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28th February 2017

Thank you for the blog as Zi enjoyed it very much.
From Blog: Merauke, Papua
15th November 2013

Javan Tigers
I always look forward to hear how you are doing, but this blog entry is absolutely FASINATING. I must read up on the Javan Tigers. I am so glad that you are able to extend the joys of my life through your and Ophelia's work and travels. I love you both very much!
4th November 2013

Brian you brought tears to my eyes. You have touched so many lives. Safe travels, my son. Love Mom
1st November 2013

Another Great Read!
Great story from start to finish! You and Laura are blessed to have the ability to make friends easily and make them want to tell you their complete family history to include pictures. Glad your having a good time!
25th September 2013

Love the blog. Makes me feel like I was there.
23rd September 2013

Even your gastritis episodes are exciting!
Love all your blog entries dear Brian! I know mother will be so thrilled to have someone read it to her. I can tell so much memory improvement since she has been moved to the Advance facility..and your mother agrees. She is also enjoying her therapy and working hard to get back to her apartment. Keep on keeping us updated. Your very loved.
7th September 2013

Hi from Mom
Love the beautiful pictures and your blog. I almost feel like I am there.
7th August 2013

Mom and Dad
Dad and I really enjoyed your blog. Thanks for the Fern Garden pic of you two. It is looking like a Rainforest here. Love Mom
5th August 2013

Amazing photos
Really loved the Singapore photos you posted. Thanks for sharing. Glad you got to go to some of the best spots!
4th August 2013

So glad your blogging again!
This entry was very interesting to me! Loved the photo's also. Learned a lot from you, so keep it coming. Love you both!
1st October 2010

Nice read
Hey Cato, I really enjoyed reading this blog- particularly the Nepal part. Kiron and I are heading there for the month of December. It's been 9 years since my previous trip there and your blog has helped whet my appetite just that little bit more. Hope you're well mate. Take care.
From Blog: Nepal
23rd April 2010

Hi Cato, How are you? I still remember the "ayam kremes (Javanese style fried chicken)" and "wedang jahe (traditional ginger ale)" that we enjoyed at Takengon. And then pak Herry Firdaus of Save the Children share 'jungle stuff' information with you. Did you go to Lake Toba and Bukit Lawang? You told us that you like orang-utan so much. Wish you all the best and come back to Indonesia again some times, warmest regard from Medan, Bisara L. Tobing
From Blog: Takengon
23rd April 2010

Nice to met u
Cato.. How u doing? hope u fine and done extraordinary trip.. i just opened your blog and smiled while i was reading your story at that night.. I was surprised knowing you've been outgrew since 10 years ago..it's not short time, is it right? I have no bravery like you very inspired with what u done, and hope do the extraordinary activities in my life.. So..if you would like traveling again around Aceh and Medan, please do not hesitate confirming me and i would like trying be a good host for you haha :) c u Hery
From Blog: Takengon
17th February 2010

5 star
I think this is the best written one yet! And the others were very good.
From Blog: Nepal
15th February 2010

This isn't the cuz I haven't talked to in 5 or 6 years, is it?? Hit me back!
30th January 2010

sweet pics!...have to go there next time in India..
From Blog: Bodhgaya, India
30th January 2010

nice green glasses
I wish i had a pair cuz. Hello from California
28th January 2010

Good Job
Great pictures and text. This is as close as I will get to these wonders that you describe.
13th January 2010

Inspiring people and Pics
The pictures are wonderful. So colorful and the numbers of people is impressive. Glad you are have such a good time. Love Mom and Dad
From Blog: Bodhgaya, India
13th January 2010

more than amazing
this has to be a place on the favorite list. incredible, inspiring and unforgettable! i love the glasses, they match your shirt!
From Blog: Bodhgaya, India
12th January 2010

Looks like fun
Looks like your having alot of fun brother. See you in March!
27th December 2009

Warm Cookies
Dad said nice looking Finns. I said cookies still warm in the middle, yum, yum. The pictures and decriptions were awsume. Keep on enjoying life. Love Mom and DAD
From Blog: Lake Toba
8th November 2009

Awesome Dude
Brian, you never cease to amaze and enthrall me. I'm to old to trod with you physically but OH I so enjoy it vicariously.
From Blog: So it begins
8th November 2009

Great beginning
Love the picture and map showing travel route. I've got this site marked as a favorite.
From Blog: So it begins
7th November 2009

Come visit me
Very good to hear the trip continues. Am still in India, you 2 should come visit me. Shifted to Pune (4 hrs from Bombay) a while ago and life is good. Still doing the NGO thing and my lady and I have built a little nest here, has been nice to settle. Let me know what your plans are and how long you will be in these parts. Hope your good, thinking you are and look forward to hearing back. Jon
From Blog: So it begins

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