China » Hunan » Guilin May 29th 2006

29th May: Up at 5 am. Got dressed and woke the Chinese girl I was sharing with at 5:30 am because she didn't have an alarm clock. I went downstairs to wait for my taxi, after about ten minutes of waiting it hadn't shown up s I went to inquire about it and found out that the driver wouldn't be able to take me. I was a bit annoyed, but the staff were nice, they gave me my money back and also gave the extra money (10 yuan) that it would cost in a taxi, and went and flagged one down for me. I got checked in fine, but had to leave my lighter at the security check place. The plane journey took an hour and twenty minutes, and was a bit turbulent. The Air China ... read more
One Yuan
One Yuan
One Yi Jiao

Asia » China » Sichuan » Chengdu May 22nd 2006

22nd May: I had a really shitty night's sleep and of course was completely zonked out when my alarm went off. I quickly got dressed and then headed to the airport by taxi. I was sharing the taxi, with an American lass called Sarah. She's really nice. Check-in and everything went fine, and the plane took off pretty much on time. I was sitting next to Sarah, and the other seat was free, as the flight was pretty empty. The food wasn't as good as previous flights, but it didn't really matter. Turned out, that me and Sarah were staying at the same hostel, Mix's Place. The hostel is really nice. I'm in a four bed dorm. I'm sharing with a German girl and an Israeli girl, they both seemed cool. After getting settled and my ... read more

Asia » China » Shaanxi » Xi'an May 19th 2006

19th May: A really early start this morning. I was up at 5:30 am! I tried to get my stuff together really quietly, so not to disturb Kris and the Australian dude. Kris said I had to wake him to say goodbye, so I did and he said he would come and visit me in Newcastle next year after he'd been to see the snooker in Sheffield (It never happened). My taxi turned up early, there was no sign of the American girl, who I'd told to hop in with me, so I ended up leaving without her. Felt a bit shitty, but well, what can you do? The taxi ride to the airport didn't take too long, as there wasn't much traffic about at all. I got dropped off in some random place. It was ... read more
Terracotta Warriors
Terracotta Warriors

Asia » China » Beijing May 12th 2006

12th May: When we arrived in Beijing, I found a tout to take me to Leo's hostel, which had been recommended to me, however he was wanting an astronomical rate, so I gave him the heave-ho. The lads said I could go to the hostel, that they were staying at and try there. But as we were leaving the train station, we bumped into Kris, the Belgian guy, who was looking for a place, too, so me and him joined forces to search for a place together. We went straight to the hostel opposite the train station. The queue was pretty long, but they had space for us. Although we had to go to separate, male and female dorms. There was one other lass in there from Sweden she seemed dead canny. Then I went to ... read more
Forbidden City
Tienanmen Square
The Great Wall

Asia » Mongolia May 11th 2006

11th May: Got up really early again this morning! God, I thought travelling would be more relaxing. I met Mat and Steve at 6:45 for breakfast and Lude was already in the breakfast room, so we joined him. The buffet was amazing and we stuffed our faces. We met up with Dava and Undre to say bye to them, and then Undre took us to the train station. On the train I was sharing a compartment with Matt, Steve, and Bevan. Thank god for Matt and Steve, they will keep me sane around Bevan. He's annoying and a total freeloader, grr! We all sat listening to music so that we would have to listen to Bevan going on, but no, he was singing along to his CD player (in this day and age) really frigging loudly. ... read more

Asia » Mongolia » Ulaanbaatar May 8th 2006

8th May: Woke up this morning to find it snowing outside. I thought it would be lovely and warm, not bloody freezing. By the time I got sorted out, washed, dressed, and a quick fag, we had arrived in UB. Haha! I was so excited. I had finally left Europe proper and I was now in Mongolia, and Asia! Whoop whoop! I was met by the guide on the platform and was shown to the minibus. It contained 6 blokes from England and one from New Zealand. Our guides said that we would do a walking tour of Ulaanbaatar, but since it was only 8 am, we would have some breakfast first. We stopped at a random bank, that looked closed, but there was a window open so we could exchange some money. We headed to ... read more
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My Ger
Feeding Time

Europe » Russia May 7th 2006

7th May: Got up at 4:30 am this morning! I quickly dressed and then tried to eat the breakfast that Sacha had prepared for me. I wish I could of told her to stay in bed and not make any breakfast. She made me sausage and fried bread. I was still feeling a bit dodgy and left most of it. I was a bit sick of the heavy Russian food, and would of preferred something a bit lighter. The driver came and picked me up at 5:30 and took me to the station. He waited with me until the train arrived. I was sharing the compartment with two other people, Esther from the Netherlands and Dimitri from Russia. Both were heading to Ulaanbaatar, like me. After the introductions I sparked straight out, as I was still ... read more

Europe » Russia » Siberia » Irkutsk May 6th 2006

6th May: Woke up this morning after a really bad night's sleep. I had been really dehydrated during the night and had to keep getting up for drinks of water. I was gutted when I had finished all the water in the jug. I think Olga had filtered the water especially for us, and I didn't fancy giving the tap water a go. I still felt ropey, and couldn't manage any breakfast. I must of been really ill to leave my grub untouched. I finished off my packing and took some photos of the izba and Olga. I bet she was glad to get rid of us, as she could move out of her shed and back into her house. When I say shed, I mean it was as small as a shed, but super pimped. ... read more
Transfiguration Church
The Decemberists Museum

Europe » Russia » Siberia » Listvyanka May 3rd 2006

3rd May: Couldn't sleep at all last night because I was too excited at the thought of getting off the train. We arrived into Irkutsk at 9:30, and I was met by Elena the guide. She was really lovely. The drive to Listvyanka took an hour. I can't remember anything about the drive, apart from our driver getting pulled over for speeding. Nice to see the Russian police are totally corrupt, as some money changed hands and we were soon free to go. We arrived at Listvyanka, it seems pretty small. I was staying at a homestay. It was in the main village, well that's what I would call it. The houses look more like shacks from the outside, but they must be sturdy of they are keeping the Siberian colds out. Olga, my lovely host, ... read more
Lake Baikal
Lake Baikal
Lake Baikal

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