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5th June 2009

Tony is a hunk!
Yes, Tony does look good and I have no idea why he is here but isn't it wonderful to see a handsome movie star, like Tony Curtis!
4th June 2009

I'm glad you decided to let your hair down, Patsy
From Blog: Rome to Sorrento
3rd June 2009

I love the postcards.
From Blog: Rome
27th May 2009

Keep em coming
This is just to let you know I'm still checking out the updates. I hope y'all can get the printed out version of this in time for the reunion.
23rd May 2009

Ausfahrt freihalten
means "keep driveway clear". Ausfahrt = literally: drive out Ausfahrt signs on roads mean exit.
23rd May 2009

Le Grand Place
I do love the Grand Place in Brussels. 25 years after these photos were taken you will find me here drinking great Belgian Ale while meeting new friends from around the world. And that was 10 years ago. Man, this time travel stuff gets confusing. I spent two nights hanging out at the cafe in the upper corner that had the big swan over it.
22nd May 2009

Sad Baby Girl
I am still so very sad that I, the baby girl, was left behind!!!!!!
21st May 2009

Time Warp
Stick with the time warp explanation. I like it better.
From Blog: London showers
20th May 2009

Time warp
Yes. I took a six week European trip last summer and blogged the journey. My parents took a similar trip with my sisters. They kept an old fashion diary. They wondered if we could recreate their trip from 35 years ago. The photos are poor quality but are meaningful to them today and their children. The text is right out of their diaries. We are just having a little fun.
From Blog: London showers
20th May 2009

These pictures are obviously from the 1970s. Have you been stuck i some bizarre time warp?
From Blog: London showers
19th May 2009

Sounds great!!
I am so excited to hear all about the trip. Now I need to wipe my tears and get ready!!
18th May 2009

Have Fun
I'll be watching y'all, but please make sure you get back in time for my 15th birthday.
18th May 2009

This will be the most exciting trip of my life!
I'm so excited about taking this trip with mother and daddy!! You just won't believe how long it took just to select the right trip and to think that Daddy and Mother would take Patty and me along! Unbelieveable!
17th May 2009

Great news
I am soooo looking forward to hearing all of the details of your trip with my mama and sisters. Love from the baby girl hat didn't get to go. Little ole Glory-o

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