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3rd August 2011

Promises are promises
Dear Rena. Promises are promises. Come and visit us and I won't stick to two beers only. By the way, I was a bit tipsy at the end of Cat's birthday last week but I don't think they suspected anything... Cat & Pau are planning a second attemt tomorrow (they said) on Morrissey's concert. I don't know why it is such a big deal to get me drunk anyway. There is a big chance I get sleepy and even more boring than I already I am. Spacecake works much better for me than alcohol but this is another story... CUsoon in Brussels! Happy birthday to Greg! Oti epithimeis file!
29th July 2011

the trip and the drinks!!
Dear Despina and Yannis, I was reading your motorcycle adventures ever since Grigoris and I returned from our vacation in Koufonissi, and I have to admit that your trip reminded me how much I love Lesvos and how much I want also to make a road trip with Grigoris around Europe (with a car). We had a blast at your wedding and both Greg and I wish you all the best. Thank you for all. Yannis, I really believed that Cat and Pau could persuade you to drink more than a beer (or two). If they cannot, then nobody can. The problem is that now you made a promise and it will be hard to get away with it (the difficult part is that we have to come to Belgium but believe me we are working on it!). Say hi to Cat and Pau Best Wishes Rena P.S. Cat Happy Birthday!!!! (28/7 is Greg's birthday too!!)
12th July 2011

answer to Salome
Hello Salome. Roles have been adapted a bit. Cat is now co-writer and chief editor. We miss you guys. Hope we plan again a trip soon the 6 of us. Take care in hot Brussels and don't drink all the beer till we arrive. Greetings from Istanbul from all of us!
From Blog: Day 5 - Tekirdag
11th July 2011

News from Brussels
Hey guys, It is so nice to reading you! It's (almost) like traveling with you! I can see that you are having adventure and fun. I love the way you're writing Yannis! Have you consider becoming a writer? We want to see more pictures, especially from Turkey! You can do better! One picture a thousand words! It has been quite hot here. We manage to find a new locataire for the future ex-appartement. Ouf! Everybody is in holidays and I am little jealous!! You take care. Kisses salomé
From Blog: Day 5 - Tekirdag

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