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David Boss

I am just an average guy I guess. I love to travel but don't get to do it enough. I have never written a blog before or anything for that matter. I am going to see if I can stick with it.

Asia » Laos » West » Luang Prabang September 19th 2009

Signing back in. Well, I just spent 3 days in Luang Probang, Laos. Coming to Laos had not been planned. When I was in Siem Reap I ended up having to figure out what I wanted to do for 3 extra nights. Go back to Vietnam or come here. I am very glad I came here. How do you describe this place? Its like the pace meter has been turned back 4 notches. Everything here is slower and the pace is so laid back. This city was made a world heritage site in 95 and its pretty interesting. The city itself is not giant but its not a small place either. However, where all the tourists hang out is this one strip of a street lined by restaurants, shops, guesthouses and tour shops. Its a mix ... read more
Paradise in Jungle
Main waterfall at Khan Sea
Seems like hes Laughing

Asia » Cambodia » North » Siem Reap September 16th 2009

Signing back in. Last evening in Siem Reap. Its been a good visit. Visit now and visit in the low season because in 5 or 10 years this place is going to be a zoo. Its low season now here but its still full of tourists from all over the world. Don't plan on visiting the temples here and getting lots of quiet contemplation time. Saturday I started the day off by meeting the brothers for the Field Ministry. It was great. Unlike in the states though they start at 8 am and when its 8 they start the meeting. The meeting takes about 10 min and then car arrangements are done and off they go. If your 15 min late you are going alone because by then here they are all gone. In the states ... read more
Inside Angkor
House in Field Service
One of 115 bible studies each month

Asia » Cambodia » North » Siem Reap September 13th 2009

I had been worried about the amount of time between my flight from Nha Trang to HCM and my flight from HCM to Siem Reap. I had one hour. But it all worked very well. I had no problems getting my luggage and then checking it all back in for the international flight to Cambodia. I was also feeling much better and the illness seemed to have passed. The flight was very strange. It was a new airbus and it had a full staff but I think there must have only been 20 passengers on board. Was the most empty plane I had ever been on. That made it nice to enter into Cambodia though for the visa application. Basically they just want $20. I also found out another mistake I had made. Before I left ... read more
The board and literature counter
First Cambodian babtized in Siem Reap
Walls need support

Asia » Vietnam » South Central Coast » Khanh Hoa » Nha Trang September 9th 2009

Signing back in again. Let me apologize first for my horrible spelling. I am just using wordpad and have no spell checker. Blame it on the barely adequate education system. This is my fourth night in Nha Trang and today has been hard. I have done great this whole trip but this morning I woke up with horrible diarhea and vomiting. I also have some severe body aches that just made moving around today hell. It was bound to happen I just hope I dont have ghiardia and that it goes away tommorrow. I am heading to Cambodia tommorrow and can't imagine feeling like this traveling. This morning I did come very close to heading to the hospital though. I was getting severely dehydrated as when I would drink a few sips of water I would ... read more
View of beach from my hotel
At the beach club
Site of our 2nd dive

Asia » Vietnam September 9th 2009

Ok, I have been bad about sitting down and typing the blog. Its my last night in Nha Trang and I need to sit down tonight and catch things up. Quick sidenote though. I was waiting to post these pictures till I finished my Motorcycle trip. Several awesome accidents. I was never there at the same time the victims were. Which in a way I am glad. As a Paramedic I would have wanted to help but with what? I picture holding c-spine till the locals just grab the victim by the shoulders and legs and tossing them into the nearest vehicle. I am pretty sure that any concept of modern EMS does not exist here. One of the accidents was on the way home to Hanoi and it appeared that one truck was passing another ... read more
Truck hit scooter head on
This had to be a fatality

Asia » Vietnam » South Central Coast » Quảng Nam » Hoi An September 6th 2009

Signing back in. Its the evening of my 3rd night in Hoi An. I take off tommorow for Nhatrang. Over the past 2 weeks I have definitly become more and more accustomed to all new things around me and the sights sounds and smells. Being in Hoi An is sort of bittersweet. I am back on the tourist trail for sure. I think this town has had the highest concentration of tourists of any place I have been to yet. Also, no one flys straight to Hoi An so eveyone here is in the middle of their trip so they are a little bit more tired and not as open to being friendly or talking as many of the people I met in Hanoi. Its amazing how many people I have met from everywhere on the ... read more
River flooded from rain
Pretty Architecture
Old temple?

Asia » Vietnam » Red River Delta » Hanoi September 4th 2009

Well, I am back safe and sound in Hanoi. Sitting with laptop and beer on the bed and watching the discovery channel while the nice a/c blows gently over me. Belly full with KFC chicken, could life get any better? This blog will be pretty short. Not really anything happened today other than a very sore arse from riding 150km today. Took us almost 5 hours to cover that distance. So many little towns and obstacles that we are always slowing down. Before I forget I have to mention that when we were leaving Moi Chou and getting fuel I saw the people from yesterday at the festival drive by. I was pretty sure I saw Maria. If you read this I would love to know where you ended up last night? Hope you guys are ... read more
duck for dinner
Meat Market
Hotel Laundry

Asia » Vietnam » Northwest » Hoa Binh » Mai Chau September 3rd 2009

Today was another great day weatherwise. With the skies being a bit overcast it cools down things a few degrees which helps so much. We stayed in Phu yen last night. For dinner last night we wanted to try something a bit different so we had Vietnamese food again of course. For the first part of the day we were on some back roads which I enjoy. Because we are getting closer to Hanoi though we are coming more and more into civilization. The towns are getting larger and their is more people and traffic. At about 11am we hit the main road, which is 2 lanes and has a lot more traffic on it. We headed to Moc chau. As we begin to pull into the town I was struck by the number of motorcycles ... read more
The road is so bad its gone
Where Rambo was held hostage
Heading into town

Asia » Vietnam » Northwest August 31st 2009

Well. Signing back in and so very happy to report that it has been a great day! All my fears and tensions from yesterday have been taken care of. I did have a bit of a scare his morning. Van, the English teacher that went to dinner with us showed up this morning at 7 am sharp. Fortunately, the government radio was blasting its wake up call outside my window since 6 am. I so hate oversleeping on a Sunday and nothing beats waking up to the soothing romantic sound of the Vietnamese language. Van, wanted to take us to breakfast. Ok. lets get the guide and take him too. We knock on his door and no answer. Of course my first thought was that he had taken off like I feared. But when we went ... read more
My semi English speaking friends
Again with the fans!  I can't get rid of them
Hmm. I have not seen that model of vehicle before?

Asia » Vietnam » Northwest » Yen Bai August 31st 2009

Signing back on again. I am in Phu Yen and the hotel I am at does not have internet. Last night Yen Bai was a very large city but Phu Yen here appears to be much smaller. The hotel is again older but clean. No TV here but the a/c works and the hotel has an amazing garden/courtyard outside. Old giant trees completely cover everything in shade and they have plants and flowers and shrubs all over. There are rabbits running around and hamsters and birds in cages everywhere. I came out here after a shower to sit and enjoy the shade and have a beer. I have some tunes in and just starting to type my update for the travels. Nothing really crazy today. We left Yen Bai and headed here. It is like I ... read more
Green Hmong
Riding hot!

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