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North America » United States » California » San Diego February 28th 2008

We have seven days in this beautiful, most southern part of California. On Saturday, we drove with great anticipation to the Borderfield State Park, Tijuana River Estuary, an area recommended by the birding guide for southern California. We got there and found that, because there had just been significant rainstorm, the area was highly contaminated with sewage from Tijuana, via the Tijuana River, and was closed. They recommended that we go further north to the Tijuana Slough, largest salt marsh in this part of the state. This area is supposed to be good for birding and also allows dogs. We’ve been back there several times. The trail passes a Naval airfield where there are supposed to be burrowing owls. We haven’t seen them yet but we were charmed by western meadowlarks, black phoebes, many assorted sparrows, ... read more
Bernardo Shores RV Park
Birds at the South End of San Diego Bay.
Black Brant, San Diego Bay

North America » United States » California February 24th 2008

Spent Tuesday night (19 Feb) in an RV park in Deming, New Mexico (elevation 4200 ft) with the encouraging name “Roadrunner RV Resort.” However, no roadrunners were evident and it was definitely not a resort—a gravel-filled expanse marked off into many individual parking spaces and surrounded by a chain-link fence. When you are trying to make time, one must occasionally sacrifice aesthetics for efficiency when it comes to deciding where to stay. Most RV parks near an interstate are not very notable. All three of us are looking forward to getting to a place where we can stay put for a while. The next day, west of Deming we passed over the continental divide at an elevation of 4600 ft, in an area of desert with no mountains near at hand. The land in this area ... read more
Tucson Desert Near RV Park
Dog Meets Desert
Total Lunar Eclipse, Tucson, AZ.

North America » United States » Texas February 22nd 2008

Last night (16 Feb) we stayed at the Tom Sawyer Campground on the Mississippi River across from Memphis. The river is high and the current is ripping. Many trees were floating downstream at an amazing rate of speed. It seemed like a lovely campground with river frontage and many trails. Unfortunately, we didn’t have time to explore and left this morning early. Our camping spot was only 100 meters from the river. Many barges passed going upstream. The current was so strong that you had to use the position of the vessel against the far shore to see that it was moving at all. Downstream barges were flying and there were three barges per tugboat as apposed to upstream vessels with one barge per tugboat. Last night, severe thunderstorms with damaging hail and tornadoes were predicted ... read more
Crossing barges
Barges on the Mississippi River
Plantation Place RV Park

North America » United States » Ohio » Ashtabula February 16th 2008

We are assuming that the first leg of our trip will eventually seem pretty funny. We were leaving Newfield on Thursday the 14th of February, but we couldn’t get one of the two locks on the trailer door to work. However, the deadbolt lock worked find so we figured that it would keep the door closed. We began driving west on I-86 toward Erie PA. Part of the road in the western part of New York was in very bad shape; it felt like a washboard. A snow plow pulled up beside us and kept honking its horn and pointing at the trailer. In the rear view mirror we could see that the trailer door was open. We pulled over to the shoulder and saw that it had blown back and opened with great force and ... read more
Airstream, Jackson Center, Ohio

North America » United States » New York February 13th 2008

We were delayed on Monday by -25°F wind-chill. Tuesday and today we experienced snow, sleet, and freezing rain. Schools were closed so our road was not plowed! However, we keep discovering things we forgot to do, so it may be for the best. Tomorrow looks good and we are hoping our next entry will be from "on the road."... read more

North America » United States » New York February 7th 2008

Our departure date is now this coming Monday (10 Feb. 2008), about one month later than we had originally planned. A persistent case of Lyme disease can change your plans, but I just got the blessing to leave from the rheumatologist today. Cold fronts march across the plains bringing blizzards to the north and tornados to the south, while we study the weather maps, ready the house for abandonment, and provision the trailer. In the meantime, Lynn tries to wrap-up her obligations to clients here in Ithaca. It all seems very complicated, but we know it will be worthwhile when we finally head down the driveway and hit the open road. Our first overnight stop will be an RV park conveniently located next to the interstate near Walton, Kentucky, just to the south of Cincinnati.... read more

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