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4th April 2008

Spring is here..for now
Looks like you had a wonderful trip to Yosemite, but we cant wait for you to get here! Looks like spring is back after a disastrous "Ithacalike" late march. Snow in Portland in late March? I never! Its close to 60 today though...Hope your trip up the coast is glorious - the pacific coast is one of my favorite trips Rob and I ever took. Wish Nick could come too!!! Leo is looking forward to spending some QT with Moxie and we will be sure to show you a great time on the coast as well as introducing you to the vast natural areas within our amazing city! Most of which you can get to by bike or train. See you in two weeks! Loves!
2nd April 2008

great photos
miss it already, nick
5th March 2008

vinca minor
if you tried to buy periwinkle in berkeley you might get kicked out of the nursery. (it's a plant i've studied in my plants class). nick

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