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27th October 2015
Gorgeous view of the city from Edinburgh Castle.

Amazing picture!!!
Nice picture in a nice city ;-)
21st December 2014
Beautiful view of Urquhart Castle on Loch Ness.

Beautiful view of Urquhart Castle on Loch Ness.
This is a beautiful, evocative photo. I love thee tension that the clouds provide in contrast to the quite serene lake. Great job! Best, Monique
13th October 2014

@Sidd - a bit of both actually. Usually we have a running list of 1-2 areas that we want to explore for specific educational or religious themes, and the rest are wherever the good flight deals take us. I monitor for the flights, and Jessica creates the itinerary.
13th October 2014

Good pictures. Nice write up. Who is the brain behind all these trips? Do you pick a place with educational value and visit or pick a place and visit sites of educational value there?
9th September 2014

This blog beautiful and eloquently shows a different (and dare I say better) way to teach children about the world we live in than just sitting in a classroom. Superb.
20th March 2012

Enjoyed the pics.
From Blog: Rome, Day 2
17th March 2012

sounds like you are all having a blast love the pics
14th May 2011

Enjoyed reading all about your adventures. Have a safe trip home. I know you had a great time. I am sure the kids will sleep well after all they have done.
From Blog: Day 12: Boston
6th May 2011

I wouldn't be able to keep up your pace. Sounds like you are enjoying yourselves. Thanks for keeping us posted.

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