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Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Munich September 26th 2008

We have busy for the last two days drinking beer! Largely due to Oktoberfest. Munich is a great city with a lot of interesting places and a very efficient, clean subway system. It has taken us only a few minutes to get to a beer garden or Oktoberfest. The beer is amazingly good, cold and cheap! Buffie has an alergic reaction to some bug bite and the only thing that is helping the pain is beer, so we are drinking and siteseeing! We visited at least 3 beer gardens and as two cute girls we were constantly being offered drinks or to show our chest! Yes, as many of the folks are drinking and they want to see women's breasts. There are lots of international folks and a fair number of Americans. Hofrahaus was our first ... read more
Oktoberfest Welcome Signage
Beer Tent 1
Another beer tent

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Munich September 25th 2008

We took the train yesterday for 6 hours across Germany to get to Munich. It was good to finally get off the train and see some more things. The train system in Germany is excellent - very well marked and efficient. It is the best train system that we both have ever been on. I do not have a ton to write as we just got in last night. It is overwelming here with all of the festivities around Oktoberfest! Both of us went shopping again last night to a local department store and they have an entire section of the store dedicated to the clothing of the festival. The traditional dresses start at 149 euros and then if you add everything else it is like 250 euros - nearly 400USD. I will write more later ... read more

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague September 24th 2008

On our last day in Prague, I tried to introduce us to a little more culture that we do not have in the states. We walked around the city one last time and it is still really beautiful. Lots of arcitecture. Unfortunately, I do not know the difference between Renaissance, Baroque, Classical and all of the other is just really amazing!! I have not shown pictures or wrote enough about the city, just due to the limited time available on the internet at the cafe and the keyboards have the letters in different places. I promise I will write more later when I have more time to show the city. Tuesday night, I wanted to go to the Opera house in Praque so we treked across the city and bought tickets. After getting dressed up ... read more
Overlooking Prague
Opera anyone?

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague September 23rd 2008

Monday night Buffie and I took off for the Coldplay concert in Prague. We planned our trip around the concert for some time, so it was very exciting when we finally got there! Coldplay was AMAZING, they put on one of the best shows both of us have ever seen. Suprisingly for a country that is proud of their beer, hardly anyone was drinking before or during the concert. We had some local Chech beer and it was so smooth and we both had a few glasses to get warmed up for the concert. Coldplay started the concert out with 'Life in Technicolor' and those of us that knew the words were singing at the top of our lungs. Then we realized that Buffie and I were probably the only two people in our entire section ... read more

Europe » Czech Republic » Ústí nad Labem Region » Terezín September 23rd 2008

On Sunday, we visited the Terezin concentration camp about an hour outside of Prague. I probably won't write much because you can imagine what happened there and I don't need to explain it. It was a very heavy day of seeing the living quarters, showers (or what they called showers) and the camp itself. In between seeing the camp and walking over the museum where children drew pictures to keep their spirits high, we went for lunch and beer. This camp was one of the smaller ones and I believe the guide said that nearly 100,000 people lost their lives in just a few years. Also, it was the one that the Red Cross was planning on checking out to find out what the Nazi's were doing. Unfortunately, the guards had a one year warning before ... read more
The practice crosses.
Living quarters

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague September 21st 2008

So glad to finally be here... After 9 hours of being on planes we are finally here in the beautiful city of Prague. Everyone that has talked about the city has said that it is like nothing you have ever seen, and they are right. The building are in great shape and the ornate details on each of the buildings makes you feel like you are in Paris. Nothing is left out on details. Even the manholes are ornately decorated. The train system is efficient and very clean for such a big city. I have attached pictures... We have done quite a bit of walking on our first day - nearly 4 miles. Which also included a fair bit of shopping because it is so cold here - only about 45 degrees. The shopping is EXCELLENT!! ... read more
Sausage stand
Man hole

We spent a week in paradise, the island of Nevis. The weather was great every day with blue skies and temperatures reaching 85 degrees. Every day we were there we had the option of several activities which almost always included something with the beach. On Tuesday several of us went horseback riding along the beach and throughout some of the neighborhoods on the Southwest side of the island. There were million dollar homes and countless families living in poverty. Some were living in tractor trailer carriages with only a few holes cut open for windows. While others were living in houses that most people would consider not even big enough to store their cars. It was very eye opening to see the diversity within two blocks of each other. The people of the island were very ... read more
School children

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