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3rd November 2019

Looks delicious!
I made the mistake of reading this before lunch and I was practically drooling on the keyboard! :) Thanks for the useful information. Cheers, Ren
24th September 2018

Vietnam trip 2019
Hi there Marita, we met years ago in a restaurant . we were talking about Phuket Thailand. Hope your well , my question is on Vietnam only have 2weeks for vietnam and do not like the Idea of doing lots of flights internal. Can you suggest which places to do no kids just the two of us, we love the sound of Hoi An for at least 4 days any other sugestions?
24th September 2018

Hey there! I would suggest starting north and making your way down via train to Hoi An then maybe fly to Saigon or Dalat So Hanoi - Phong Nha National Park - Hoi An - Dalat - Saigon as a suggestion
20th March 2018

Kidnapping in asia
Fun kidnaps like yours are all part of the fun... real kidnaps are anther story.
3rd August 2016

Lovely wedding despite the sad news. I think you pulled it together fantastically. Congrats!
27th March 2016

Look forward to seeing how life has taken you. We are living in Bangkok now so let us know if you pass by.
20th April 2015

Just curious- Did you ever find out what really happened? Why did he jab you with a needle? How are you doing now?
17th April 2015

Good luck
Just one fellow traveler to another--read your blog today. Hope you are okay--sounds like an incredibly distressing experience. Update on your next entry, please. Good luck and good wishes to you.
22nd July 2015

all good
Thanks everyone for your concern and kind words. I never worked out why although it was a definite needle mark. I took 30 days of hiv needs just in case and had 6 months of waiting and blood tests to be cleared. Got the all clear thankfully and moved on from it. Its still bizarre to think about bit that's life. Im still out there traveling just haven't updated a blog for awhile xx
13th April 2015

Good to see you back on track, enjoyed the read :)
13th March 2014

wow. again!
I love your full written descriptions....and your photos...esp the flower mkt, the bookstore and ganges at sunset. Very National Geographic!! :} Who is the girl you are travelling with? Did you just happen to meet her there...and starting travelling together? I am very happy you found someone to travel with! Hope your tummy feels better!!
7th March 2014

Happy Birthday! Nice way to celebrate it!
7th March 2014

Happy 40th Birthday Reet! I have been enjoying your blogs on India very much :)
6th March 2014

Happy birthday
Wish you happy birthday and safe travel out there and thanks for finding time to share your travelling experience with us. Austin
6th March 2014

Happy Birthday !!!!
Am really enjoying this adventure. And Happy 40th :-)
5th March 2014

omg....great blogs and even better photos. award winning. glad you are having fun and that you found someone to pal around with!! happy birthday!!
27th February 2014

Street food
Glad you did not suffer any intestinal discomfort after eating all those street food.
27th February 2014

Love the blog can't wait for the next one Keep safe Love you xxxx
25th February 2014

I miss the Chai in India........the best EVER! Enjoy X
25th February 2014

Great stuff
Hi Reet, Great to hear you are enjoying your trip. Loving the blog as usual. Stay safe & have fun.
25th February 2014

On the road again
Terrific! We are eager to read about your impressions. Have a great time.
24th February 2014
Making merit...

Not your most flattering pose?
Not your most flattering pose?? You are a real slave to religion, which already treats women like second class people. What the hell is wrong with people like you,?? who encourage this type of thing to continue. You should be ashamed of yourself, and your lack of support of other women.
25th February 2014
Making merit...

Mandy Browne
What the hell is wrong with me?! What the hell is wrong with you, you ignorant bitch?! It's women like you that give every other woman a bad name. If you were actually up to date on your cultural knowledge you would know that my "unflattering pose" was part of "making merit". It had absolutely nothing to do with me "bowing before a man" which I assume was the point of your ignorant blast! I'm pretty sure that if you went to SE Asia or knew ANYTHING about Buddhism and culture and religion you would know that both men and women bow before a monk to be blessed during merit. have a nice day.
24th February 2014

love the humour
love the humor as always! im excited to read more of your honest observations and perspective
23rd February 2014

Love reading your blogs!
Hey Reet, Ever since you helped with my first trip to Thailand 5 years ago I've loved reading your blogs. I'm excited about India as it's on my list. Bring on the adventures and awesome blogs. Kim x

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