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23rd January 2012

Just read this whole post with great interest as we'll be in Andalusia this summer and I'm looking for lots of info on the white hill towns. Loved your detailed descriptions of the good and the bad. My husband will be driving the car, so I'll be sure to use your advice.
5th June 2011

Hello Jennifer
You have not blogged in a long time and you were such a nice writer. I hope you will start blogging again. Love to read your adventures. In the general forum there was a recent question about why bloggers stop blogging. It would be interesting to hear from you on the topic.
30th May 2011
Tall trees in Mount Rainier National Park

Mt rainier national park
This is a beautiful scenic photo of Mt. Rainier i think it was taken during the beginning of June. This photo was taken near Paradise in Mt. Rainier's National Forest. "The Mountain", as it's known by locals, draws your eyes like a magnet when it is visible instead of invisible behind thick clouds. On clear days, Mount Rainier dominates the Seattle Tacoma skyline, towering over the metropolis in breathtaking beauty. Mount Rainier's highest elevation is 14,410 feet which is located at the summit, also called Columbia Crest. http://www.wildlifeworld360.com/mt-rainier-national-park.html
8th January 2011

Ribeauville Schoolhouse 1944
Hi. I'm looking for a pic of Ribeauville school 1944. It doubled as hospital for American and French soldiers fighting in Colmar Pocket. Thanks
5th January 2011

Almost Identical Trip
Wow! Your trip sounds just like my trip minus the big tour of Bergen. It was too rainy. Instead we went up Flam to ride the Flam railway. It was quite a trip. We had the same experience at Preikestolen. I, too, was surprised that this "trail" was so rocky. In the end I didn't make it to the pulpit rock and had to turn around due to a knee injury (about 15 minutes from the top), but the rest of my party made it up and caught up with me when I was about half way down. The rest of the trip was wonderful. I see you saw most of the sites we did although we didn't make it to Stalheim. People asked us the same thing, "Why?" Fortunately, I had old friends to visit to make an excuse, but it is definitely a place people should put on their have-to-see list. Finally, I am amused that our photo album looks very similar to yours. Happy travels!
18th November 2010

France at it's Best
You are an inspiring writer. My husband and I will be visiting the Normandy and the Dordogne areas next April and May. With Rick Steves aid, we have spent hours researching our desired sites to visit. Reading your blog has enriched our ideas. (I find it interesting we are staying at many of the same places, although, they were booked prior to discovering your blog - sure Rick Steves has something to do with this). I enjoy the way you go into the history of the areas you visited. I can sense your emotions in your writing as you talk about those individuals who gave their lives so freely at Normandy. I spent lots of time researching the history of the areas prior to our trip to help me experience what I will visit. I love Paris and will spend time in the City of Love. The Rue Cler area is my favorite location to stay in Paris. Keep traveling and follow your dreams. Thank you for sharing your experiences.
9th July 2010

Amazing pics
I found your blog entry while doing a google search for the white hill towns... absolutely amazing photos! Your notes will be very helpful for us... thanks!
7th February 2010

This is so helpful!
Thank you for taking the time to post the information and pictures of your trip. I found this more helpful than most sites that have lots of ads and very little real information. Thanks so much!
10th November 2009

awwwsome pictures....!! it reminded me of my trip to TUSCANY ITALY. I went through Tuscan Way (twice actually) and everything here is so on point. So much great food, so much amazing wine, and memories I will remember forever. This location would be my next target. thanks once again..!!
2nd November 2009

Spending the night in a French château
Liliram, It wasn't too expensive, but it definitely cost a lot more than we normally spend. We paid 130 Euro per night, which is about double what we usually spend on accommodation. However, it was totally worth the extra cost as the experience of spending the night in a château was incredible and lots of fun! Jennifer
2nd November 2009

I dreamed about this..........
Nice, very informative blog. Did a few of these chateaus back in 2006 and my favs were Chenonceau, Cheverny, and Chambord. But I have always dreamed about staying a night or two in one like you guys did! Was it expensive? Nice blog. Thanks for sharing.
22nd October 2009

Great itinerary and food photos
Fun to read because of price details, food photos, and misc descriptions. Thanks.
From Blog: Orcas Island
20th October 2009

Great Blog
I really enjoyed reading your blog. I have been studying in Spain now for 2 months but i haven't had time to see half as much as you guys. I rent a room from Barcelona-home after a reccomendation which has worked out great but now I need advice on restaurants and bar. Thank you! // Linda
From Blog: Barcelona
13th October 2009

Nice blog.
I have often wondered about La Mere Poulard's omelets too. You bet I won't part with my 30 euros for an egg dish , even if there were real truffles there! Lucky you. The last time we were there, the Abbey was closed because of a nationwide strike!!!
11th October 2009

Yes, I will be blogging about our visit to Mont St. Michel; we were lucky enough to be able to spend the night. That blog entry will be number three of this trip.
5th October 2009

Reminisced about my wonderful time in all the places you visited (except Entretat) . Your blog brought back many happy thoughts! I still remember our lunch near the basin in Honfleur.....where we had our most leisurely 2 hour seafood lunch, complete with calvados and an apple brulee. Thanks for sharing all those photos....lovely! Didn't have the chance to enter the wooden church, much to our disappointment. But your clear shots of the interiors made up for it! ps. will u blog about your visit of mont st michel too?
18th August 2009

I really liked your travel in Granada... it is a pity that you couldn't take photos of the tombs of the catholic monarchs and their daughter Juana.. they're jewels
From Blog: Granada
15th August 2009

nicely blogged!
I enjoyed this entry very much. I like the point of view you described from the price range and the quality for that price. "Ditto" on the photo taking! Great pics!
24th July 2009

I really enjoyed your blog on Barcelona. I was there for a month last year and this brought back many happy memories. Nice to revisit Las Ramblas and all that gorgeous Gaudi architecture through your photos. :)
From Blog: Barcelona
24th July 2009

I really enjoyed your blog on Barcelona. I was there for a month last year and this brought back many happy memories. Nice to revisit Las Ramblas and all that gorgeous Gaudi architecture through your photos. :)
From Blog: Barcelona
12th July 2009

Thanks for sharing your memories. Wonderful photos and very entertaining. You make a really cute couple! Thanks again.
6th June 2009

Beautiful Photos
You take great photos! What kind of camera do you use? I really enjoy reading your blogs. The incredible photos and story makes me feel like I traveled with you.
13th February 2009

Cardiff and Bath
I was born and raised in cardiff so I know a lot about the city and I agree with your statement about the castle. I know that a lot of the locals haven't even been inside as there are so many other experiences in the capital. I have also recently moved to Bath university and know how beautiful the city is.
7th February 2009

wow what a grat blog. Enjoed every part especially the throwing up part from the kayak. What was the best part of the orca island. would you recommend any cottages? or would you suggest any other island in the san juan island chain to stay 3 nights?
From Blog: Orcas Island

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