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19th December 2016

Thank you so much
Dear Steven, Thank you so much. I really appreciated for your help. I also would like to ask your permission to use this photo and show to them and if worst case i might have to use it in the court. If you feel uncomfortable please tell me, I know this is not the problem that you have to concern about. Sincerely, Muk
11th December 2016

Need help
Do you happened to have the street photo in front of Sathorn Inn? As i'm in the middle of asking them to expand the street back where it used to b
19th December 2016

just added another pic from 2006 taken from bts chong nonsi towards sathorn inn
22nd March 2011

20th January 2011

Stayed there and it was wonderful
I stayed there more than 20 days for the most relaxing vacation ever! And the view is spectacular! They now have a website: www.kohyaotabeak.com
27th February 2010

Will the real Starclub please stand up
The current Starclub has the original Starclub name because it legally owns it. Starz was created when the employed General Manager and other Director of the company of Starclub left (and took all the staff) to do their own thing. It is probably more interesting to know why they called their new business Starz Cabaret so as to trade off the success I originaslly created. The revamped original Starclub Cabaret now has a new professional team that presents 3 shows each night that is just as good as the copied concept Starz Cabaret produces and worthy of being checked out by all visitos to Samui
30th January 2010

koh payam
hi magda, thanks for your comment. we stayed on aow yai beach, which is by far the best beach on koh payam, and one of the nicest beaches in thailand. we stayed at hornbill hut, right on the beach, small with friendly owners and good food, i can highly reccommend it. there are also about 7 other places to stay and eat on the beach, bamboo bungalows being the largest and most upmarket. also a couple of beach bars. its a very easy going place, with a few basic shops and no cars, just a few tracks which you can hire a motobike to explore, or walk. other things to do are swimming and sunbathing on the beach, beach volleyball, watching the sunset. there is also a snorkelling trip to the surin islands. it is also spending a night in interesting ranong town before you go to get more info from the cafes there. the boat to koh payam leaves from ranong about 9am. enjoy your trip! steve x
18th January 2010

Hi Steven, I have found your blog when seeking information about Koh Payam. It is very interesting for me. I am looking for a beatiful but not very tourist popular and not very developed island. i know Koh Lipe but it is now very crowded. Could you please write some more about Koh Payam. Where to stay, what to do (diving ?), where to eat ? Will be very grateful , regards, Magda from Poland.
18th February 2009

glad to hear people have found my blog both educational and entertaining. thanks for all the emails, both from friends back in the uk , and total strangers...... heres until the next time....! steve x
17th February 2009

Thank you for the blog
Thank you for the education this blog has been. Hugely enjoyable and from the bits I know about, you are very accurate. Malaysia, also, was well reported. Good Luck to you and Ekk in London. Patrick (Galway)
2nd December 2008

thanks for your reply
glad to see someone reads my blog! i have amended my blog slightly as a response.. steve
2nd December 2008

Response from Shiralea Owners re taxi
Hello Steven I am one of the owners of Shiralea. As a new business, we are very focused on the standards of our customer service. I believe that what we offer our guests compares very favourably indeed with what is on offer elsewhere for a similar or even higher price, and this is backed up by the multiple positive guest comments on our website, on our facebook group wall, and in our hardcopy guest book that we keep in the bar area. We do try and accommodate all our guest requests. However it is not always possible to comply with all wishes for various business reasons, and in that scenario we will always try to be as helpful as possible, and offer advice, or an alternative. In the case of your taxi, which we were genuinely unable to provide owing to lack of an available driver (due to staff injuries and illness), our suggestion was that you use the taxi service of another nearby resort instead. If the reason why we were unable to provide a taxi was not adequately explained, then I can only apologise. FYI the price you paid to Dream Hill is not out of line, given that it was early in the morning. The normal price is 100 baht per person for the journey from Haad Yao to Thong Sala, so if you paid 300 then that is only a premium of 100 baht for the unsociable hour. It is standard practice in global tourism to offer free pickups for new arrivals, but it is however not economically viable for us to offer a free return to the port at the price point that we charge for our accommodation.. In fact even resorts that have a room rate four times our rate always charge for their taxi service back to the pier. Subsequent to your visit, we have hired new local staff, who are able to act as additional driving resource, so that we have driver cover for taxis to the early boats. I’m sorry you feel that this taxi experience is a reason not to recommend us to other people, and apologise on behalf of the resort that you felt inconvenienced by this incident. I would like to thank you for choosing to stay with us and I hope that you have enjoyed, or continue to enjoy, the rest of your trip in Thailand/SE Asia. Best regards Geoff Bleasby
1st October 2008

the waiting game
hi Steve, I'm really sorry to hear you and Ekk are going to have to wait so long to hear the outcome of the visa. It's frustrating but you've done everything you can to make your case so let's hope and trust the powers that be make the right decision. I have fingers crossed for you both.
4th August 2008

thailand v uk
if you are happy in thailand, why come back to uk if you dont have to ?
7th May 2008

fingers crossed
Hi Steve, fascinating stuff, you are practically an anthropologist these days! Is that really true about the thunderstorms? Fingers crossed for Ekk, I hope the tests come out negative. Do you have any idea of when you'll return to UK or are you waiting until you have test results? It's a long time to wait. Lots of love, xx
30th October 2007

steve hate to ruin the story but i think the nazis killed most of the jews in warsaw. did the waiter in the "ketchup incident" extend his vowels by any chance?!
16th October 2007

envy :-)
It sounds amazing and beautiful. It must be so interesting travelling across the land and seeing the physical characteristics of people change as you do so. 8 hour wait to get across the border is impressive, I love it that it's in the actual timetable!!
16th October 2007

Hi Steve, enjoying getting a glimpse into your exciting travels... however not loving your stereotypical comments about Jewish people. Tighter than Steve? Not in my experience!!!
9th October 2007

Manners and service
Hey Steve, thanks for putting the link on your wall, I've subscribed now, so should get updates. it's been so hilarious to read all your comments about service in shops etc.. You say you've learned a lot about manners, does that mean you'll be less abrupt yourself in your next fron of house job? Will be really really interested to hear how much it has cost you in total when you get to bangkok, would love to do the journey one day
22nd September 2007

who needs michael palin! good luck on your trip round the risk board. you will have to practice body language when the spoken word is incomprehensible! keep safe!

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