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Europe » Portugal » Lisbon & Tagus Valley » Lisbon January 31st 2011

On our last night in Portugal we ventured out to a different part of town. Tonight we went to one of what was considered the best Italian restaurants in Lisboa. It was very tasty! Our waiter even mentioned that the prime minister even dines there. When we closed the restaurant we started talking to one of our waiters about travel and America. Our waiter, Jorge got very interested in hearing about America as that is his dream to go to one day and back-pack across the states. Then he got in trouble for "staying" at our table so long. So we felt so bad, we offered to go out for a drink afterwards. Jorge had learned English by working on a cruise ship in the Mediterranean and ready books, it was very good. We trekked across ... read more

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney October 26th 2009

Lions, Tigers, Koalas oh my! All of the wildlife that exists in Australia is also contained in the Taronga Zoo. We are not really site-seers for zoos, but it was really impressive. You can take a quick ferry boat ride from Cirqular Quay to the Taronga Zoo. After being dropped off you just see trees and tons of a lot of green vegetation. We took the cable car to the top of the mountain after checking in to be able to walk down the hill and see the animals. The first animals you come accross (or at least the ones we were interested in) were the koalas. The koalas have their own exhibit and house several trees where they usually just sleep and walk around. We were told that when we arrived they are almost always ... read more
Look I can hold on with just my nails...
Check out my tongue!
Tall animals

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney October 25th 2009

After numerous months of planning and talking about going to Australia, we are finally here. The dreaded 15+ hour flight was something that we were amazed went so smoothly. After getting on the plane in San Francisco and a few glasses of wine we woke up in time for breakfast and just in time to land. We have been here for only a day and it is no wonder why so many people love this country. The people are friendly, weather is nice and the city is really easy to get around. We have already visited the famous Sydney Opera House (will post pics later), the Rocks (great section of town with cool shops, restaurants and bars) and Darling Harbor. The weather could be a little sunnier, but we are here during the end of their ... read more
Sydney Opera House
Camel cigarettes
Cigarette cartons

Europe » France » Champagne-Ardenne » Reims July 10th 2009

Who knew the too of these would be related? We headed out of Paris yesterday for some change of scenery due to the weather being cold in the city center. Both of us have never been to the Champagne region, but it is very nice. There are numerous internet cafes here, but the keyboard now is so complicated. In order to finish a sentence with a period, you have to stop and shift a key. then every word that contains a letter a is in a completly different place than the american keyboards. so this very little has already taken ten minutes of the precious paid internet time. Someone told me that the reason why there are so limited internet cafes is due to the rapid influx of cheap service providers within the last 6 months ... read more
More bottles
The biggest bottles
Vintage crates

Europe » Netherlands » North Holland » Amsterdam July 7th 2009

What else can we say, there are thousands of bikes everywhere! The hotel staff told us that there are 750,000 inhabitants to the city of Amsterdam and over a million bikes! They have bike parking garages to park them in all over town. The drivers of cars look out in every direction to make sure they don't hit anyone. We attempted to get around on bike on Sunday however we only made one turn around the parking lot. The bikes in amsterdam generally don't have the brakes on the handle bars. You need to back peddle to stop! The bikes are a lot heavier than both of us are used to. Plus, I bike all the time and I could not ride the bike steadily. I kinda looked like I have smoked too much pot. Amsterdam ... read more
Restaurant or vending machine?
Where am I?

Europe » Netherlands » North Holland » Amsterdam July 4th 2009

Just arrived in Amsterdam after a few days in Bruges, Belgium. I have been doin so much sight seeing and experiencing of the culture that there has not been too much time to update where and what we have been doing on the internet. The internet availibility was in a shady convenient shop in Bruges, Belgium that I would rather have spent time somewhere else. We just checked into our hotel and it has an internet station that you stand up in - quite weird! Again, no availability to upload pictures...yet! As soon as I do, you will know. We are off to the Red Light district tonight - which is where they offer sex in the windows or at least that is what our friends have told us. I'll update more later. Thanks for the ... read more

Europe » Germany » Berlin » Berlin July 1st 2009

This needs its own entry. We ran accross this really interesting outdoor exhibit on Tuesday in Berlin. It is a traveling throughout europe of women who cut wood, or something like that when you translate it to english. The women all had muscles that we did not know existed. They were having ax throwing comeptitions, who could cut a chunk of wood the fastest and who had the cleanest cut with an electric saw. Quite different and interesting. Both of us where caught on tv and laughing and talking. We are not sure what station because the guy only spoke german and we probably would not have been able to figure it out on our tv. Again, sorry for not posting pictures...yet! As modern, efficient and cool as berlin is, this is one of two internet ... read more
Axe throwing
Some wood
Hot dog?

Europe » Germany » Berlin » Berlin June 30th 2009

On Monday we landed in Berlin after a few days in Budapest. What a great city so far. It feels like New York city, but very modern with new buildings all over and the feel of punk rock. It is really cool. Most people speak English and there is already a huge variety with the food selections. We were out till midnight last night walking by the remains of the Berlin wall. Plus it does not get dark here in Europe in the summer till after 10pm so you tend to stay up later. I will post those pics later too when I can find an internet cafe with power inlets. I can not say enough that Berlin is so cool. It is really modern with a hard time figuring out what was eastern (communist) berlin ... read more
Michael Jackson Tribute
Bradenburg Gate
Holocaust Exhibit

Europe » Hungary » Central Hungary » Budapest » Pest June 27th 2009

Budapest, Hungary is beautiful at night and it feels very much like Eastern Europe. Their local currency is the Hungarian Forinth and they tend to transfer money to the euro and then we translate it into dollars...which after all the math in your head, it was very expensive. The food was marginal at best so we relied on pizza for lunch and dinner. After 3 days of eating pizza we could not wait to board the plane to another city. We found out that the only people who eat out are the tourists and the locals never do so it was hard to get recommendations for better pizza when they all dont go out. The city is separated into two parts: Buda and Pest and divided by the Danube River. The Buda side has the traditional ... read more
Terror Museum #2
Terror Museum #3
Budapest at Night

North America » United States » California » Lake Tahoe March 22nd 2009

We traveled to Lake Tahoe for what we thought would be a great weekend of skiing. We arrived in South Lake Tahoe around 10 am from a long and early start to the morning from the Bay area. Plus it did not help that we were out late the night before - living it up like we were still in our early 20's. The weather forecast all week predicted snow / rain but mostly a snow mix for the weekend and I was quite excited for my first taste and what would probably be several falls on the Western ski slopes. After arriving in South Lake, it was raining and ~55 degrees farenheit - way to warm for snow to start. So instead of experiencing my first skiing trip on the slush and rain, we decided ... read more
Saturday in Tahoe
Sunday morning
Sunda morning #2

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