Joanna Filejski


Joanna Filejski

I am a 23-year-old girl from Germany who gets easily bored in her hometown and starts to have what we call "Fernweh" or "Wanderlust". Travelling is just the best way to get to know more about people, lifestyles, places, yourself and pretty much anything else.

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland May 20th 2016

Initially the plan was to go on a hike in the morning and then join the family in Elgin for a whiskey tour. My relative thought it would be more of a men activity, but the women wanted to go as well, so there were no spots for us left and so we had to do our own somewhere on the way. But first things first: we started out with our last hike of our vacation. It wasn't raining which was a big plus and the hike was really pretty. The remains of Slain's Castlewere special, because they were extremely close to the water and they must have had huge windows facing the sea back in the days. We continued our hike and walked for some more 3km behind the castle before turning around. The views ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland April 5th 2016

The wedding was only a few days away, so it was time to head north. The first stop for the day was Stirling Castlewhich was another castle worth visiting and which was included in our Scotland Pass. It was all presented so that children would not get bored, which was great, because adults get bored reading long information, too. So the kids could get dressed up and there were many little princesses and princes running around, you could try out instruments from the Middle Ages, there were actors dressed up as residents of the castle which would tell you a bit about the room you were in and so on. It was quite interactive which made it so much fun to visit. At some point my family split up and we all walked around separately exploring ... read more
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Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland April 4th 2016

We reached the first big city of Scotland and our visit started out with something unpleasant: the car had a flat tire. While my dad and brother were sent out to deal with it, my mom and I went shopping and fortunately after a few hours the car was fixed and we could all together enjoy the day in the city. We walked around the city center and it's pedestrian zone and then made our way up northeast to get to the url= It was a really pretty one and we spent quite some time exploring all of its parts. Later on we went to the Necropolis which had some amazing mausoleums and from where you had a view on the Cathedral from above. There our ways separated. My brother wanted to see the soccer stadium, ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland April 3rd 2016

We started our day early again and decided to visit another castle. This one however was in good shape, fully furnished inside and a beautiful park around. When we arrived at the entrance the first thing the ticket vendor asked was were we are from. He got two different answers (Poland and Germany) and decided not to further investigate. Then we had our next great experience with the Scots. The price to enter was some 15 pounds per adult, there was another price for kids up til 16 (which obviously my brother as the driver wasn't and I don't think I look like 16 either) and there was a family price. Even though we did not fit the family price definition (2 adults and 2 kids) the guy sold us that ticket making us save some ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland April 1st 2016

My family and I left our house in the morning to arrive on time for the ferry in Amsterdam which would then bring us to Newcastle upon Tyne over night. I must say that ferry ride was quite an adventure itself. It seems like nowadays it's more of an attraction than a flight. People started drinking as soon as they boarded the ship and shortly after the duty free store and five wannabe fancy restaurants opened to entertain the guests. There was even a bingo-night my brother and I participated in only to waste 10€ in the end. We arrived in Newcastle the next morning and the first challenge for my brother (who was the designated driver for our trip) was to adjust to the fact that he now had to drive on the left side ... read more

Europe » Spain » District of Madrid » Madrid September 29th 2015

I started my new week with a fun activity: wine tasting. As a German I know absolutely nothing about wine, so I thought it would be fun to actually know what winemakers do when they smell the wine, look at it from different angles or "let it breathe for a moment". I met with two French friends who had a head start just by being French and it turned out that generally more girls were interested in wine tastings. After a brief introduction on winegrowing it was time to taste the wines. There was a white wine which was given to us just to drink and was followed by three red wines. These we used to try out the wine tasting techniques we were thought, so we were smelling it, circulating it, checking how quickly the ... read more

Europe » Spain » District of Madrid » Madrid September 29th 2015

My family left Madrid on a Saturday and I decided to join them on their trip for the weekend. Our first stop was Toledo. We arrived in the small city which is around an hour away from Madrid after some trouble with the car rental place and the GPS. After unloading our luggage at the hotel, we drove to the city center where we parked the car and started exploring the city on foot from there. Toledo is a pretty magical place, it's full of narrow streets which make you feel like you are alone in the city until you come out at a place which is stuffed with tourists. The biggest tourist attraction we did was pay a visit to the cathedral. It is something I recommend for everyone to do. The cathedral is huge ... read more

Europe » Spain » District of Madrid » Madrid September 29th 2015

When my family heard I was gonna do my Erasmus in Madrid, they were very quick planning a trip to Spain. So barely two weeks after coming here myself, I already had some visitors. Because I had a Spanish course during the afternoon, I wasn't able to meet them before 8pm on their first night. I picked them up at their hotel and we went out for dinner at a place I had been to with some people from my hostel you can read about in my previous blog. We had an awesome dinner which was a little too much for my mom as it's untypical for us to eat this late. After finishing the meal, she wanted to go right back to the hotel. My dad joined her, but my brother and I went on ... read more
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Europe » Spain » District of Madrid » Madrid September 29th 2015

Just like thousands of other students I decided to apply for an Erasmus exchange for my third year in university. I got a spot in Madrid at the UCM, the biggest university in town with over 80.000 students. The Erasmus exchange program is supported by the EU to promote the interchange between the European youth. Here in my blogs you can read what it's like to be a university student in Madrid for 5 months. Before coming to Madrid the only thing that really worried me was not having a place to stay. What bothered me wasn't that I would have to speak Spanish and deal with many people, but just the fact of not having a home. As it turned out there was nothing to worry about. I arrived in Madrid on Friday afternoon and ... read more

Asia » South Korea » DMZ March 17th 2015

The day started pretty early for us. We had to get up at 6 am because today we were finally going to go on the tour I was looking forward to the entire trip: the demilitarized zone, so almost North Korea! We took the metro the office of our tour organizers from where we took a bus to the DMZ. The tour was by and it was well organized. Our first stop was a viewing platform from where you could look over to North Korea. Unfortunately the weather was really bad, so we didn’t see much, but it is said that with good conditions you are even able to see people on the other side of the border. My camera was so confused by the fog that it didn’t know what to focus on, so ... read more

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