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9th April 2019

Yuyuantan Park
An oasis in Beijing. A must for us to visit next time we are in Beijing. Thanks for letting us know about it.
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31st January 2019

Dreamlike Scenery of Roses
We've been there too last week the temple is very solemn. Right after that temple we went to see 10,000 roses cafe in Cordova.Did you went there too?
From Blog: Cebu City
12th February 2019

Hope you had a great trip!
No, I didn't know about the cafe. Hopefully, I can get back to the Philippines one day.
From Blog: Cebu City
22nd January 2019

Beautiful Three Capes
We did the Three Capes track in May 2017, and I have to say your descriptions of the walk took me right back there like it was yesterday! I absolutely loved the three cabins and I think they really contributed to the overall enjoyment and love I have for this walk :)
23rd January 2019

Three Capes
The cabins were beautiful and were perfect places to start and finish each day. They had a lovely, homely vibe about them. I loved the whole ethos of the walk; just take your time and soak up the surroundings, it's not a race to the finish. :)
13th September 2018

Penny Royal...
It was probably empty because it's well past its use by date. Andrew used to have family holidays there as a kid and loved it back then, but it needs a major upgrade to drag it forward a few decades :)
From Blog: Launceston
18th September 2018

Penny Royal
Thanks for the local perspective. The vibe was definitely a bit off.
From Blog: Launceston
4th September 2018

East Coast
Well done - you saw so much of the beauty of the East Coast in such a short time! Looking forward to your thoughts on the Three Capes Walk :)
5th September 2018

Thank you!
Hopefully, I'll get round to writing it up sooner rather later. :)
2nd September 2018

Our little corner of the world
Ahhh I had missed the Tassie blogs you posted last year... the views from Mt Amos are pretty special! And you were right to question your Australian friend's definition of a 'small' snake :)
3rd September 2018

Beautiful Tasmania
Most of my blogs about Tasmania are still in note form, haven't got around to finishing them yet. Tasmania blew me away with its beauty. I am envious you get to live in such an amazing place.
24th August 2018

Lamma Island
I'm impressed that you persevered on your hike despite your dodgy tummy! Lamma Island can get pretty swamped on the weekends... but most people used to go there to eat and/or hike and I never saw the beaches that full. But that could have changed by now :)
30th August 2018

Fairly empty beaches, this place just gets better and better.
16th August 2018
Sour Vegetable Fish Soup

Local dishes
Even if this dish wasn't local, it sounds amazing! I'll have to remember to refer to your blogs for ideas before we travel through China :)
17th August 2018
Sour Vegetable Fish Soup

Local dishes
Please do. There is so much good food in China to sample and enjoy. :)
13th July 2018

"We woke feeling a little delicate after our night out in Lan Kwai Fong"...
...well if I had a dollar for every time I said that on a Saturday morning in Hong Kong, I'd be very rich and my liver wouldn't have hated me so much :) It's illegal for the domestic workers to be physically present at their place of work on a Sunday because many employers abused the mandatory day off and made them work 24/7. I know it looks messy with the cardboard and mats in the public walkways, but they have few options. The parks are hideous at certain items of the year, and from what I gathered, they generally congregate in areas by nationality/language so they have some camaraderie while they live overseas away from their families.
31st July 2018

Thanks for the additonal info. It would be nice if the government could provide them with some sort of recreation venue. It must suck sitting out in heat and humidity.
13th July 2018
Chi Lin Nunnery

Chi Lin Nunnery
I've never heard of this nunnery, but it looks like a fabulous little oasis in that hectic city! :)
31st July 2018
Chi Lin Nunnery

Yes, it was a lovely place and a lot less crowded compared to the gardens across the road.
17th October 2017
Avocado Burger

Dumplings for breakfast!
I love dumplings and have no off switch when it comes to ordering them - I think I'd end up looking like a dumpling if I could have them all the time! And I totally agree with you about that tiny portion of chips...what's the point of five chips? It has to be a generous serve :)
18th October 2017
Avocado Burger

Dumplings :)
I'm glad someone else loves dumplings, too. Living in China, I am slowly morphing into one. There are just so many different ones to try!
17th October 2017

Hawker stalls
We've never visited the National Museum in Singapore and will definitely need to add it to the list for our next visit. I laughed at the hawker stall man not letting you add the sauce to your noodles...they are so fierce about how their food should be enjoyed :)
18th October 2017

The museum is interesting and gives respite from the heat. It's great that they are so proud of their food and don't let the traditional ways become lost.
1st September 2017

I don't believe that Michelin star, ramen, and rediculaously cheap...
belong in the same sentence! We loved Tokyo other than the food.
5th September 2017

It's a bit of an oxymoron isn't it?
Hopefully I will get to try a Michelin starred place one day. Glad you enjoyed Tokyo.

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