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North America » United States » California » Monterey September 23rd 2019

A few nice, boring (yet memorable) photos of California from summer. Enjoy xx Marine conservation and environmental protection is key - please donate your time and money in helping protect the environment. Do your part in reducing the amount of plastic waste that may end up in our oceans. Reduce air pollution and carpool or take public transportation when possible. And opt for seasonable produce and sustainable farming practices for food. Little changes in our daily lives will make a difference. ... read more
Burning red

4th and King Street, San Francisco– Several months ago (although it feels like yesterday... time really does stand still when the seasons blend together) I found myself at the 4thand King Street train station waiting for our ride back to the Salinas Valley, which I have accepted as my home now. As we were waiting, I had flash backs to the last few times I was at that station waiting for a train, and how much my life had changed each time. The first time was my first visit to San Francisco since childhood. It was in November of 2017, and I was interviewing all over the United States for a new job. I had an interview in a little suburb north of San Jose, and decided to (finally) take my old college roommate and darling ... read more
Mission Dolores Park, Nov. 2017
Cindy and me! :) Nov. 2017
San Francisco, one June night in 2018

North America » United States » California » Monterey November 18th 2018

Well, hello there. You see that I am writing this blog from Monterey, California? How did this happen, you ask? You thought I was going to stay in Chicago forever, you say? Well, that gig sort of did not work out for me and one August morning in 2017 I realized it was finally time to go back to California. A few months later I packed up my things as the snow quietly fell and left my beloved Chicago community in January. Although I miss it dearly, I realized the best thing for me was to not look back for the time being. And I have not looked back since. Friends, I literally live in paradise. Monterey County is unlike other parts of California. It is just a wonderful enclave all to its own. The weather ... read more

Virginia is for lovers. So goes their state motto. And so captures the essence for one of my most magical friendships. Last weekend, my very best good friend Felicia took me down to Shenandoah Valley from Washington, D.C. and we had the opportunity to hike along one of my most beloved trails in America - the Appalachian Trail. I felt like we were living Bill Bryson's and Stephen Katz's adventure in the hilarious classic, A Walk in the Woods. Only we had company with our other best good friend, dog. Let me state right here and right now that it has been my dream for ages to hike along the AT in Virginia. Shenandoah is dubbed one of the most beautiful parks in the United States, and with good reason: I was absolutely astounded at how ... read more
Panorama on peak
Luray Caverns

This has been a very strange summer, to say the least. Perhaps one of the stranger summers I have had in a very long time. And it hasn't been a lovely one per say - in fact I have spent most of it holed up in a windowless office re-studying everything I had learned concerning American law over the past three years. Moreover, it has been a summer for changes and endings: I moved out of Washington, D.C. (hallelujah), finished law school and returned back to California to study for (wait for it) the New York bar. Bar prep is indeed absolute misery. I also hit a quarter century, and lost the one person I had loved since the inception of my twenties, all in the same month. May was, indeed, a shitty-ass month. But change ... read more

North America » United States » California » San Bernardino December 31st 2015

To my family, and all of the amazing people I met during my travels and adventures... Happy New Year!! You have taught me that the world truly is a beautiful place ... read more
St Augustine
View of Long Island City from UN Gardens
Mom and me :)

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland December 10th 2015

As my time in Europe is coming to a close, I reflect a bit on some of the many things I have learned here, and attempt some closure for some of these deep lessons. America: We are the most powerful nation on earth. Unrivaled in the economy, unrivaled in medical research and higher education, unrivaled in military might, in cultural influence, and a leader in globalization. We simply are the strongest nation on earth, and no other nation comes remotely close. That is undisputed. However, since I have been here, the news coming from the United States has been nothing short of well... depressing. Very depressing. From the humiliation of the Planned Parenthood Congressional hearings, to the circus of the Republican debates, to a near Congressional shut down, to mass shooting after mass shooting when it ... read more

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Málaga December 2nd 2015

Finally, I made it to the playa :) I strongly considered going to Granada, but I was exhausted from the past three days to properly plan it out, and really what is a vacation if you can't rest a little? I spent the day in lovely Málaga where the people have proven to be the sweetest and kindest I have encountered. I visited el Castillo de Gibralfaro, la Alcazaba de Málaga, and Pablo Picasso's birth home. Me not getting to see Alhambra only means that I must come back for another indulged trip to Spain. I'm thinking of spending a few days in Madrid and Granada next time? Maybe even visit my dear friend in Zaragosa as well. As I have learned, Spain is much too big and beautiful to try to squeeze in a few ... read more
little central fountain
teatro romano
I told my media naranja that I wanted our future house to look like some of the architecture I have encountered during my trip here... (@ Alcazaba)

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Seville December 1st 2015

Sevilla is a busy contrast to the quiet of Córdoba and the beach town of Málaga. I was ever so slightly apprehensive at first when I exited the train station because I was greeted to bustling intersections and overpasses. Nevertheless, I decided to walk to the center of town with my trusty GPS on my Android that sometimes works without internet connection.* After twenty minutes, my apprehension melted away to awe. Sevilla is a city that combines the ancient and the historic to the Empire and conquest, with the modern and post-modern history of Andalucía. The city serves as a timeline, beginning with early Roman civilization, to Arab Spain, to the Reconquista and Spain’s rise to international prominence in establishing colonies in the New World and Latin America, to their downfall, and finally to a civil ... read more
mi casita!! @Reales Alcázares de Sevilla
Plaza de España con la fuenta
Plaza de Españaa

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Córdoba November 30th 2015

Córdoba was my first real venture into Andalucia. With little more than my purse and favorite scarf (which I would later replace in Córdoba) I set out an hour train ride north of Málaga. And the door to the magic of this region opened. Cordoba served as an important part of the Islamic Empire beginning in the 8th century. The Muslims established an impressive and rich provincial capital subordinate to the Caliphate in Damascus. It was there that that I encountered the remnants of previous civilizations (Roman, Islamic, and finally Spanish) that chose to make this temperate beautiful land their cultural center. At moments, when wandering through the narrow maze of the center of the city by the Mezquita- Catedral, I felt like a living relic of the history that they were trying to preserve; like ... read more
Afuera de la Mezquita-Catedral
An archway into the Mosque from the courtyard

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